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BELGIUM Mum of darkness Castle Piso Bible Fraud PIE Vagina PUSSY Puskas Rab C Nesbitt PIE Shop Scared Shitless Abracadabra Rifkind NAPLES Papyrii Silverfish Goldfish Rothschild POGGIO PODGER Penis Prince of Poggio-Suasa.JPG

I want this to be known as the REQUIEM Video when I pass on because the PODGER title is the human PENIS & that would be politically incorrect if I did not confess.  I expose the biggest crimes in world history & in Rab C Nesbit,  MARY the Virgin PIE/FANNY  which was on the front page of all the papers as GEORGE OSBORNE taxed soft DRINKS called FANNY and the obesity epidemic.   So this whole E PISODe, tells how the PISOS faked the BIBLE & K Quoran  & the PIE Pi Pi is the female vagina.  Which is why this was made 30 mins on same joke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY43da8_5go   OBSCENELY the Podger is in the Christmas Episode featuring the Virgin Mary Dolls brother HUGH/SHUG visiting GLESGAE and Mary refuses Rab sex and then confesses she is missing her PODGER all to celebrate the fake birth of "JESUS".  His virgin mum the SEX miracle cannot sign his own GODLY Birth Certificate cos neither ever LIVED. "JESUS" as it was never actually emerged from his EARTHY MUMs' XMAS Pi, Pie so X on the certificate is XMAS.  So lets get down on it!   If you are a bible scholar you now understand the importance of PUSSY for your bloodline to thrive....Myrrh as a Christmas Gift from the 3 wise men/the DRUG runners is actually an aphrodisiac.  An ecumenical issue for Father Ted & Jack RIP quite recently FEC FECK.   But Back to the begining of time & the scaring of the world using the MORAVINGIAM LIZARD spacemen who are alleged to have stolen the world & mind control us all.  THAT IS THE PESO PEN legend.  THE MOTHER OF DARKNESS CASTLE is in Belgium which PI PI PINES for manipulating world ownership using the LAW & the MONARCHY FASCISTS....as if it was no longer with us HRH & Rab Nesbitt!  First Prince Philip & Louise  the SAXE COBURG from Paris & how HITLER was able to PARTY through BELGIUM THEN FRANCE and were stopped only by DADs' ARMY & the Channel at DUNKIRK (BLACK CHURCH & CHURCHILL   three wise men on XMAS day in the morning with Ships of the Dessert Sailing by CAMILLA inventory of Biblical Jokes.  The Wettins & the Saxe Coburgs became the WINDSORS for reputational reasons & both Hitler and Stalin were trained in the UK RELATIVES of the Rothschilds in WADDESDON with the JESUS HOLY RELICS.  "Luckily", WE WON THE WAR & changed the name of STALINGRAD where 1.5 million christians died so they changed the name to St Petersburg who never lived.  Philip died at BURGLAR CASTLE a Knight of the order of the GOLD Fleecing joke.   Philip and Louise divorced just before they engineered WW1 and several murders are reported that may have been solved by POIROT the Belgian hero in law enforcement.  The Rothschilds have already taken over the whole WORLD & its Central bank and even Prince EDDY has to be JACK THE RIPPER (in Shakespeare's GLAMS castle)  through the lead up to all their great conflicts & right  into Mrs Simpson's poorly defined HERMAPHRODITIC portals.  But lets not DWELL on the war dead too much. The Religious jokes are really funny and quite smutty  so lets transit through the PISO hometown in NAPLES.  The Poggio REAL is the Sausage between your legs & the SILVERFISH JOKE which you are often allowed to sleep with if you are NOT A KNIGHT OF MALTA or a GERMAN KING since Culloden.  But PHI PHI Phillip is out of LITHUANIA where Churchill Balfour and Hannahs FAMILY got WADS of CASH for the GENOCIDE there.  That takes us into Victor Rothschild- ROMANOV Hearts & Lithuanian Central bank THEFT.  The AUSTRO-Hungarian SPARK point for WW1 & Anschluss in WW2 is the speciality of HUME the MSP & philosopher family in Scotland.  JIM HUME MSP with PISO horse herds is the same name as the HUME Bridge upon which the ARCHDUKE WAS GUNNED DOWN witn a PISTOL with the word PISO in it and all the POLIS who "INSTIGATE" it GLOBALLY.  The Eastern European ruin in the woods is the ABRA CADABRA joke for Tommy Cooper in the RED FEZ who GOD GUNNED DOWN on stage in front of HRH at the PALADIN SORRY PALLADIUM LIVE ON TELLY.  Front man LEW GRADE of the ITV Michael Grade & BBC mafias out of IPSWICH near FOLKESTONE. That is the Dickens story about STEERFORTH the public schoolboy and POOR LITTLE EMILY DROWNDED with the fishes under the Red Rothschild light.  ALSO the JESUS is the assess on the cliff top for David Copperfield.  So when we are in HUNGARY I try to explain all the BRITISH WAR DEAD are HUSSARS JOKE.  Petrie at HIBERNIAN FC is in the LONGSHANKS Bloodline & the PUSKAS Football  link to the PUSSY between your legs commoner Kate. KILLING KITTENS :do you get it & pay her price? that was Kate's BROTHEL & the Pole Dancing jokes for almost the whole of the RUSSIAN NATION all sluts & SPIES trained in Tavistock or St Petersburg the MASSACRE SCENE For HITLER & STALIN ROTHSCHILDS.  David Bowie sadly could not stop the space man FEARMONGERING as he walked the war dead through the JUNGLE PUB in Berlin.  The PI PI PIPE is the Smoking PISO gun too & Violence all along the African Queens River of BLOOD CAIRO-Karthoum then TAMPA X.  The Bouillion GOLD SCAMS would be obvious even to RAB C Nesbitt & MARY doll/HEN his CHICK.  The DARKNESS Sacrificial castle is in the FLANDERS FIELD massacre scene. The PUSKAS footballer was ever so famous and he deployed the SILVER fish sleeping with the PIES for REAL (SILVER stache) MADRID.  That is the FOR SPAIN treason joke all through BRITISH HISTORY.  Do you get that one....THEY WON the EUROPEAN CUP (the GRAIL for jesus is the GOBLIN Goblet on the Church ROOF and GOBLIN the PIE is too smutty to explain....but that is the NATALIE PORTMAN Black Swan movie and I attempted to engage her in conversation on SKYPE ISRAEL last night.  If you were educated at PRINCETON or St Petersburg her speciality is CUNNINGULUS  which I think involves POLISHING THE SILVERFISH OR THE CHERRY PIE with the Tongue but I am far too innocent to know for sure.  LIKE THE 2nd CUMMING for Jesus and the third denial by St Peter. I do get the DO they know its XMAS joke and I congratulate the GODS for all the CELEB patholgies that ensued as millions die in BIAFRA under Prince Phil from Windsor & Cammilas BRO run the WWF for land grabbing massacres.  Do you now understand the Br am Tobacco BATMAN joke for TONY ROBINSON chief fundraiser for Blair and the Saxe Coburgs of GOTHA GOTHAM CITY PISS TAKES.   All of them get medals and all the countries are insolvent to FEED THE FORBES RICH LIST.  Sorry that is not in my MOVIE X-MAS Rated info.  The Castle that they want us to fear to cover the jokes was purchased by the Marquiss of Van Der NOOT (NOTE) d'ASSCHE.  That is Jesus the ASS in the PISO Bible & the Potters ASHES in another segment of it 11/11.  The SINISTER bits about NAPLES are yet to CUM......as it was written there. Do you now understand why KOJAK King Herod who sentenced "JESUS" to death on SANTA CRUZ SUCKS for the LOLLI That is 20 pieces of SILVER in Egypt then 30 for JUDAS which is understood even by Lady GAGA in PISO PANTHERA PANTS & Nylon Hose! The Belgian Castle has 365 windows. & several floors, which also means PISO, like Flowers of the Field.  Prince Andrew head of Br Trade Delegation SUCKS too. That is the classy Foot of the Willow Toe Sucking This little PI PI PIGGY TOE SUCKING joke that helped cover the killing of 4000 gentiles on 9/11.  FERGIE is boss at Man U, is Katy Price NEY Charlier one of my rugger TEAM at Rothschilds Aylesbury & the GG (Piso HORSE/ Governor General) in NZ whom I met at OTAGO UNI before he broke his ankle in one of GODs' perfectly timed "accidents".  There is another FERGIE who sings in the BLACK EYED PEAs but she is really innocent compared to the "BRITISH" Royals.  The Belgians condone the suiciding of SCARY serial killers and you should see the movie that KYLIE made about all her lovers before she got her cancer..... her HUBBY is a human rights activist.  Kylie is now on Rehab, like my former PA SONIA in Dunedin, and no longer works in the 30 TALENS shows or drives a ROTHSCHILD YELLOW LIMO with no underwear cos she is a smart little PI woman who learns her lessons quickly.  You should see her STILL BLEEDING PIE in the Spinning around video!   I cannot describe how much Prince Consort Albert Suffered at the hands of the ROTHSCHILDS but he was murdered in his 40s by them in his bigamous marriage to Queen Vic & his chain of office (through the German PODGER) ensured that he could not die of Syphilis like George III.  He contracted that in that movie from Helen Mirren who is my pick for woman of the year, second only to Gwyneth Paltrow (a COLONIST & specialist in PISO PI vaginal douches).  She is blonde in the master-races too.  That brings us to ABRAXAS and the cover ups of WAR CRIMINALS for profit Malcolm Rifkind & Sir John Anthony Chilcot whach was the ABRAXA interlocks for the Foreign Sec who started it and the Judiaciary who INSTIGATED it then FUDGED THE INQUEST. That cover up takes us into the Charleroi region & the allegiance of the world leaders Nixon Churchill et al to the King Charles Springer Spaniel.  The Iraq arms inquest has never been published but all of it was engineered by 3 generations of bushes Mrs T & Blair.  So please dont worry too much about the spacemen!  The Rothschilds are all over the Iraq profiteering crimes and LAW ENFORCEMENT Globally is obligated to turn a blind eye.  NONE of the politicos have anything on HANSARD since major stole the energy companies that are now EUROPEAN ASSETTS.  Lillith in the Frasier comedies is quite spooky and she is the MUM of the SCHUMAKERS in the Jumanji film about the DEVIL coming out of the jungle every 26 yrs or so PLAYED BY ROBIN WILLIAMS.  Lillith is a PSYCHIATRIST like the FREUDS & MURDOCHS in chipping Norton.  The PISO Bible is cited which is REALLY SCARY like all the Queen's current INTEL MAFIAS which now consume the whole globe.   Then we TOUR NAPLES Poggioreale is out EAST in NAPLES  and under VESUVIUS so they put the innocents in JAIL & the Jail under the volcano where the PISO home was called the Villa Papyrii.   The Poggioreal is the SILVERFISH & Nathan Mayer Rothschild's penis is the GOLDFISH that sired Victoria's BASTERD KIDS all 9 of them.  9 rings/kings that RULE all across Europe.  The PISO Bible creates the sectarrian strife even in the FOOTBALL sector and the Rusty Knickers Shitty Pants and Jesus' Cup at the last supper is RUSTY too....CAVALLIERE RUSTICANA Jesus for a laugh.  The belgian Asches Jokes are explained with the rivers of BLOOD Pishon Nile Jokes that is war & menstruation.  The VANDER NOOTS are a EUROpean NO NOTTINGS double agents.  Then we get the scent of Ruspoli with PISO/POLIS in it AND the HOMELAND that is Poggio Suasa.  The russian pole dancers are explained as the serpents around the stick in the medical profession.   All of the treason in support of BILL CLINTON's  sister HRH QE2 is outed.  The Podger is the MAN's TOOL and in a google search you get a bagfull of SPANNERS.  Lastly we profile the EU Lord Kerr of Kinlochart & Tony Blair frauds UNELECTED for profit genocide & strife & they get the PEACE PRIZE.  The BURMESE tank commanders daughter used to live in Granton on Spey too and she is a friend of the LATE LORD PATTEN taken down by the GODS in 2014.  So MORE WAR CRIMES & VIOLENCE then emerge under Rothschild Silk Parachutes at El Alamiene in EGYPT where Pharoah ARSENOE Supporters wear PISO PI Pineapples on their head even today.  Tottenham is where STALIN trained & was beseiged in Sidney St by Churchill (2 of the wise men on XMAS day) and their supporters become ANTI SEMITIC out of loyalty to the rOYAL GENOCIDES & the ROTHSCHILD SHRUBBERY's globally that are the JEWISH holocaust victims of the ARRIANS IN THE MASTER RACE.  That is the Monty Pythons DAMNING EVIDENCE that Religion is the worlds biggest SIN.   Later read backwards as the Knights that say NI and walk their GODS through the AVENUE MARIE Lined by Wood....& dangerous to walk in because the BEARS Beauers Bayers & Bairs are the ROTHSCHILDS before they changed their name. In 1942 when they SACKED El Alamien the Belgian Princess was Marie and her HUBBY was JOSEY.......MIRACULOUS CO-Incidence. The Prince of Poggio Suaza is related to the tallyRands that were beaten the shit out of by the ROTHSCHILDS in the funding of WATERLOO and the BofE scam  and they on another day are FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY profiteers also Rothschild funded & Pigeon PI PI Post does the HEADLINE NEWS.   They are DOVES all over JFKs grassy knoll with Mrs Onassis soon to join Phil the Greek in the NARCOTICS triumverate with Winnie CHURCHhill MAFIA MOB.  Can you now understand who I am deeply in love with KAY who divorced the GODFATHER but lost her loved ones to the TUNE OF CAVALIER RUSTICANNA.  Shot right between the tits like Helen Mirren my woman of the year so often is.  Probably to cover the infamy of these  Princely families the location of Poggio Suasa  is strictly secret NO Hyperlinks to google maps as wikipedia profile their paramilitary might amonsgt the Py Py Pyramids sung about by Katy Perry Same initials as Kalpurnius Piso, KP nuts, Kevin Peterson et al.  The Princes with the big black taches are very like the SARAJEVO Turks.  The Ruspoli family though have a strong bloodline and the one we profile died aged 95 .  The Fezes are massive  and the KIA car jokes complement all the wartime partying.  Rab Nesbitt is the VESTARIUM joke about the register of Scottish tartans.  The VESTY's flit out of Britain during the great  Wars. Poggio means knoll: KNOB is often deployed in GLESGAE's city of culture.  Then the ROTHSCHILD Goldfish & the POGGIO's Silverfish jokes. The GODs that turn on VESUVIUS do not think that any of that is funny and the SAME for the NEPALESE FIFA jokes.  The HOT Dog joke is the PENIS in the bread LOAVES & FISHES & it cannot stoop lower.  The Piers in NAPLES are the St Peter joke  & a PIERRY when I was a boy is a spinning top for the Jewish Driedle gambling jokes.  SUASA is in the PIEDMONT foot of the mountain region & the whole thing takes the breath away from people who steal from and dessert their country or their innocent troops since KING DAVID took on Goliath ALL AS IT WAS WRITTEN using the PISO pen.