Pilgrim Fathers Mayflower Director Numbers FDR DELANO New Deal WW1 WW2 York JA BLadon Leiden Arrian Master Races

Christopher Martin ColdPlay & Gwyneth Paltrow Divorce in Breach of the PISO BIBLE FRAUD OATH Mayflower Passenger & Musketeer militia Missionary.JPG
THEIR LEAD SINGER (and a Mayflower Passenger) who understands the PISO Bible Fraud.  The PILGRIM Fathers and mums are hand picked from the world owning families out of Britain and Leiden in Belgium/the Netherlands & all over the UK;;;;;the PISO JOKES ARE ALL through the stories & the family names. It is 5am so I will add the other PICTURES below the Video which is summarised in the IMAGE BELOW.  SO SCAN DOWN to the bottom first
Mayflower Pilgrim fathers Merchant Adventurer Company of Plymouth Ltd FDR Delano Delaneys Donkey Fort Knox Lend Lease Anthony Hopkins Churchill V sign Islam 30 years war, Islamic threat Lend Lease Brewster B Rooster.JPG

HRH QE1s Merchant Adventures Companies that OWN AMERICA & the Christian Pilgrims Still


I chose BUNYAN (a sore on the PISO toe sucking joke) for my WEDDING ceremonial Hymn.  The PISO PI   ligrim belly laugh.  As per all my recent videos, it explains the CULLING of all of Canada's USA's and Latin American indiginous peoples.  Before you listen I hope you can play You Tube videos of FDR speeches declaring war against Japan then Germany....increasingly difficult to find.

Christopher Martin was on the three ships that go sailing by in this video & he sings about the religious fraud in all the COLDPLAY output (For some reason I cant explain I know St Peter wont call my name).  

COLDPLAY Christopher Martin Mayflower Pilgrim St Peter Wont Call your name Viva La Vida Lights Chanuka UCL 1st Ancient Religious history Gwyneth Paltrow Divorce.JPG

Anthony Hopkins plays BERT (the European Monarchs that runs the PISO Windsor Bush Bloodlines)....he plays the capt of the MAYFLOWER (7 the "CHRIST"ians on board the Brooster  B Rooster (cock crowing jokes out of Calvary) & now out of BELGIUM....the B ROOSTER were rugby legends for STEWARTS MELVILLE but you cannot find them or Andy Ripley (who died young) as a rugby  legend  on board these ships headed for the PLYMOUTH ROCK.  The saddest saga is that the ANCESTORS of FDR are on boarde out of the FLEMISH Coast .

Merchant Adventurers George Lees John Bunyan Bunions Piso Toe Sucking Plymouth Rock PESO Pi Pipe Pishon Peso Pilgrims Progress Hobgoblin or Foul fiend Ja Jehovah Mayflower USA Empire State.JPG

....they become the Ian Fleming profiteers in WW2 which FDR THE RELATIVE OF the Pilgrims Francis Cooke Philip DeLano was the Pilgrim who is a profiteer in the INVESTMENT COMPANYs that run the toxic debt in the USA and BRITISH INVESTORS MONEY LENDERS that are the WORLD OWNING FAMILIES now out of Europe and owning Gt Britain. 

Belgian Roosters Walloons Brewsters Count Tilly 30yrs War Pilgrims Flee Stewarts Melville Andy Ripley OBE Plymouth Colony Jonah Lomu the Whale Blaydon Races Mayflower Magpies PISO World Owners.JPG

Francis D COOKE his relative & Hester (the RBS family) are on the 3 ships.  The money lenders in the UK still run the same Merchant Adventurers and I give the audience insight into how they lend the money that leads to the ownership of all of AMERICA (but not by its indiginous or new English speaking citizens WHO habve the MUSKETS on the ships that are essential for the LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. So Philip De La Noye is FDRs ancesters and it is a joke about the NEW DEAL, great depression, Gold into fort knox, stravation diasporas and then WW2 after ordering Japan to attack them.  

IT IS TRAGIC but really funny if you are a roosevelt or an ELeANOUR in the PISO bloodline out of Acquitaine. God gets them with polio and bill Gates still funds research on a cure.  Fords Hicksons, Godfrey hiltons, Uchtrecht of Cumbria, Nixon. Romney.  The Keiser in Germany in WW1 had a crippled left arm like stalin.  The NEW DEAL is an organised diaspora of the impoverished peoples that become the dead troops ALL RACES & CREEDS CULLING their neighbours WHICH HELPS THE UNEMPLOYMENT STATS for all participating ALLIED AND AXIS profiteering.  The Walloons of Belgium are the FLEMISH neighbours and all of it impacts on GENOCIDe in the christian vs christian  30 years war.  The next 2 ships to cross the atlantic are the Anne and the Little James (the boy king that is James 7 the sectarian bibles ALL OVER Europe and the first ever UNITED KINGDOM.  The FORTUNE is the ship in the middle. THE MERCHANT ADVENTURERS COMPANy arrive in CAPE COD (the Fish joke is the PENIS) and they arrive out a a massive MIST.  B Leidens becomes the BLAYDON RACES in the D'Umphreville & Redesdale fascists. 

 Christ Opher Jones is played by Hopkins and the PI Grimms takes us into the Arrian myths of the Grimms...in no bombing zone that is gottinghen (means NO GOD) run by Professors Grimm and the gottinghen seven (advisors to the Keiser who is ADMIRAL of the British navy right into 1914.   America is the B Land business registrations, Plymouth can be  PI and deploy the Mouth the JAW, JA Jehovah jokes. The BAR Sheba Jewish culls happened within 140 years of the PISO FRAUD,

 PISO Bible Authors Gladiator the Spaniard George Lees the Scotsman Piso Caesar Bloodline Shaniah Twain Leopard KP Arrius Kalpurrnius Piso The Man Alpha-Omega Pascal Candle PIlgrim Fathers M&M Eminen.JPG

More Adventurer company subsiduaries come in regt in WOOTON (the wooton Bassett war graves profiteering sector in the PMS Oxford witney constituency. Company of Merchant adventurers of the city of York.  The York Co has no data or directors because of what it has done. the FOSSGATE registration is also in YORK & that is the gate to Longshanks big cities that stopped WALLACE in his tracks.  there are 19 companies on the listings and some were censored. Then we go to the Ian Fleming subsids IN NEW BOND STREET. The bad swell is the storm that hits the Mayflower and many of the Pilgrims were unfit to take on the acts of god...some are registered in APPLETOWN, CONGLETON,  some are in CHESHIRE where the Dukes of Westminsterlive. Dunbar is the parish for Cardinal oBrien and the Poultons are also in the Merchant adventurers, the poultons issue false passports 7 pretend to be enemies of the Queen.  Dun Bar is the hub for the Bruce, Dalkeith, Haddington elites in Scotland.  Some of the registered Adventurer Cos are in Ulverstone Cumbria like all those relatives of the Royals.  Isaac Walton and THE FISHERS of Men (CAPE CODpiece joke). The York hub is ever so influential & FLOODPROOFED on a brick  platform.  the pageantry on Viking ownership, fires in the Minster reflect the GOD's replacement by the JESUS piso myths. The 300 founding families (300 is the Christian cross in PISO Code)....can only be identified but I find 14 names in the fraternity and Guild of Joseph and the Virgin Mary....and THE GOVT run the archive at KEW. So the Drakes and the Cravens Ramsdens are in league with the Lowthers, Buckworth, George Master, Websters of BATTLE ABBEY & East Sussex (the Laundering islands/regions wear white helmets.  Sir godfrey Webster cashes in in 1814.  Thomas Jorden, Nesta Webster (and my mum in-law is NESTA hancocks).   ABIGAIL was a storm just last week and she lived in the boggy MERE. Ben Frewen st Even Frewen go to Newfoundland. Smiths & sir Thomas Rowe,  William Saville all are implicated....FREEMENS of the COOKEs the explorers and the Ambasadors to the USA out of Scarborough & the HULL West Riding regions.  The HOWARDS are traditionally Longshanks bloodline in Norfolk that is Arundel Sussex . .. this case they are in SUFFOLK. Lord Kenyon is important.  that is KENYAN Products the salted nuts have Kulpurnius Piso's initials & becomes the KENYAN Supermarket terror in the BBC false news.  The york Company is QE1's initiative  ED III & Henry Vi are also Patrons.  The Walloons and the current archives next to the Royal Palaces and the Shrubberies and Herb Gardens they run in KEW are the MERCERS .....Mercantile adventurers that become the Warmongering MERCERs  & the HORSE ICONS ARE EVERYWHERE. 

 I Explain the importance of the GMT Greenwich Observatories launch pad for the navigational Latitude takes you from tunrstall in the York Ridings down to the Admiralty Buildings in GREENWICH where Baroness Blackstone runs Greenwich, Kent and tha Anglo French Channel Tunnel Frauds.  So the Admiralty are at the centre of the World. The Winslow, Kempseys are all on the boats and become Movies in the cover ups.  All close to Berkhamsted and the issue shares.....almost all the 19 companies are dormant and only have £2 of shares.  you should see how much the make out of the ARUNDEL Cathedral.  The Ann and Little James passengers are the Warrens, the de La Warre families that cross the DELAWARE and cull the Indians and let Mark Twain launch the Injun Joe false news and the WHITE BOARDS Master Arrian Races paint the fence white.  a warren is the HITLERS Conservatives and the LAGOS the rabbit.  That is St IAGO St James in the HISPANIC EMPIRES that cull everybody in their way in the name of the one true JESUS?EMANUEL at XMAS time.

 The newcastle Magpies and the death camp black & White Pyjamas in the death camps/zebras Jesus the ass/donkey/monkey tails jokes....HOPKINS hop aling too.  Then we get into London, Cheapside & the Rat Cliffs/Meerkats/Lemings & Flemings again....in the Dutch regions the cliff jump is not an option.  In the BERTY stories that take you into the  EUROPEAN Christians out of Italian Germanic Frankish links we get the BELLY LAUGH of these being ALIASES for the St CUTHBERT Jokes around the BERWICK Barwick Jokes.  The Brewster joke is a rugby cover up.  That is the Maannasse Hilton Linkages that are in the Godfrey Hiltons & LETTRELLS of the HULL REGION that become the ISLAMIC TARGET for WW3. Same day as this video was made the LUTTRELLS get a downpour and Paris get terror in the false news again.  The Kymes, Lomu (the Cannibal Pagan lives in B Leiden & that becomes the BLADN Races joke and LOMU then loses his Kidney Like Bin Laden BECAUSE GOD IS REALLY GREAT!  Luttrells have estates in DUBLIN nr Phoenix Park the IRA HAM  ISLAMIC HULL & the Fn YORK FREEMASONS who have defrauded my  pensions and launch the crescent icons that demonise their international mates in CONSTANTINOPLE...Bill has had a quadruple bypass Sandra Bullcock, the Twin Towers, the INGS on the Rugby  & And andy Ripley died at 40 who played with a NEGRO Chariots OFFIAH laughs....the Murrays LUTTRELLS OF IMAM.  Nottinham Derby Leicester and IRELAND keep cropping up.....and LUCAN is the LUKE joke written by the pisos in NAPLES. 

Ken Warren was a Thatcher Rabbit that takes is into the MORTONS and the WW2 treason. I dont get the WW2 speeches from FDR but the NEW DEALis the same deal that all but 5,000 families profit from.  AND ALL THE POOR GET BURIED IN THE WAR GRAVES SECTOR GLOBALLY. FDR gets Polio for his sins and you should become godfearing but UNDERSTAND THE PILGRIM PROFITEERING LEADS US TO EVERYONE OF THE MESSIANIC GENOCIDES AND THE CULLING OF WITCHES AND PAGANS EVERYWHERE.

The US government BOROW From the Rothschilts and no Country in the world now owns its issuance of money.  THE CELEBS (are picked & given names that cover the worlds biggest sins and just a few are pictured here. The TRUELOVE was one of the Pilgrims vessels and becomes the love nest for Crosby and  the murdered? PRINCESS GRACE KELLY......sung about by MIKKA in the why dont you like me song.