El Ninho and the culling of the world's pagans, jews, poor, martyrs and missionaries: how to profit from natural disasters and Human Brutality: THE SHOCK DOCTRINE

Breaking News on Geopolitical RELIGIOUS FRAUD and the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM.....how to profit from Iraq and even acts of God (like tsunamis and quakes in the charity scams THE SHOCK DOCTRINE profiteering)

El Ninho, Religious Fraud, Global Warming "Science" and the impending tax on BREATHING

It is difficult to grasp how clever the mind control plot is that are now known as the "messianic religions": All of which claim that humans are messengers/children  for/of  the GODS who created our beautiful universe.  No matter where you were born (or God planted your ethnic indigenous family) all families now believe that they were born into the religion for the ONE true god.  All worshhippers are honest, decent, morally upstanding (but they are encouraged to be poor to save their souls as the head of the .org pockets the massive money streams.  The Jokes that Christianity use are vicious.  Some of these: like eating fish on a Friday, Loaves and fishes, Man Friday, Second Cumming, Rolling Stones are discussed in the interviews below.  The whole thing has been crafted by humans for profit, the capacity to divide and cull is astounding and the revues it takes from the poor are astounding. I go to 3-4 denominations every Sunday and all the people are good/friendly/devout and we are the only generation in the UK that has never been led into global conflict to hide the shame and launder the proceeds.