Breaking News and the Jokes Behind the PISO Religious Frauds

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The XMAS joke is the felling of THORS oak by SANTA Boniface within Km of Frankfurt….St Boniface was from Xeter and it becomes Xminster ENGLAND (Devon is the Heaven) and the XMAS for the non-existent jesus.  The pagan Romans used to celebrate the  supremacy of SOL the sun god GO TO THIS PAGE SUN GOD SOL INVICTUS NATALIS PAGAN SOLSTICE CELEBRATION 25th DECEMBER every year “BC”.The theory dating from the 12th century[7] that the near-solstice date of 25 December for Christmas was selected because it was the date of the Roman festival of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun). Beyond Emperor Constantine Rome is divided and that leads to regime change & decay of the first Empire upon which the sun could never set.
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The Crown Templar and the Crown Law enforcement sector are ever so nervous about our revelations on their fraud ,geopolitical manipulation, and falsification of the news,  Here Professor George Lees and John Patterson discuss the religious fraud: the faking of the new testament by the Piso dynasty.  The mind control masterplan that this has become and how when the new testament was released in 79 AD they needed a timeshift to align this with the year of the mythical jesus' birth.  We explain that Mr Bean was the war correspondent for Gallipoli and how when Rowan Atkinson opened the Olympics in 2012 it was a vicious joke about the war dead from all countries and the moral reluctance to compete on a Sunday (the Chariots of fire music that Mr Bean played is a joke by the elites who have manipulated minds, missions, martyrs and genocides for 2079 years) See video at the bottom about Bryce's urgent replacement for laughing at the ANZAC sacrifice whilst earning $350K to be a career diplomat and the most powerful person in Australia, UNELECTED with a nod and a smile from HRH.  The Kalpurnius Piso,  KP Kevin Peterson, Katy Perry Oscar Pistorious, Kenyon Products, KP nuts,  Latin currency Peso, Kenyon Supermarket terror loaves and fishes jokes are profiled as are the fish on Friday, Loaves and fishes, second cumming, rolling stones jokes.  The capacity to laugh at religious  genocides like Scipio's (SKIPPY the bush kangaroo) in Carthage, the holocaust, anti-semitism, and the links to the timeshift (Dr Who, Tennant Family, Lord Tweedsmuir, 39 steps, Governor General salaries and power in Australia and Canada.  In late July 2014, on radio four, one of the favourites to replace Qentin Bryce was interviwed by a baroness about his interests in human rights abuses in N Korea where the testing of NUKEs sold out of the RSA and Rhodesia by Bredenkamp.....who also supplied the British Conservatives with nuclear weapons but claimed Africa was nuclear free.  The treaty of Pelindaba (Hans Blix declared Africa nuclear free) was a shameful joke too.   So the establishment who were the only people who could read and write up to 1914 have shared these vicious giggles for 2000 years and the blade runner PIStOrius murder trial is a typical diversion run in the media for months to cover this shameful historical news up.

The impact on, ethnic hatred, false  breaking news and the vicious/ religious news is told here

Keywords, Codes, and the vicious Jokes in the PISO religious fraud...POOR martyrs in every sect and creed (VESUVIUS act of god in 79 AD and 1945)

See this page to understand El Ninho and the massive quakes all around the pacific ring of fire, Philipines Floods, how religions and charities now profit from quakes, Tsunamis and Human wars like Iraq or floods in New Orleans.El Ninho and the culling of the world's pagans, jews, poor, martyrs and missionaries: how to profit from natural disasters and Human Brutality: THE SHOCK DOCTRINE

The Quentin Bryce exposee has made a dramatic impact on the Australian psyche....they are running up the drainpipe like rats in Blackadders trenches and our portrayal of the corrupted judiciary in both hemispheres has them acting like loyalists and freedom fighters (as usual at the expense of innocent they used to be before the Colonists and their armies arrived bringing christianity to the masses.
So they are persecuting Koreans as war criminals as they contiinue to brutalise the FREE WORLD (all led by the G8 and churchill's friends in the Rothschild family who brutalised CRIMEA way back when then ran the Gallipoli massacre so the Rothschilds could sequester the Russian Steppes for the Oil).
So they are using the BBC to cover their shame and save homosexuals from persecution in homeland security.  If you are a narrow  religious theologian or war crimes investigator I apologise for the complexity of these issues and the greed/deceit that is the "human condition"

Friends of PM Abbot & war crimes accusers but not in the biblical sense (see NUMBERS in the old testament and the perpetual killing for the one true god)

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia
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General Sir Peter Cosgrove

since 28 March 2014
StyleHis Excellency the Honourable
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Admiralty HouseSydney
AppointerElizabeth II
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's pleasure
Formation1 January 1901
First holderThe Earl of Hopetoun
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The person that beat michael Kirby to the GGs job after Bryce resigned for shame on the ANZAC war dead job is Cosgrove.  He is an expert in human suppression in EAST TIMOR and NATOs armies. For DIPLOMATIC REASONS I have not depicted him in uniform and like all the other warlords he just does what he is asked to do by the Crown and Tony Abbot (strictly in that order)

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