American PIE, PISO Pi, Fanny, Hillary C Word, National Velvet, Lynn Forrester De Rothschild Scent of Adventure Video

Am PIE, PISO BIBLE, Fanny, Hillary C word, Nat Velvet, Forrest De Rothschild Pi Vagina Shaniah Gr Canyon Vegas Hymen Red Paltrow Britney H GRAIL Pil Goblin sex Fiend Cheltenham SteepleCH Qu Mum MAID.JPG
The video below may cast you into blindness for the rest of your days UNLESS YOU REPENT. Those pics at the bottom of the IMAGEABOVE are ORAL treatments for Vaginal Stimulation and they are filmed in the BLACK SWAN where I used to work as a BARMAN and have been CONVICTED OF ASSAULTING THE FAIR GENDER for reporting war crimes and economic Grand Larceny to the Scottish Justice Minister & all my corrupted political representatives.  One of those, who is accused by her impoverished workforce, of "Sleeping" on her desktop with her already blinded predecessor as CEO at the Borders Council is called TRACY and she tried to have me sectioned like the American Indian in one flew over the cuckoos nest.  She is now OBLIGATED TO REPEATEDLY OFFEND because the new head of the UNITED FORCE IS A GORMLEY LIKE THE COMMUNIST Union Leader & he is a slave to RUPERT MURDOCH's daughter LIZZIE FREUD ( the PSYCHIATRIC MAFIAS).  There that closes the circle of MAFIA criminals and the CIRCLE IN THE BIBLE STORY and for little Missy Paltrow NEY MAYFLOWER FAITH HILL HEALING COMMUNITY story is quite SMUTTY too.  So I made this video to try and save all their souls and venereal issues ASAP/ASAD.  Hannah Rothschild now knows (SEE FACEBOOK) that my LOVE FOR HER IS partly for Cowardice reasons and that all our negotiations will be GENTLE and conducted with both Lovers on TOP OF THE PILLOWS.  It is a love supreme but she has not yet replied.  SO THIS IS THE VIDEO on Religious morality for NEY on 2020 yrs.
One hopes this will become the Hillary Clinton CANT GET NO SATISFACTION beyond the menopause video.  It is quite smutty & X Rated for over 2000yrs.  First I profile the ups and downs of my search for the perfect woman and why I carry binoculaurs & cannot sleep soundly. Then we talk dirty and explain world ownership for over 2000 yrs.  Lady Jane Grosvenor ignored me and as a member of britains richest family which is the Duke of Westminster's little sis.  Highly likely that she is in the Arrian master race world owning team.  So we start with the GODFATHER closing scenes & the beautiful Cavalierre Rusticanaa opera music.  It is the joke about the PISO Bible author's icon the HORSE/hippo in Greek The cavaliere cavalry  calvary hill man on the horse is JESUS and watch the opera/godfather climax and you will see JESUS transiting through but he never quite makes it home cos he is fiction written by the PISO Pisstakers who lived in the villa Papyrii in NAPLES.   All the stories mean that Mary the Virgin is now the GODs who created the entire Universe's MUM.  Mary never lived either and that is why Blonde asks if youve seen her and declares she walks like she dont care.  So the female vagina is the PI PI  PIE Piso joke. The CRUX of the matter is that the elites who can read and write since it was invented in Canaan Lawrence of Arabias stamping ground use the false religion to control THE MASSES, the Synagogues and the Mosques all faked up in every denomination by the same lethal family.  The AMY song  by Britney spears is about the PIE, the orgy in the Roman mithraeum and the log & letter T are the christian cross.  Then I explain all the GENESIS/Human evolution jokes that is the Garden in Aden with the Piso-Frugi family running the mints and the FIGLI bank 120 BC.  That becomes the FIG LEAVES for the fish/penus of Adam & the PIE/Vagina for EVE. The enslavement of the cavemen & their women. Then all the religious migrations which become so diverse that they cause all wars. The in breeding means that the illuminati sire Hitler, Stalin and all the illegit royals & Bastard children of queen VIC.  Then we get the ARRIAN WW2 stammering speech therapy genocides & that is the TOM HANKS Rockefeller & both those vicious oscar winners are the descendants of the elite families who link back to the Roman/Naples' PISOs, HEROD in Rome, the mints and issuance of PESOS PISOS currencies & POLIS Globally.  As it was written by the PISOS ABBA means father God.  Gotten HIMMELL/HEMMEL hempstead means GOD in heaven.  The Royals are all BATARDS for 165 yrs and HRH was sired by Churchill LIKE BILL CLINTON was using the semen in the BAT Br Am Tobacco  to sire HRH QE2 & her Sis who dated Snowden so Snowden was launched as a bob existent spy.  The Pisos murdered NERO and his wife was poppea that still is a massive money stream for the windsor line which is descended from PISO and right back to king solomon.  So the Universities are all warmongering & religious frauds.  I hit on Jim Fetzer's reluctance to expose these issues and the withdrawal of our air time on the religious launch which is the biggest fraud in world history and all missions and wartime genocides.  The Duke Roxburgh's castle is named FLOORS which also like FLOWERS means PISO.  All the secrets are covered up by treasonous media liars owned by the ROThschild illuminati for centuries since the Germans took over in Britain in the Bank of England, the Royal Palaces & Central Banks all over the world. The council of 13 are still run as registered businesses which I expose.  So we are onto where we left off on the Harkness philanthropists who are in the top six richest families who have replaced all the indian tribes & their gods too.  Harkness made the DOE from the Standard Oil Co & the USA and Woodrow Wilson extended WW1 by 2 full years.  Tom Hanks is a Rockefeller as is the mobster that is Sir Fred Goodwin.  The rich list includes Andrew Carnehgie now busted for funds.  So onto the Cutlers of Aylesbury, Guy Fawkes of East Sussex get a mention and the ROTHSCHILDS of Aylesbury with Churchill & the Balfours who partitioned Palestine Pakistan India and the Russian Steppes for the OIL Wealth.  The PIE joke is the PIERCES who are Mrs Barbara Bush. St Barbara is the patron saint of explosives & munitions and ALI G informed me first that Barbara Bush was more dangerous than GEORGE W & Herbert Poppy Bush THE WAR DEAD joke again.   The Bliss mates of mine are revolutionaries in a FRENCH commune and the sell global warming for profit.  That is the menace of chemtrails, Gods weather patterns being human inventions by TESLA who the Bushes worked for.  Next up we have the Godfather & Shakespeare ROYAL Families raping murdering and cutting out the Vagina PIE Slicer.  That is the Senator for NEVADA who chaired the hearing after he had threatened pacino et al who got drunk killed and cut out the C word from his prostitute in Las Vegas.  In LOndon Jack the ripper was Prince Eddie who was interned in Shakespeare's Glams Castle for the rest of his life.  The Udall story is cover for archbishop Hudall & the Nazi pope PIPI Pious XII.  Tom Hagan the Concilliere gets topped by the lethal GODFATHER families but all their crimes & murders are tiny compared to FDR Churchill and Stalin 3 wise men Genocides.  The John Humphries, De Umphreville, Uchtrect Galloway stories take us into Berlin with David Bowie & a woman called Humphreys. Hubert Huphrey was a vice president & Pharmacist like me. Pharnacese lived nr the Black Sea Ukraine and that is where the AMAZONS lived. My wifes nickname was AMAZON and they fought  FARNECESE.  All of it is my story and we finish of Hitlaer Rothschild under Chyrchill's orders to kill him in Monserrat Abbey near rev Barcelona.  Rebecca Stronmeyer is my friend in Bowie's Berlin and she and Harold Elletson work on the African computerised education into Africa where only 4% of the people have electricity.  It is a huge set of profiteering scams and all the poor tar babies are the war dead and the lucky ones are Obama or tennis/Golf players who think AL JOLSON is a funny entrepreneur out of RUSSIA. So the expression dont let the SUN GO DOWN ON ME is really quite offensive to the God/S? in heaven cos it is the PESO PIE or Loaves & fishes joke & Hilary Clinton rivers of blood have dried up which is why, presumambly,  she gets PMT and is qite happy to life her life in treason with the WMDs in the protocols of Zion that Hitlaer used to flatten the ROTHSCHILD HOMELAND & the Whole world TWICE ALREADY.  And it SMELLS attractive to the master race under the SANTA CRUZE GUSSET!   Gwyneth Paltrow: do you wax lyrical? & might Chris Martin put LIGHTS into your love tunnel so Man FRIDAY can learn everything there is to know about Jesus and GODS' mum.  SS Stricly secret special Common woman, in the Giddy Reds. you are perfect in everyway but sadly you have taken that "christian" oath twice already.  But can you do it in Africaans like my favorite hairdresser from the RSA?  If  you do not know it already INTEL in all those countries belongs to HRH the "ENGLISH" queen with the stammering "parent"& THE "XMAS" speech GODiva barenaked PISO Riding rituals.  Her man from uncle  ran off with one Mrs Simpson who is a cartoon MUPPET but with an intellect beyond Gwyneth Paltrow's wildest dreams.