Vesuvius 1: Maximus PISO PISS laundry assassins, GODs' Volcanoes, PLINY Bible Budha Fraud Fingered Fanny NEY Jesus 1 & ET the Roman God Jokes

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Vesuvius Errupts 79AD PISO Bible Fraud Pliny ETROG Jewish fruits Herculaneum Hippos Horse PISO Icons Rothschild Wild ass Zebra Jesus Palms Coins Alpha-Omega Piso frugi coins Dates for XMAS LAVA Stonings NAPLES.JPG

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Vesuvius Plinyan erruption Thors Hammer & Sickle ET Roman God ETROG Cumean Sibyl & Mayan Goddess v PISO Christians Tutt Pine Pyramid plume Pius XII Oscan Pagans & Oscar Bertie WW2 DODO GODS.JPG
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I do not know the names of the GODS' who pushed the button on the VESUVIUS erruption in 79AD.  I fear them greatly & LOVE THEM DEEPLY.  79AD is when the Emperor "passed on" and huge chunks of the false PISO Bible that takes the GODs' entirely out of the bible story.  So in NAPLES the fullers were running the LAUNDRY and removing stains with URINE the PISO family PISSTAKE on the "utility of Urine".  That is the title of Sally Magnussons Book as the presenter of songs of praise. Stephanus is a PISO assassin and all the people portrayed except PLINY the Younger get killed by the PAGAN GOD(s).  The PISO BIBLE fraud was written in the Herculaneum region THE VILLA PAPYRII.  The mountain of fire is due to erupt again according to scientists like PLINY the elder (a bible author too who defined PLINYan ERRUPTIONS.  So the stonings in the Python movies show the DONKEY is Jesus on palm Sunday. The stones in 79 AD though came from the GODS starting with gravelly PUMICE then the proclastic events 6 in all. The Pi PI piggots HORSE RIDERS and the stammering FIRTHS are actors in the BBC replay. Maximus is an assassin for PISO too and they murder NERO and allow Calligula GERMANICUS to sire Marriam PISOs baby who is the MAN Arrius Calpurrnius Piso. the erruption is magnificent and takes the shape of a Pi Pi Pyramidal Pine tree which grows in the NAPLES region.  The ETROG fruits are and icon for the vagina (PISO translated from Italian into English).  So the stones collapse the roofs and the Africanus Gladiator gets a big one right between the eyes when he laughs at the smoke that has turned the light to dark already.  Pliny is a scientist like me but HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GODS as a friend of the PISOS who replace the deities with the JESUS FRAUD so he dies after dinner and a bath. He states that the GODS who create the COSMOS are not concerned about a tiny little planet like EARTH & helps launch the myth that jesus will allow us all to sin and die to save our souls.  That is called a hypothesis and his was WRONG which is why he died after sunset that day. CHOCKED BY THE Plinian fumes.   God has a sense of humour and perfect timing.  PLINY the younger stays home on the MISENUM PENinsula and leaves his nephew the Younger Pliny to write the story 9 miles North of the mountain but he had to FLEE later that day too.  So Stabiae is between the mountain and POMPEI.  This is the STABLE Joke in the Bible and it has Mary in it in its WIKI profile.  The Jewish authors of the BIBLE were King Herod & PISO!   PISO killed 5million Jews as a General for the Emperors that they did not breed with or murder/assassinate.   So pliny feels safe with nature and does not believe that GOD can create fertility and perfect weather patterns for good people.  So the temperatures of 500 centigrade mean the death is quick & the skeletons are now in the MUSEUM.  Herculaneum where the PISO Villa is was under 25metres of lava/pumice next morning.  So they suicide themselves with TOXINS from Pliny's pharma almanacs.  So WHY do we give DATES at XMAS in the Christian fraud.  That is explained in the QUORAN where Marian the Virgin is asked to eat dates by ISA.  Myrrh is an aphrodisiac for VIRGINS in the life of B Arrian BRIAN.    So my German friend told me she was from the MORAVIAN way the AMBER Way through Slovakian Bavaria/Bohemia.  So AMBER is on Pharoahs breastplate and I show you how the world owning bloodlines that take you to Windsor & George W Bush are intially the Arsinoes/ARSENAL jokes in EGYPT.  Herod is AC Piso's great granpa and Marcus Aurelius is the Gt Grandson of Arrius C Piso ALIAS Josephus.  The MAN on the GOLF COURSE. So do you appreciate now why church roofs are STONE and have lightning conductors.  The BONNO Madonna marriages are explained and the TRAJAN EMPEROR marries ACP's daughter Pompeia Plotina Claudia Phoebe PISO.  So the launch in print is the Nerva-Antonine and Anna Annici movements West to Frankish Cluny Abbey & East to Kievan Russ/the Orient. Julius Caesar was married to a PISO female and he fought for & won Rothschild Ukraine. Germanicus Calligulla dad was Germanicus who was general in Teutonic Germania....he kidnapped ARMINUS' pregnant wife Thusnelda and treated her well after massacreing the poor because all Germans were to become Roman citizens soon.  So Germanicus the dad was asked to sack Rome but that would have cost his troops the 20 year pension deal.  NERO is 54-68 AD the Emperor GALBA & Otho Piso Vitaelius et al top each other and Vespasian with PISO then ganged up on Vitaleus.  
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They lead armies in austro-Hungaria & ACP saw 5 million of his jewish kin killed in his lifetime and died in his bed.  So right up to 79AD the volatility continues and we switch emperors from Vitelius (no longer breathing) to Vespasian who enjoyed a 10 yr reign and was replaced by TITUS  that fateful year. JPG
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 TITUS the next 2 yr Emperor in the PISO cabal gets a chapter in the bible as compensation.  The founding of the church segment confirms that Stephanus & Maximus are Piso Pius Assassins and "Domitian's reign" is covered by PISO code numbers that mean KP (100)...same scam as in the Paris terror recently and this is world history's archive.   So the Pius word is PISO and that covers 12 popes too including Nazi Pious XII with the NAZI laundering out of Rothschild Odessa and into Canaries from Spain to Latin America.  Maximus the assassin  is PLINY the elder's ALIAS.   God only knows who Stephanus killed till the mountain of fire got him.  The strangle hold by the Windsor Rothschild Murdoch et al is just as vicious today All CONTINENTS.   S0 96-120AD the Bible gets launched by the "GOOD" "christian" emperors for fear of PISO. Pew Pew Barney Mcgrew PEW Bible, Pws in church and in the opera songs about elysium and paying the boatman that is Gluck's Orpheus & Euridice.  So Maximus the fake wears Furrius Pisos gear and Marcus Aurelius is a confirmed christian.  So we get DATES  at false XMAS for Islamic reasons (the PISO Quoran) the SANTA is the non existent Saints.  The dates come down the chimney & into the stockings.  The chimney like the four fruits is the PISO PIE love tunnel too.  so can you see why HEROD played by Kojak SUCKS the Lolly as the bible author who condemned "jesus" to death.  The Donkey is jesus on Palm Sunday and the LULAV VULVA jokes are sickening. The Booths and the trees Willows etc  are all the same obscene American Pie Britney Amy jokes.  All about the smelly pies in the SS Sororities and fraternities.  So the Jewish instructions are in the Torah LEVITICUUS and it is the Willow by the INNSBRUCK.  The Hebrew plants are ABBOT Hagar Tamarind & the foot of Fergie & the toe sucking the Pi Pi little PI GG Y poems.  So the fingered citrus fruits are called Bhuda's hand & ETROG is ET the movie the extra Terrestrial Jesus  ROMAN GOD who gets home after he died in the woods.   
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ETROG 4 fruits PISO Fanny Pie for Mclean & Britney Sukkot Bhuda's Hand Fingered Citrus vulva ET Movie ET Roman God Bejamin Netenyahu When Sept Ends Menora SHOFAR.JPG
So Pliny the Elder THE SCIENTIST launches the encyclopedia of trivia that becomes the KOSHER protocols. The Shofar is the horn for the fairy castle ISLE OF SKYE jewish community for HRH on the PISO-Windsor line.  CHANUKKAH is the all black HAKKA melded into the Holofernes story in the chritian bible and that is the Fern on the all black jerseys.  So we find Buhdda's hand and the finger in the PIE plants.  The fruits smell like Britneys American pie & the gussets in the Amy video. Norton is the Irishman who has the crippled hand with fingered defects. So we close on the FANNY for Jack the rippers cut out collection.  Continued in Vesuvius 2VIDEO