The HISSUP stick Joke every Easter & the Passion of Pisos Fictional "Jesus"

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The PISO Bible Fraud every EASTER & the Rothschild Family & NHS death threats I get for telling the true story and my harassment by the cops, the judiciary & Murdochs NEWS CORP

Published on Apr 15, 2016

Yesterday I was sitting peacefully in my "OWN HOME" carefully collating the MAFIA secrets of one RUPERT MURDOCH who trained Rebekah Brooks when my computer was ruthlessly crashed for FALSE BIBLICAL reasons and revealing the role of the Hissup stick in "JESUS" story way after the BP plant in the GARDEN OF ADEN had been taken back into English speaking hands in 1963 under Harold Wilson's Pi Pi PISO "PEACE PIPE" and the RAF. So I had almost finished the thumbnail, you now see, and was giving it an explicit and "HEADLINE Like TITLE "when Rebekah's team SILENCED me and crashed my computer one day after Kelso police station (one tiny female PC negotiator who visited ALONE & refused coffee despite my reputation as a DANGEROUS FELON) threatened to arrest me on behalf of a local councillors family but with nothing in writing. SO THE STORY of the PASSION of Jesus: as it was written by the PISOS in Naples under Vesuvius in POLIS Blue Ink. First the crashing of my PC and the revelation that Telly Savalas Alias HEROD was in ROME when the PISOS wrote the Bible and HEROD doomed Jesus to die and blamed it on the ROMAN COUNCILLOR in the "HOLY LANDS" that is KOJAK the law enforcer and his decisions SUCK! So I show the letter I got last week from the Charing Cross Police sent but unsigned by PC Heaton on behalf of The Rt Hon Hannah Mary Rothschild who's family run all wars all sides and openly support Tony Blairs' spin doctor Peter Mandelson THE REAL UNELECTED PM and his cheeky & humourous WAR CRIMES in Iraq. They do not call me GOD that was a stammer the lovely PC calls me George. The Hissup stick is the Hissing Snake in Genesis, the hypocratic OATH for the Drs who sectioned me & my new friend in Glasgow who was sectioned because she is taking the LAW Society in Scotland to the EUROPEAN COURTS.....and was on the phone until the PC from Kelso ran my doorbell and asked me to hang up my phone so she could intimidate me again (she and a PC from Gala who told my dad, before me, that I was to be convicted for violence and actually had a written charge sheet on THAT occasion). But I want you to understand that John Lamont Paul Wheelhouse (deputy Justice Sec at the time he and Michael Matheson Justice Sec) confirmed receipt of my disclosures on the TRIDENT 3 &4 NUCLEAR weapons directorates & the Rothschild Trust money laundering out of Massive Ponzis in Lothian Road then relocated to other parts of Edinburgh for reputational reasons THE TRIDENT boards led by MERCENARY Tim Spicer moved from Eccleston Square to Tower Bridge where BRAVEHEART was executed even without NEWS Corps input. My exposures of the financial and war crimes were made in front of 100-200 onlookers in a REFERENDUM debate in Heiton to Lamont & Wheelhouse POLICED by Councillor Rory Stewart (cover for the Cumbrian MP who was Blair's GOVERNOR in Iraq). Thank you to the police for calling me George is warm and friendly like we all are on armistice day 11/11 all wars all sides. There is a second video on Rebekah Brooks, trained to kill and tell the false stories about JESUS, MURDOCH, the Piso Horses, Cameron's wifes' affairs with Schroders of London and Hitlers bank right up to 1945. I may be jailed before SNOWY Cameron's coercion by SNUFF FILM of all the deviants who brought down the tWin Towers paid for by Schroders. Hannah Rothschild is lovely and has now resigned from many of the 28 directorships she had.....and that takes one into her links to the Murdochs through her dad Jacob and the Rothschild Foundation & on & on & on. Realising though that JESUS' life is a fake for 2000 yrs is much more important & the ADEN, snake, NHS Doctors sins are just a joke about FREEDOM & the risks of the original sin. Please do not tell my social worker I drink CIDER and that my own fear of SNAKES is seldom erect now since my wife, also from Cameron & Brooks' Chipping Norton left my bed just weeks before my first sectioning threat. Her name is VALERIE JANE LEES Alias Hancocks & I pledged the long stupid period in my life to her. THAT is the really stupid Christian Oath that HRH takes and she runs the LAW COURTS but, NOT ALLEGEDLY, in EUROPE or NUREMBURG......that is my COMPLICITY video but the police woman at my door alone confirmed the cops have changed their Email address since Michael Moore refused to meet me and was booted out of the cabinet way after the Drs were exposed, by me ,for earning 40K pounds each year to cripple their patients. Lord Condon gets a mention like Prince Wills' murdered mum. PLEASE VISIT ME IN JAIL &  FEEL "FREE" to CALL ME GEORGE!