PISO Naples 1: "Jesus" Launched & REAL GODS now are clowns. The Bible Fraud exposed & Mrs Simpson Satan's little helper the LIFE of B ARRIAN BRIAN & HRH Margueritas' PIZZAs

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Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling
Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling
Gods replaced by PISO Fake JESUS Donkeys DOGS Alpine Al Pacino INNSBRUCK OTTO Holy Roman Emperor HERA Zeuss McAlpine Mrs Simpson Santa Satan Kate Middleton SANE Greek Gods Jesus the Donkey Mary Mum of God Pythons Jason & the Argonauts.JPG

The "JESUS" Story and the displacement of the GODS HUMANS DOGS DONKEYS and the elite Windsor Presidential Illuminati families

We start with the FANTASTICAL Story of the "Birth" of "Christ" as it was written with the PISO pen/plume in NAPLES.  If you understand the PISO code and sense of humour JESUS ends up as the DONKEY on Palm Sunday.  The Virgin the star led the three wise men to in the PYTHONS version of the "Greatest Story Ever Told" was not in fact a version but she happily accepted the 3 wise mens' presents.  The GODs determine the weather patterns & in the theatre in NAPLES where the bible was faked the gods are in the back row/top tier.  The PISO/NAPLES folk music anthem is the Tarantella.  The Gods have been totally replaced as the EARTHLY leadership team by the humans and the massive messianic fake that is JESUS & his mum Mary the Virgin & she the virgin is now the MOTHER OF THE GODS WHO MADE THE UNIVERSE.  The culmination of this is that GOD & JESUS BECOME Dogs, Donkeys, Donkeys/Asses & the Wild Ass is the Rothschild's ZEBRA......in the competetion to renew the joke in the late 19th century they launched both Cavalier Rusticanna/Jesus in Orbit & the Pagliaci Jesus/God is the CLOWN.  The people who are clever enough to read & do the writing of the FAKE UP, as a consquence, get to own the whole world.  The Gods in the heavens & all over the Universe are now out of the story.  SO we leave the stable and profile the four corners of the world & beautiful maps .  So the Cis-Alpino region is the four corners of the known ROMAN WORLD.  GALL & Galliator  are easy to find and we show how it is tucked below the ALPS for Hannibals elephants.   Connie Nielso the Devils daughter shows her PIE/FANNY in the Devils advocate & Al Pacino is the ALPino Joke.  Then we look at SOTTO alpino & it is Otto the Great of GERMANY who died in 936 who was the HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR. OTTO HENRY 1st The Fowler is married to Mathilde & the HORSE ICON for the pisos is all through the story.  Lady Mary Bidolph and many of the landowners are Episcopalian (PISO in it and KP Emblazoned on the Cedar wood rafters) So Al Pacino & Lord McAlpine are just covers jokes about  the homeland for the Rockefellers, Beaurs/Rothschilds, & the whole of Christianity's bosses are these elite bloodlines & Chris Martin at coldplay is cover for the GUN TUTOR on the Mayflower to slaughter the PAGAN 500 nations of Indian tribes.   The Royal in the UK Holland Spain & France , Portugal & Holland are all through the Ships that go sailing by on XMAS day in the morning...that Magellan.   These Royal families run the land grabs and WWF poaching mass animal murderers.  Then Princess Anne is coevered by the Steven Lawrence murder in Wollwich where Ilived.  Virgil is an eite author & PISO family member in Rome in 70BC, Arsinoe the Pharoah is the ARSENAL JOKE right upto cleopatra.  The Usual suspects is a great movie & VIRGIL is the CRIPPLE who dupes all the NYPD out of all the loot & desserts with the loot.  SoVIRGIL was Publius PISO.  Then we show how futile the Religious Monarchy & Banking thiefs are & how they adopt nicknames or are actually Sainted like McKillop.  The Queen is one of the richest in the world & is now GODS' BOSS in England with Justin Welby the Archbishop of Caterbury.  Welby was an ELF OIL Magnate in Fr N Africa.  Madonna is the Mum of God Virgin joke and I parody her FROZEN video on the tatoos & Nazi laundering LYDIA & the Dragons in Tel Aviv.  My wife from Hemel is the GOD in Hemmel Hempstead Getten HIMMEL joke.  The Donkey/Monkey tails are a joke at the war dead & ESAU the Donkey is in the bible as the hunter gatherer from the jingle and his rival BRO is Jacob the farmer who remoulds the land out of god's template builds LAKES DAMS etc.  BRIAN O'Brian & the Arrian master-races are explained like the GRIMM Bros from Gottingen which means NO GOD & is immune from bombing. The NAPLES.NAPIES & Maggie Smith MAGDELENE & Alan Bennet, Valerie Jane Lees, David Jasons' Yellow 3 wheeled Yellow Roths VAN is rxplained.  The next block is the God, Noah, Columbus, Furrious PISO, the EAGLE Icons for ROme. 15 other countries & the wings are the KFC  & Jehovas Ja are Wing shaped icons too.  The Fur coats and Hudsons bay are residues of the PISO & Rothschilde jokes from the Euro homeland.   On the cross we INRI & Innsous meaning Jesus,  The Borders council have a Donkey field at Abbotsford next to David Murrays golf course & the former Catholic Seminary.  In a town called St Boswell where the Borders Council MAFIAS tried to have me sectioned. Then the MASTERS race infiltrates all of America & even the indian stories have the ISO PEACE PIPE JOKE is imposed.  The Murray diversions are in the Princes trust,  The merchandising is a feature of all religious festivals and massive journeys to the homeland,  So the LENNOX Kiltie Culls of the armies in TARTAN skirts THE LADDIES.  That is Bobby & Annie Lennox & the SPECTACLE at Waterloo was the Duchess of Ricmond the Lennox;s which are still involved in the US Christ passion parades and the WATERLOO massacre is the beging of the Rothschild Wellington take over of the Bank of England. So EASTER ends with Chocolate eggs all over & they are the ROLLING STONES who put the VIETNAM genocide on the front on the Paint it Fascist Black THE THEME TUNE FOR THE DEVILS ADVOCATE Movie profiling why lawyers and corruption is the key to World Ownership.  Then the SHINING at compostella, the Joseph Ben Yusef launches of new religious stories for warmongering.  My shning analogy is the volcanic errutions & quakes all round the world on the Pauline route then into the ring of fire & Californias' calvary hill jokes.  Those are the Pinnochio son of a SCHUMAKER jokes out of the alps too & Hier was a Rothschild born in Innsbruck like NAZI pope Benedict. Isn it HEARTWARMING ,  The American PIE for Britney & don Maclean is the Vagina and the Fish Pie is the penis inside it.  THE REAL DEITIES have been totally written out oof the stories & in Pinnochio is GEPPETTO in the Belly of the whale.  Mrs Simpson was the fascist Hermaphrodite who helped launch SATAN' s World War II and the WE Film for Madonna the Chichio "VIRGIN" who is actually in the real GODFATHER.  The last supporters of the GODs are me and the cast of the Cuckoo's Nest Movie about SANE PEOPLE who are prepared to move away from the enslavement.  The next one is KumBayay & Cush Come By herding mechanism for the Shepherds like KING DAVID the JEW who brought down GOLIATH...the equivalent of my DRAGON!   The triumverate and holy trinity lead my commentary on the calvary hill crosses, Macbeths witches, the musketeers and its use in Prince Philips NARCOTICS triumverate scams with Lord Porchester & Lord Plunket (Onassis & Churchill Preceded them).  The Penitent RIGHT WING theif on the cross is promised heaven by the PISOS.  The Spinone  DOG is now GOD in the mortals relentless joke against all of our creators.  THEY ARE PERFECT BUT QUITE DANGEROUS IF YOU DONT TREAT THEM, THEIR CREATIONS OR YOUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURS WELL. So Next video is a Grand Junket to NAPLES.  BUT WATCH THE SHANIAH TWAIN video crashed in the middle for censorship first NEXT UP oN MY CHANNEL  CRASHED BY INTEL & Rebekah Brooks in Chipping Norton.