PISO Naples 2: VIRGIL kint suspect Cis Alpine OVO eggs ITs the LAW DAD, St PIER, Crossing the RUBICON, T Mobile crucifixion MOB & God is FICTION in the THEATRE

PISO Naples 2 BibleFraud T Mobile NAIL Slaves  Long John Silver Virgil Queen Marguerite PIZZA NO GODs except in THEATRE man's Flying Machiness Devil's Advocate its the LAW Cleopatra MEGARIDE for JC but there was no "Jesus".JPG

Hannah Rothschild I want to carry you over the RUBICON but I do not dance to this TUNE.

We start with the USUAL suspects.  That is the Piso family that faked up the bible in the Villa Papyri in NAPLES under Vesuvius which exploded in 79AD.  So VIRGIL the elite PISO lived 70 years BC.  In the Holywood version & the SUSPECTS line up Virgil Kint is the CRIPPLE who out-thinks the POLIS and his fellow gangsters and makes off with all the LOOT by telling false tales which he just reads off the cops poster board. KEATON is the ex cop in the movie and the GODFATHER Al Pacinos wife who desserted the MAFIAfor their evil policy making.  Publius Vergilius Maro is a PISO and false news author.   So the known world  map with the names Galliator, Gaul and up in the Innsbruck area you find the birthplace for HITLER and pope Benedict of Hitler youth's birthplace.  Naples has a menagerie of dogs/GODS and first we show Gordon Bowdens lookalike the MASTIFF.  We see the VOLPINO Romulus & Remus founders of ROME.  The biggest is the Spinone with more BARK than bite & the word PISO in it like the  CORRUPTED GLOBAL POLIS.  Then I profile how difficult it is to find innocent and committed allies in the quest to get the REAL truth out.  So John Paterson seemed like the right stuff LIKE BOWDEN with the mastiff "Good Looks".  Paterson is a KRAY twin relative and the his ancestor was a boss at the BofE out of Royal Brighton. the Kraysh Quresh families published the Quoran and on and on the LIES go.   So into Naples and you can get a MEGARIDE adjacent to the PIER which is of course the non existent St Peter the first of the PAPAL frauds. Naples is beautiful now that Vesuvius is "DORMANT", one never knows how long that will be as the warmongers demonis ISLAM which the Pesos also invented.  The Castel D'OvO is the chicken and egg Cock Crowing jokes. So that is the Ovary/egg in which Jesus was conceived with a pen in the virgins Womb.  The GOD Ullyses are alleged by the story tellers to drown their lovers, in this case the beautiful  PARTHENOPE,  off the castel island.  The FEDERATED states that are in the massive Empire run protection rackets thousands of miles from Rome & that becomes Blatters FIFA. The Map of the known world contains Carnegie , Little Emily from Dickens and LIVY-TITUS is another PISO author. Gaius (Catullus)Piso was the dad of the legendary Arrius Calpurrnius Piso (the MAN on the golf court). So next PARMA between Genoa & Venice which is CANALISED to rile up the GODs and prevent their total regulation of BIBLICAL FLOODS and  rewarding the good with perfect growing conditions for Agricultural regions.  So I profile my American friends in the American PIZZA industry.  Then we get on with humans JOKES at the Gods expense on the Come By,  Cush Cush shepherds cowherds prompts to their flocks & sheepdogs.  So CUMBAYA is an order for the LORD to Obey the mortal.   Quite CHEEKY demand to make of your makers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jjcxFGEysE

The Passion of the FAKED Christ is no longer anywhere to be seen on the internet since I exposed the Cavalier Rusticana to be Jesus & the Rusty nails but jesus is the ASS in the PISO story so you can see why, after 2000 yrs, they are ever so nervous. The Pagliaci clown is frequently played  by Pavarotti who is best remembered for Nessun Dorma. He died really young & everybody gets what they deserve.  So the Greeks first settled in NAPLES 2000BC.   So Publius Piso VIRGIL goes on an Oddyssey & that in the UK becomes David Jason in the Rothschild Yellow Van.  The Coliseum is the hub for killing slaves for diversion & the PISO, Castell DELL OVO.....its DEVILS' Ovary/egg Do you get it? As I write this on a DEVLISH Dell computer,    Iam begining to almost WORSHIP my Episcopalian friends who know my power and are proving the most genial and informative & MOST POWERFUL CHURCH in the world with PISO in it and KP on the Cedar roof.  But the trickle is becoming a consistent flow of info & intstructive questions & answers.  So back to transAlpine Italy Venice.  North Cis Alpino is Berlusconni's CELTIC Italy and trans Alpine is DAVOS and Basil & the Rothschilds & Rockefellers.  The PYTHONS understand it is all a joke BUT THE PRESENTS & MERCHANDISING and following the lights home are the pilgrimage now made every year.  Armageddon is in IRAQ and James Blunt was there as a NATO soldier.  REG is KING and they have that in the Pythons and Italian place names.  THE LIFE OF BRIAN, Cardinal OBrien are the B ARRIAN JOKEs and it is all caving in.  I get onto the assett stripping by the Councillors & MPs/MSPs  & all the tiers of "POLITICS" and all the assetts that belonged to the people when I was a boy.  Etruscas graves are the same as the scottish graveyards with Cocks & Fannies everywhere.  Then we find the EAGLE Icons & the SPQR signs, used by Russia & 19 other countries. STRABO is no longer a Volcano and Thales is no longer a GOD & STRABO gets it wrong when he does not mention that GODS no longer can unleash Quakes eruptions, Landslides.  The sad truth is that the GODs are now just bit parts & NOBODY worships anything but their non existent son.  THAT IS CHANGING with ever conversation i engage in. Ostia  is where the Roman fleet is based. The OIL science is profiled and the FORECOURT scams. Mutina/Modena is the slave Spartacus uprising and it is Long John Silvers MUTINY on the Bounty is explained .  All the slaves get CRUCIFIED because they tried to break free.  Julius Caesar was the last to cross the Rubicon before they turned it into LAKES and Muddy Canals & that is Jim Reeves Dog called Tigge.  Incredibly Muttley in the Hanna Barbera is named after the Cis ALPINE region and same goes as we transit through MUTINA/MODENA & that is the Mutiny on the Boounty & Long John Silver story.   Spartacus leads the SLAVE revolution and all of them end up dead in the Coliseum or on the CHRISTIAN CROSSES which are icons for loving your neighbours & work.  Crossing the RUBICON is passing the point of no return….which takes us into the ROYAL FAMILIES in England Spain & Holland running NARCOTICS into the South Pacific using NAVAL/POLICE & JUDICIARY THIEFS.  But this is NAPLES & the narcotics are not Ecumenical issues . I reveal the PISOs jokes on the crucifixion of the DUMAS’ characters THE THREE MUSKETEERS & the crosses….the TRIUMVERATE.  On Jesus’ right you find the PENITENT THIEF who confesses to fascism & gets promised a junket in heaven THE ONE ON THE LEFT IS A “COMMUNIST” and he burns in hell cos he is a TOTALITARRIAN THREAT like STALIN Rothschild was for FDR.  The Devils advocate  VIRGIN BIRTH after raping MARE VIOLENTLY is also explained.  So the launch of the LAW Determining the future is also out of the DAVOS INNSBRUCK ROTHSCHILD ROCKEFELLER BAUER Homelands.    We close with Landlocked Austria’s navy being in BREMNERHAVEN but not infamous enough to be in the FIVE FLIES’ FLEETS that Parasatise and PIRATISE the whole of the GLOBALISED WORLD.