The PISOs were one of the cleverest families that ever lived.  They Launched the BIBLE & the Koran/Quoran SEE FAKING NEW TESTAMENT TAB,  The false religions that have evolved are all associated with the bloodlines of the world owners.  From Alexander the Gt through the Pharoah then Holy Roman Empire Bosses we go west into France and North into Germany ENDLESS STRIFE & DIVISION. Now those elite families are all over the New World too & every American President has been a freemason and almost all are from the 13 ILLUMINATTI MAFIA Families with hundreds od subsiduaries in the globalised web The Movement EASt consumes Greece Right across Asia & the Constantinople TURKISH Hub launches all the Great Conflicts and potentially WW3 .  All the False religions are run by the money lenders that "JESUS warned us about & the articles and videos below are quite sickening when you realise it is over 2000 yrs old and the WINDSORS, Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers, Rothschilds Sire all the BASTARDS who run the wars for profit power & vast tracts of land.   

The BIBLE is all encoded using Pythagorean numbering to declare we are the Pisos and this is us PLAYING THIS ROLE at your expense as we literally control the masses.   But lets get down to the XMAS VIRGIN BIRTH FANTASIES & the humans now being the parents (as Virgins) of the Gods in the Heavens.