Global & UK Energy "Policy"

Did you feel cold last winter:were you shocked that gas prices have risen by 20%shareholder spring when inflation is allegedly "running at circa 5-6%.  Did you stockpile fuel in your garage (following the government's advice), and risk personal injuryburns, when the UK petrol distributors went on strike for a couple of days (on their terms and conditions)BP shareholder priorities.  Were you intrigued that our North Sea oil corporation taxes were raised in the budget when Britain is keen to catalyse growth and industrial output?  Have you read the books by Shaxson causal factors and media silence & Klein shocking methods:aquisition & profit margins  that explain that the price of oil and gas at the forecourt is not tied to governmental incentives, supply & demand, or even the International price per barrell .  
Klein N (2007) The Shock Doctrine, Penguin Group Ltd. 
Shaxson N (2011) Treasure Islands :Tax Havens and the men who stole the world. Publisher The Bodley Head , London

These courageous authors explain how globalism is driven by violent acquisition (or human trauma in natural disasters) and privatisation of National Assetts.  Profit is made in the boardroom by multi-national corporations who lobby, manipulate (or violently eliminate) National Governments all around the globe and privatise the oil and gas resources of great tracts of the developing world (that were civilised long before the G8 was created).  The muscle for these brutal interventions comes from National Governments (at the revolving door between politics and business) often with NATO's full backing.  

Did you study economics at school?  We are currently producing more gas and oil than at any point in human history yet the price at the forecourt is higher than ever fuel price. The geopolitical problems are not new: "The trouble with this country is that you can't win an election without the oil bloc, and you can't govern with it." was an observation made by Franklin D. Roosevelt.  These problems have been grossly enhanced since OPEC were overtaken as market leaders by European and US giants Oil giants.  Can you relate to the closures of key European refineries (e.g. in the Thames estuary) London's petrol and the effects on local jobs and International supply logistics?  Can you understand the shameless creation of new companies Blair,  by recently retired/resigned/disgraced political  leaders rich men and modernized parties or corporate figureheads BP gulf villainexxon-mobil in regions where genocide was committed or national assets sequestered Hayward & BP (during their terms in office).  Iraq was hit by two devastating wars, former allies in the middle East were hounded then killed, and hundreds of thousands (some claim millions) of civilans died (or were tortured) so the ruthless corporate boardroom could suppress/overcharge energy customers in every nation on the globe.  In Iraq the campaign started as an "equitable" food-for-oil AID exchange programme run by the UN but ended as a NATO-led catastrophe that is still having knock on effects for citizens, national leaders across the long-suffering region, international trust and world peace.  Occupying troops and their families are also tragic victims of these policies to pursue homeland security and civil-defence overseas.

When did you last see a goods train with oil company logos when travelling on the UK's congested road network?   Have YOU looked for a better deal from the gas companies (as advised by our politicians) and the regulators who have taken over the marketing of these highly inefficient methods (selling the same product through the same distribution networks) in the name of open competition shopping around?  Are you a shareholder or a board member in these companies (perhaps a stakeholder and advisor to the board or to the government/energy minister): if so are you sleeping well and have a warm glow (and a nice annual dividend) shareholder spring that the rest of the energy consuming world has no access to.  Do you support some National governments, the IAEA and NATO's diversionary policy of threatening Iran mass destraction (a peaceful and efficient energy producer and oil exporter).  Can you understand that even China (and many other fuel importing nations) chinese petrol prices cannot afford to support the embargo on trading (importing fuel from Iran) and that these manipulative deals present the opportunities to HIKE the price for global consumers everywhere at a time of surplus (but are also a huge threat to world peace if the Straits of Hormuz are closed by either side).  Blessedly both China and Russia (at the time of writing) are both favouring free trade and the laws of economics with VETO on NATO action/sanctions in Iran. Did you watch the private security entourage that whisked the protestor who called Tony Blair a war criminal promptly out of the Leveson enquirypeaceful protestor: private security and are you old enough to remember the peace protests that ran in Parliament square reminding us that the G7-G8 leaders are always drawn into energy wars for profit at great cost to human life.

NUCLEAR (a diminishing "homespun" energy source).   
Have you got strong opinions on green energy production?  The whole of Europe is split on this issue since Germany led the charge to remove this sector of energy production from our economic map.  Former Green/social democrat chancellor  Gerhard Schröder having seen through these changes (and denounced nuclear energy) is currently the chairman of the board of Nord Stream AG, after having been hired as a global manager by investment bank Rothschild Wikipedia reports that German opposition parties expressed concern over the issue of his, as did the governments of countries over whose territory gas is currently pumped. The American Press likened Schröder to a "political prostitute" for these behaviours and potential conflicts of interest (so close to his transfering power to Ms Merkel) Nordstream Conflicts.  Schröder has since joined the board of the oil company TNK-BP, a joint venture between oil major British Petroleum and Russian partners (led by wealthy oligarchs): a relationship that appears to be falling apart this very week (posted 6th June 2012)reuters update.  The Nordstream consortium (OAO Gazprom, Wintershall Holding GmbH (a BASF subsidiary), E.ON Ruhrgas AG, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie and GDF SUEZ) are engaged in an initiative to supply Western European customers with privatised gas supplied from Russia vast resources (but by transiting under the Baltic) are controversially bypassing poorer Eastern European countries who have recently joined the EU).  The opposition leader in Ukraine (who as president of that country signed up to a cross land GAZPROM pipeline which is even more expensive than the baltic ocean route now endorsed) has been languishing in a prison cell gas contract controversy.  Thankfully both the EU and President Putin are trying to calm these troubled waters some 4 months after her prison sentence was announced.

Tymoschenko EU stance

Many of Europe's leaders appear to have endorsed the gas pipeline projects (across Northern and Southern Europe) and openly liaise with its planners heads of state.The recent carbon summit in Durban suggests that global warming issue is a massive carbon smokescreen for the for-profit, long-term policies portrayed on this page.  National leaders in the G8 and all across Europe have half-heartedly endorsed the concept that Nuclear should be abandoned since Chernobyl (and since powerful states across the EU & Asia have become involved in oil, gas and renewable energy initiatives)carbon targets. So former prime ministers, presidents and chancellors have created the environment for carbon consuming industrial growth & domestic sales (the Russian gas stocks are thought to be sufficient for 50 years and may be sold on to the UK) but with benefits largely to the boardroom or the oligarchs and none for the peoples they have taken into the EU-fold or bypassed for economy.  All of the European leaders endorse the green concepts and initiatives but they are, bewilderingly, de-commissioning nuclear plants that have provided energy for the continent for decades e.g.German nuclear, whilst funding pilot research plans with longer lead times and de-commisioning programmes (see renewables, below).  For many years, France has located its nuclear plants all along the English Channel coast.  The International Governance of this sector (which grew strong as a Nationalised industry) now means that legally NEW nuclear plants cannot be subsised by the host states in the EU EU confound.  They have to be built by foreign countries for fear of conflicts of interest and fear of new nuclear powers emerging under the scrutiny of the UN & IAEA!  Britain, having launched its de-commissioning efforts has announced that it needs 8 new nuclear plants by 2025.  Many are to be in the South, and on the coast, where the population density is high.  These decisions are being made within 18 months of the calamatous tsunami in Japan that took thousands lives and has resulted in global oceanic ecological consequences around the world.  Recent trends (and changes in EU laws) suggest that these future contracts may have to be given to Nationalised engineers in Iran Iran expertise or that adjacent historical/Imperialist rival FranceFrench expertise.  Relatively few Nations have the technology, staff expertise to get these jobs done safely and cost-effectively in this day and age.  For example, the US are to build to new plants 30 years after the three-mile island accidentUS time-lag   The implications of the cold war threat against Iran means that both sectors (above) will be unable to operate efficiently under free market conditions. With the dismantling of Nationalised energy provision by Globalism, consumers everywhere are doomed to paying higher and higher bills to keep shareholders and CEOs in profit).  

RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY:  it is encouraging to see genuine initiatives to effectively insulate old homes and to generate technologies that can capture solar, hydro, wind and wave power.  These technologies have been refined in temperate regions across the world so that the igloo is no longer the safe haven for the local inhabitants or migrants who opt for the tundra.  BUT the displacement of effective power sources by emerging technologies that are reliant on tapping the Earth's natural forces or (Solar energy) and are focussed on profit for the investor, rather than national power provision for the taxpayer, is a calamity waiting to happen.  In Scotland, farmers are retiring on the funds from sale/rent of land for the installation of their windmills (which can only provide a fraction of the country's energy needs 15% renewable by 2020 ) and our National leader is talking up exporting UK energy to Norway salmond energy exports to norway (which without super-conducting technology and massive International R&D investment, research co-operation seems doomed to pilot status or failure).  The governance and marketing of these new products and the initiatives encouraging individuals and investors to "buy-in" is really insecuresubsidies subside  as is the proof of concept evidence that wave/wind energy can be tapped effectively and that the cost of the pilot plant will ever come down to sustainable levels and meet those shrinking energy production targets. Government sponsored initiatives in renewable energy have been known to failSolyndra USA and German energy provision is already notoriously expensive despite its pro-active green initiativesSolar solvency?.

PERVERSIONS OF THE COURSE OF JUSTICE.  In the western/developed world there are so many abuses of power and conflicts of interests but there have been some recent themes cited recently where criminal and war crimes law might be applied in due course.  Up to this point, in the UK, the energy minister has only been implicated in perverting the course of justice by transferring blame for his speeding fine to his wife  (whilst his lobbyist girlfriend looks on innocently)wiki.  The culture secretary may be guilty of fraud in liasing with media moguls.  The Blair war crimes allegation got very little attention at Leveson (and the fate of the "vocal" protestor remains unknown) and Conrad Black ( a Blair appointee to the second chamber) is still a full expatriot member of the House of Lords after serving part of his prison sentence overseas.  I could go on for page after page but the only war crime/genocide hearings we have at long last convened in Egypt Guilty BUT and the Haguetayloring war crimes have condemned leaders for failing to prevent war crimes (like recruiting child soldiers) or state sponsored assassinations in very very small PEACE-LOVING countries (or decades after the events) far from the corridors of global power. Some weeks back though the former UK home-secretary was accused of complicity with rendition/torture of prisoners in the middle eastStraw on camels back and when these teams fall out with their allies heads can literally roll!

SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE & Lobbying for constructive Change.  I have sent these Emails to influential Global/elected local leaders on these issues (times/dates and details appended) in the hope that common sense will prevail and the taxpayers will SUPPORT energy policies that impact favorably on their future and their children's prospects.