Empire: a very expensive long term goal!


Sunday 15 July 2012

For a very long time countries with the capacity to extend their boundaries by millitary force have done so.  The maps below reveal that almost the entire Globe, at some point in human history, has been colonised by Imperialist Nations. These just happen to be the same nations that now lead the entire world democratically.  These expansionist campaigns are expensive to run but up to 2008 they were a steady earner for the countries who could launch the technology, recruit young conscripts, slaves , mercenaries or inspired volunteers and mount a campaign of propaganda that would justify them going overseas in the name of civil defence & "homeland security".  If you have already glanced at the other sections on this site you will appreciate that the World is governed ruthlessly by just SEVEN Nations (the G7) who have centuries of expertise in this violent Millitary Industrial Complex (in recent years, peace at home has led to productivity in the arms trade arming the "peace loving nations & their regimes" and Vestiges of industrial mightwhich is a blight on the countries that buy the weapons from these world "superpowers").  It has also led to huge demographic changes in population density as people flee from their homes in a perpetual quest to make their families safe. The concept that Italy is still a world superpower is debatable but the achievements of the Roman Empire and its cultural, architectural, legal and even civil engineering legacies are truly formidableRoman Architecture, Civil Engineering, Public Health and Infrastructure spreads across the old world. Lets start in Rome and look at its boundaries at the height of Empire.


No need for words other than to remind ourselves that Italy is now one of the "poorly rated" "debtor countries" in Europe.  Even in relatively recent times (between the wars to end all wars) Italian troops have committed genocide in their colonial outposts Eastern Libyaup to 45,000 deaths but in the Balkans (where genocide was the cause and effect of the conflict) Italy played a diplomatic role (in an attempt to prevent refugees fleeing into Italy for their lives Role reversal or seeing the light).  Italy's own economic refugees are notorious for their role in the creation of the Mafia and the networks of people engaged in protection rackets (so that people could just get on with their lives at monetary cost is at the heart of Monarchy and even Religious expansion and crusades for these causes).  Anti-mafia proceedings are strikingly similar to political or media inquests into fraudulent reporting, banking and political or commercial governance (and remuneration across these sectors). The new Italian political figurehead, Mario Monti, is unelected, has hand picked a cabinet of unelected technocrats and and was, himself,  hand picked within the financial services families for his  very close links with Goldman Sachs and the EU leadership teams. Berlusconi is notorious for his abuses of power even within these extrovert families (and just happens to be a "reforming" and "protective" media magnate). The leadership at the Vatican is currently German but one has no insight which families give up their advice to one of god's representatives on this earth (Pontius Pilate left a lot of the key decision making to local advisors some of whom were money lenders).  The Vatican is also active in the banking, fine arts and tourist sectors and it has been associated with Empires on at least three Continents. Religion, regardless of denomination or creed is a prop to poor and fearful people all around the globe.

THE BRITISH EMPIRE & the myth of "commonwealth".
Britain was the first country to establish an industrialised economy but for centuries has relied on its millitary and naval might to colonise vast regions of the globe.  At the height of Empire in the Victorian era Britain conquered then governed land (and people) on all continents around the globe. 

For almost 1000 years Britain (and other Christian Nations too) was a major player in the Holy lands which have always been the epicentre for religious strife and geo-political crusades involving the Jewish Nation, Islam and Christianity (who conducted 9 European crusades within 200 years) in the 11th-13th centuriesRed Cross long stint patching up the wounded. Dominance in these regions has been contested forever by Islamic Empires, warmongering Christian Popes or Ottoman Leaders and yet trust between religious and political figureheads, or monarchs, has enabled the evolution of a series of religions that share a common root (and ancient moral code which has been all too frquently infringed).   Compared to religious wars in Europe the middle eastern nations have not destroyed the places of worship or the castles built by oppposition regimesChristian Syrian Castles Intact or different faiths. This has left a fine legacy demonstrating the might of the forces deployed and the expense of attempts to recover promised lands for "gods chosen people"  whoever they may be? God's own people slaughter each other for centuries (peaking now) 
 Middle Eastern and Sub Saharan treasures & relics line the halls of Imperialist museums or stately homes.  All Nations and religions have though infringed the commandment to love thy neighbourchristianity,IslamOttoman and this continues to blight the world which is intent on fueling its carbon consumption from these desperate war torn and suppressed regions. When the Romans left the holy lands, Britain started its overseas crusades and from a very early stage the motives were plain.   In the words of Lord Salisbury: "If our ancestors had cared for the rights of other people", he observed, "the British empire would not have been made." Its purpose was not to spread sweetness and light but to increase Britain's wealth and power. Naturally its coercive and exploitative nature must be disguised. Bamboozle was better than bamboo, he considered, and "as India must be bled, the bleeding should be done judiciously." Empire (All shades of Black). At its height the British Empire spanned the old and the new worlds and had strongholds or outposts on every continent. Britain like all the Imperialist powers had great millitary might and to this day key strategic milllitary bases are still a "legitimate" feature of Britain's territorial claims even though they are thousands of miles from the "homeland" and have precipitated wars and tense relationships (between governments & religious faiths) all over the globe.  
 Barbaric gestures have become all too familiar and this very week, August 2012, UK mining companies are at the centre of a perfect storm (after police killings of peacefully protesting mineworkers who are paid a pittance whilst CEOs in distant Imperialist countries rake in millions in profit for multi-national corporations).  There are hundreds of precedents for this in the name of UK dominance....and colonial 
suppression in the name of see Amristar video clip below 

The Jewel in the Crown: Lessons Learnt?

Blood money 2012

Between 1700 and 1920 Britain was almost continually at war (outbreaks of peace between campaigns total circa 70 years) and at the peak of Empire's expansionism British Soldiers & Sailors (often conscripted or press ganged) were campaigning in overlapping campaigns all over the globe between 1839 and 1896. Most campaigns were profitable as foreign states lost their gold, diamonds, art treasures or architectural arefacts but the human cost (in lives, slavery, persecution, refugee migration and rebelious freedom fighting) was massive. The death toll in the two great wars can be seen in graveyards and war memorials all over Europe but many of these campaigners were buried in unmarked graves all around the "developing" world.  The funding now is being drained away from the forces themselves by ruthless political leaders who are laundering funds from millitary-industrial  campaigns into personal accounts (after they have destabilised the power-base of former "allies" and privatised national assets) and giving massive tax breaks to multi-national corporations...which is now emptying national/treasury coffers.  So the monarchy is no longer directly accountableMonarchy & Millitary figureheads for leading us to warEmperors and Empresses with Global Clout but they meet these ruthless leaders (UK PM's)weekly but one has no idea of whether HRH who has presided over the waning Commonwealth (and planted wreaths on memorials) for some 60 years approves of, or denounces, these policies.   The modernists are now strangling their police and millitary of funds for personal gain (and this is the tipping point that will salvage our futures unless the leaders are ruthless enough to opt for the nuclear extinction option).   With big strides in technology of munitions and universal access (to well funded regimes), the death tolls grew alarmingly peaking in the great wars that just tweaked the boundaries of Empire but not the consciences of UK leaders.  Shamefully, since we took our place on the UN security council after the war to end all wars in 1945, Britain has perpetually engaged in campaigns overseas and still has troops, warships or airpower in vital strategic trading points all over the world Fear of UK interventionArms trading at the Ministry,  .  The current NATO campaigns in Afgahnistan have cost over 400 British lives and risingDeath Toll. UK museums & art galleries already contain exhibits on the futility of war then and now (with brand new halls covering real time campaigns like Afgahnistan which has been fought over since the silk wars)Tourist economy...war graves dispersed.  This is Barbaric and needs to be denounced.  In the holy lands European powers have crusaded for centuries (in pursuit of religious crusades, papal  decrees or to counter the empires of Islam, Ottoman threats or more recently the etherial Al Quaeda.  Both sides relentlessly persecute civillians and now clerics (muslims, christians and their followers and believers) all over the middle east are being hunted down tortured or executed because of the incapacity to adhere to god's ancient laws which apply to jews, christians and islamic faithsOne God: millions of martyrs....love your neighbour!

The costs are beyond belief (and blessedly this will limit the killing eventually). Civil defence is important (governments are increasingly unable to pay wages, pensions or arms budgets for police & millitary forces) but  national leaders and NATO figureheads who have corruptly laundered taxpayers funds into their private bank accounts will pay a heavy price for unprecedently evil policy making since the millenium when the electorates see the fate that awaits them under these malign regimes.  The worst though is over: the thinking public are hanging these crimes on earlier regimes and the current leaders can see the risks of continuing with the policies that the G8, the UN and NATO have pursued at the behest of Blair, Bush and all those fundamentalist leaders (who engage in talks and summits behind massive security cordons).  This has led to a recent spate of political defeats, resignations or policy U-turns that demonstrates that the power of these regimes is self-limiting.....UNLESS they press that nuclear extinction button!  Many are unaware of these abuses but as the funds dwindle and the jobs tumble the truth will come pouring out.....dont let them conscript your kids!   Too many sacrifices have been commemorated at the Cenotaph already and its time to let civilisation thrive all around the world.   


America has for decades policed the world as a global millitary-industrial complexover 150 countries, rampant since 2002.Everybody knows it.  The costs of these campaigns are horrendousBillion dollar Ogram DATED stats. and at a time when millions of Americans are living on food stamps (as 99% of the electorate are being driven into poverty) those policies can only be sustained by legalized/constitutinal, but corrupted, democratic process and suppression of an increasingly articulate and informed MAJORITY..

enemy within the white house


Stats and overseas campaigns since Korea (above) and Millitary Spend (above, right), not including NASA/space exploration.

Concurrently, the banking sector is robbing US citizens of trillions of dollars26,000 dollars from every US familyBanking Fraud and Political Greed (across the G8) ( this seems like an unsustainable policy).  The USA is the only country in the World which has actually deployed weapons of mass destruction yet it continues to bully or intimidate peace-loving nations into unjust war or insurrection/strife.

Hiroshima Nagasaki

All G7 governments spend a significant proportion of their budgets on millitary procurement.  Data from SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (currently governed by G8 countries or heavily millitarised regimes in Se Asia or the Pacific Rim:(above far right)

America with its place on the UN security council has huge business interests in arms manufacturing, trading and the evolution of technology for warfare, surveillance, and assassination of key "enemy" suspects or personnel. Cold shouldering Russia, China and the SyrianClinton Oil Trail, Age old fueds fueled by media interest,massacres in civil disturbances/Iranian axisstandard chartered diversion,mass destractionNetanyahu WarmongeringMs Clinton the "diplomat" presents a real risk of global warfare but impoverishing your electorate has, up to this point in historyGeorge Bush missionary zeal, been associated only with ruthless monarchies, dictarors and juntas but not "elected democratic leaders" and their "free press"Leveson Elite Sideshow,murdoch endorses iraq from davos.

The Presidential elections in the US take place this month and the country can no longer afford these commitments overseas or to sustain transitional governments, significant forces or security/training advisors or mercenaries in troubled countries they trade with.  It is ironic that the USA had to be dragged into the great wars but that now they sabre rattle habitually, have frightened the life out of their own citizens and lost the trust of those many "peace loving UN countries" they "police ruthlessly" on behalf of the "war on terror" (or simply for trickle down geopolitical profits).  More recently, the USA's huge investment in arms production and new ways of engaging in war & assassination (without International consent or declaration of war) threatens world peace perpetually. 
 Industrial GDP and job creation is shrinking all over the G8 and it is tragic for the civilized world that its most powerful country sustains these heavy industries which are by their very nature destructive or lethal to all International neighbours. America is still a great Nation and takes pride in its capacity for free speech and sporting/athletic performance in open competition.  These values and the old reluctance to go to war on foreign shores can change US fortunes and restore trust really quickly (as we have just witnessed in the excellent competitive Olympics).


In 1066 the Norman armyFrench Archipelago? met a fragmented UKSaxon kingdom(s) eye to eye!  With the exception of the City of London (which maintains its independence from the UK Constitution to this day)....England was quickly over-run (although there are geographical and sovereignty idiosyncrasiesHavens)! As with the Romans the legacy, of architecture & infrastructure (built to last) was formidable from Dover, to the Russian FrontierSnowed under. Over time, the French Empire has shrank back physicallyinsourcing? Falklands Tiff (from Washington and from the Russian Frontier). The French have long been resented for their occupations in some regions but in others, where they lead NATO efforts (and arm many Western allies with state of the art equipmentSarkozy re-election gambit) or private industryRummage Sale they have forged strong alliances (both issues have led to attrocities and terrorist incidents even very recently).  The country has recently opted for "growth over austerity" but its opportunism in leading our Economic empires is still second to noneturning the lights off and nuclear coastal threats.  French figureheads have dictated policy, from Washington DC, at the IMF throughout the collapse of the Global economy 2007-the present day.  Ms Lagarde is quite outspoken but not quite as controversial as Dominique Strauss Kahn whos acquittal on rape charges shook even the heart of the Western World. . The French colonial empire, depicted above, extended over 12,347,000 km² (4,767,000 sq. miles) of land at its height in the 1920s and 1930s Including metropolitan France, the total amount of land under French sovereignty  reached 13,018,575 km² (4,980,000 sq. miles) at the time, almost 1/10 of the Earth‘s total land area.  Strife and insurrection in Algeriamassacre and many of the West African colonies ran for decades and France relinquished control of the majority of this Empire back in the 1970s (but they still have huge geopolitical ties with west Africa).  The "threat of Islam" and the "war on Al Quaeda" has re-ignited tension and violence in Algeria and elsewhere. French ties with other Middle East/NATO countries keep the tension bubbling over into strife or terror threats at home years after the colonies were given Independence commercial or diplomatic interests.  The displacement of Sarkozy by Hollande (a "shift left" on paper) got a shockingLightning Strike and very damp reception from the gods of politics. 


No need for words here but Ms Merkel leads the strongest economy in Europe and the German people know how to build a self-sufficient nation from the rubble of global warfare
but maybe Ms Merkel has forgotten the importance of integration and growth at home (but I think she is concerned for the long term welfare of 7 Bn people).Expensive expansionist visionsexpensive expansionist policies (peace loving nations too)

GERMANY UNITES from the rubble and nurtures the aspirations of all its citizens whilst right wing governments forget the lessons of history.



Japan still has an Emperor.  Culturally the Nation has adapted to western influences and very much emulates the behaviours and seeks the peer-esteem of its G7 allies (it is heavily occupied by American troops and the weight of firepower in the Pacific ASEAN region is something of a concern for all peace-loving nations).  Japanese traditions are warlike in the extreme.....millitary failure or capitulation was associated with personal frailty and falling on one's sword has become a familiar term across the G7.  Not surprisingly this relentless quest for millitary excellence and ruthless drive has impacted on all Japan's neighbours in the region and much further afield.  The carnage and tragedy of nuclear weaponry was graphically illustrated in Horoshima and Nagasaki and blessedly has kept the superpowers who have nuclear capacity at arms length!  Falling on this sword has chilling connotations!

So culturally, Japan has changed and it has seen the tragic consequences of natural disaster and man-made violence.  The lessons took a long time to be driven home.  Japanese pilots on suicide missions were national heroes and this jingoistic mentality pulled the USA into WW2 (when it still had most of the features of a peace loving Nation). As we have seen above, the expansion of Empire far from home is logistically and economically very expensive but Japan supressed vast areas of the South Pacific and its treatment of prisoners in the region was brutal and inhumane (in line with its historical, cultural background).  The ebb and flow of this formerly violent Empire is illustrated below (blessedly the Japanese government no longer lead the aggressive gestures from NATO) and the (human & economic) costs of the recent Tsunami have made a big dent in the Nation's coffers. 

 Japans stoicism in the face of catastrophe is admirable and one hopes the budgets continue to be spent on civil engineering and peaceful technological advances (they lead the world in superconducting technologies which has the capacity, if shared with other nations, to overcome our sustainable energy crisis.











Qin Han Ming (Top-Bottom) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Wall_of_China

AUTONOMY? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Administrative_divisions_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China





http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?um=1&hl=en&sa=N&rlz=1C1CHFX_en-GBGB438GB440&biw=800&bih=509&tbm=isch&tbnid=EXYY4M5o0BoW5M:&imgrefurl=http://www.makefive.com/categories/experiences/hobbies/top-5-most-amazing-photos-ever-taken&docid=qWRxCs5EipKduM&imgurl=http://images1.makefive.com/images/experiences/hobbies/top-5-most-amazing-photos-ever-taken/buddhist-monks-burning-themselves-alive-7.jpg&w=400&h=296&ei=hr8CUKK2CqOZ0QWXmKG5Bw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=317&vpy=145&dur=1877&hovh=193&hovw=261&tx=102&ty=118&sig=107876917064327597528&page=2&tbnh=139&tbnw=197&start=6&ndsp=9&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:6,i:98 MONKS INCENDIARY SUICIDE




Russia Tsardom





EMPIRE of Oligarchs post 1991


Post-Soviet states in English alphabetical order:
Armenia; 2. Azerbaijan; 3. Belarus; 4. Estonia;
Georgia; 6. Kazakhstan; 7. Kyrgyzstan; 8. Latvia;
Lithuania; 10. Moldova; 11. Russia; 12. Tajikistan;
Turkmenistan; 14. Ukraine; 15. Uzbekistan

Chechnya and Afghanistan too expensive to privatise!

    Double-headed eagle emblem of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Istanbul), based on insignia of the Byzantine Empire. The head on the left (West) symbolizes Rome, the head on the right (East) symbolizes Constantinople. The cross and orb in the claws symbolize, respectively, spiritual and secular authority. Relief from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople buildings.

Constanople was the first city to be taken using heavy artillery (a tool developed by the Ottoman Empire who ran Eastern Europe for a few centuries….but are not security council or G8 members….their gods were created internally and their religious/architectural treasures are astounding.  Ottoman emperors ruthlessly murdered their brothers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-14118884   so there were no issues with the line of succession.  STRONG links to rome  THE SYMBOL OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.

Russia is peaceful now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbSaaOmgh98

But it has suffered badly in previous campaigns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Stalingradat the boundaries of Empire in earlier times http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_invasion_of_Russia




Artisans to art treasures & Russia drops its Ps and Qs



















http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDmHKHaGCXg  ENOUGH TO WIPE OUT EUROPE (stays at home: Independence?)


Building & Defending the “Commonwealth” Amrstar and the “internal enquiry”


FUNDAMENTAL to both our countries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO-Wnr7tEq4 (Clinton Hague 1yr old)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPn6gnYrdZs (history of assassination for geopolitical cause :Sadat)

as is the now INTEGRATED PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICEsee page after page of HITS ON SYRIA HERE http://www.pbs.org/search/?q=chevalier%20hillenbrand%20edinburgh%20university%20syrian%20castles%20crusades

PBS historic archive (http://www.pbs.org/programs/queen-country / & the greta civilizations in the near/middle east who invented multi-national commerce & the cheque (the Sac)



Christian Relics in Syria (where Islam co-exists peacefully with Christian visitors)


   Christian Relics just North of the English Border BELOW


Kelso Abbey (left) and WARK CASTLE right on the border

Diplomacy Pays since the French/Norman conquest (60 miles further South in Durham: NO ENTRY FEE HERE)


SUMMARY: Imperialist Leadership (peaks in the 20th Century


Over the years Mongolia (Gengis khan) Greece, Spain and Portugal have been centres for expansionist trading policies and conquests but they are not lucky enough to be on the G8 (although Barosso has recently taken his place as the EU representative since the G7 endorsed the democratic concept that the other European Countries should have a voice in global governance) or the UN security council….so are in for some imposed austerity soon!  If you are in one of those genuine “peace loving Countries” that are abused by the UN charter or you aspire to being in this fold (like Palestine)….you need to make everybody aware that the Empire concept does not work for you!