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Dutch Mafias 2A Blocked as uploaded Deat Camps Hungry Eaters & the Fascist Master race GOALS

I hope this will be remembered as the Stalingrad/St Peterburg 1.5 Million people massacred video. All the LETHAL LEADERS trained in ENGLAND and geneologically tied to the Rothschilds Windsors.  So first EUGENICS for the Arrian MASTER RACE that is the NAZIS Prince Philip & Princes Anne who want the world of science to find new ways to get rid of the hungry eaters efficiently.  SS Nazi death camp doctors are illustrated in Auswich.  The death camps were perfect for Eugenic experiment WITH NO ETHICS Committee.   The spokesperson is from Gottinghen Uni immune from bombing  throughout WW2.  So to lighten your heart we take you to the rooftops and vast Parks in London with the COCK NEYing Cockney joke played by the USA mafia DIVERSION Dick Van Dyke.  The Hudsons' Bay Joke Bauer Bear ROTHSCHILD jokes are explained with the Brunswick Braunswick Rupert Bear Beaverbrook jokes.  Canada's DEVLISH nickname is Rupert;s land and that is Rupert Bear in Max Aitken Lord Beaverbrooks Daily Express.  That is Beaverbrook who trained Hitler Rothschild's LORD HAW HAW.  So we listen listen to the master race's Euthanasia as I set up the IT to expose the usual suspects the WW Windsors.  The Kings speech was made at IBROX a full yr before war was declared and that is the French BERTY lineages that lead back to the Roman Emperor and Pharoah ANCESTORS.  The Dutch mafias appear anon but Everything that America & the world leaders want us to believe IS A LIE. That was the motto for FBI boss CASEY & J Edgar Mary Hoover who made jocular records when I was a boy. The NORTON scandal is based in Birmingham & becomes the PC scanning Hacking frauds & the boxing champion.  The disinfecting showers shave the heads & into the firepans jokes are still in NUMBERS in the old testament in the worlds biggest PISO BIBLE frauds.  Merchant Adventurers of York launch the New York Christian Nation that is the USA still owned by the British Royals BUT MORE realistically the ROTHSCHILDS who own & Sire all of them till Churchill becomes the dad of Bill Clinton and HRH Queen Elizabeth.  See the Balcony scene at the palace labelled not the father for the stammering king.  Mrs Doyle is now my facebook friend. She laughs at the T being the Cross & the Tea party jokes.  That takes us into BOSTON and the tobacco slave trading & the BATman team that is British American Tobacco MAFIAS that ran WW2.  So the World Leaders now fear the acts of god and all the patholgies they contract.  The spoonful of sugar for Mary Poppy is the eugenics attempt to treat polio COS the elites like FDR get polio & GOD IS GREAT which explains the sudden death of the author who wrote the book entitled God is NOT GREAT just two years ago.  The Dutch are a libertarian nation and I like all the people I have met from there both sides of the world.  The Kennedy family are also in the illuminati and Joe is Joseph in all the scams since HEROD helped the PISOs to write the bible when he was living in ROME.  JFK was married to a woman who chose the Onassis then De Beers world owners for her next partners.  JFK though was popular which is why Churchill & Beaverbrook had the PERMINDEX assassins take him out.  Same for  Norma Jean Marilyn Monroe....trained to play the sexual toys that all of them fill and the mind control centres come into the stories....IT IS MASSIVE & really quite sleazy.  The Mary poppins joke takes in the BANKING frauds and Fred Goodwin at the RBS fraud is on the front page even on a Sunday where are the religions are illuminati owned for profit & to control the mafia,  Aaron Van Duyn is cited in the DUTCH Episcopalian ministry and this week I have seen body doubles for commoner Kate, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and one of my favourite clerics looks as if she has had the brainwashing treatment since she began to see the common sense in my exposure and she has DIGNITY which is rare in the WORLD HISTORY but passed me like a ZOMBIE & was AWOL by Sunday.  The Scottish YORK & Dutch degree masons are tightly intertwined.  So we find the Dutch MAFIA history links to SLAVING and Retailing NEGROS.  Joseph Bloefelt, Green Bros in 1746 very rashly is still promoted on the INTERNET.  The Boy from Holland is Brinks Mat GOLD robbery & that is the Boy with his finger in the DYKE & that is Jack Horner with his finger in the PIE and out comes the PLUM stories.  The SNOW comes down when I mention the TULIPS from Amsterdam Shareholding fraud.  I give the Holland Society contacts cos they are the mafia and they are proud of their heritage AND It is snowing as I write the descriptor too!  So they try to stop me opening the Holland society member listing and we find that continuing may give me a virus in the PC.  Surnames we find Bogart Ackerman Cooper, Brewster, Britain Brown, Baker, Bunce  Van Der Graffe Cole  DeLamont Fish Quackenbush, Golding, Hughes,  Knickerbocker, Packer, Pew, Snyder, Hoffstatter, Sheldon BUSH, in the BIG BANG THEORY Comedy. LOOK FOR YOURSELF http://www.hollandsociety.com/downloads/HSNY%20vertical%20files.pdf  Now we move on to Madonna the MUM of GOD & the virgin & the cANDY mafias & theobromide is the active chocolate Cacau component & that is the Kahki uniforms for the war dead & if you watch Madonna's shes not me video where she SHITS HER BREEKS a coloquial term in Scotland. The Chocolate NESTLE company is in AMSTERDAM as well as Switzerland.  We mention the Hitler stay in Barcelona and the My Immortal video for Evanescence. The Van Duyns  launch the care homes and all that was PUBLIC & free is now privatised. We close on the masons who trained me for physiological fitness and they are still fit lean and one hopes they may share their deepest secrets on behalf of the worlds people before they meet their maker.  This author is prepared to bet that St Peter and Jesus will not be there to WELCOME THEM HOME.  They get their in the Lilly Allen AIR WALLOON (Dutch mafia clan) JOKE.

Baby Parts, Family Planning, Abortion, Wet Sex SNIPPING, Hysterectomy, Superman De Gaulle War defections to Berkhamsted with the Butcher of Cumberland & Hanover

This is the descriptor for the Dutch Mafias 2b video (above)
This continues the story of the Van Duyns and we find one mafia family member operating as an agent for  MI6, the CIA, Mossad & US Liaison for the Vietnamese GOVT during the 1960s.  The rolling stones EASTER EGG rolling away from the non existent jesus' tomb just weeks away and the brutalization of VIETNAM is on the STONES ALBUM COVER.  All the Vietnamese, Burmese & Thailand Golden triangle war crimes are for narcotics & to own the whole ASIAN continent which the G8 leaders now do! The defoliation and carpet bombing of totally defenceless primitive peoples is synergised by the treason of the HMONG people who work as double agents for the ANTI COMMUNIST invaders. Remember the Rothschilds fund the communist trainees in LONDON.  The naked girl becomes an icon and others have a PISO PISTOL to their heads in the HOLLYWOOD Propaganda that is the DEER HUNTER MOVIE.....all the bad guys are the vietnamese & the HMONG traitors become 5 home alone movies.  So back to the  life of my "lovely ex wife"  and her refusal to have wet sex  wife me unless I got snipped. Hysterectomy I think is the technical term. This political analyst & pharmacologist now appreciates the potency of the female sex hormones & a training in Fascist INTEL.  That poetically brings us to Moana Van Dyne!  Edward  Seguin Van Dyne is an expert in abortion and that is the sad stories of the SANGER woman & the VERA DRAKE film by the cockney director who makes morbid movies on all these abortion themes. Another of my favourites was Awakenings featuring De Niro, Robin Williams and Max VON Sydow.  Edward S VanDuyn is a Princeton man and we retell the coercion of Woodrow Wilson  to extend WW1 by 2 lethal years. Wilson is the das army joker & Michael Douglas'Welsh wife is in the new dads army cast to cover the old COMEDY JOKE that every one of Dads army had CP for Calpurrnius Piso the Bible fraudster on the home guard uniform. Totally shameless .    Edward Van Duyn takes us into the Unitarian church even more recent than the Jehova TAZE Russell MAFIA illuminati. The Cumberland Presbyterians are the CULL of the Jacobites jokes. The Duke in that case was the Marquiss of Berkhamsted and lived in HENLEY in the Thames FLOOD ZONE.  Jeff Chaucer also wrote the NWO stories as Clerk of works in Berkhamstead Castle. The Butcher of Cumberland was given a massive bung to retire and let the other HANOVERIANS take the British throne.  De Gaulle lived in Berkhamsted too all through the war for immunity from bombing and Free French profiteering. Henry VIII 's Tudor buildings are prominent in Berkhamsted & the pubs we frequented had juke boxes where I selected Bruce Springsteens MAFIA output about troubled times in my home town SPARKED by the global freemasons. We end on Superman's stem cell baby parts aspirations after he broke his back having fallen off a PISO HORSE after making the movie about american's PROFESSIONALISING OF WARFARE IN THE IMPENDING WW2 they were planning in Lady Darlingtons Castle!  His miracle cure NEVER happened and he didnt even get a BATMAN as a slave in the cartoon jokes about world leadership. So I can now make video 3 & get to the FOUNDATIONS FORMED to fund Eugenics and the science/medicine of keeping the numbers down