Dutch Mafias 3 Amish FEDS Abortion Useless Eaters Royal Numbers Game WWF

Good morning all G20 PMs & MONARCHS THE GAME IS UP.

Eugenics False Religion & "LAW ENFORCEMENT" You should see what the new DUTCH QUEEN DOES in Argentinian Fascism then HITLERS BANKS COMING NEXT WITH THE POPE's innermost secrets out of BAVARIA & DAVOS

Peter Stuvesant Tobacco is part of the British American Tobacco (BAT) fascist joke. That is FDR Churchill and Stalin leading WW2 for profit. But lets keep the DUTCH mafias in our sites for a little bit longer. That is the MAFIA protection world ownership RACKETS that are led by the Duke of Kent et al who present the prizes at Wimbledon and stammer behind the microphone as we enter WW2 (and the Dutch step aside QUICKLY to let Hitler Rothschild get to Dunkirk and launch the dad's army joke).  So Dutch Ruud Gullit is an innocent cover up tool).  The Dutch Royals are fascists SEE NEXT VIDEO on the new ARGENTINIAN QUEEN.  We show the British and Spanish fascists behind the dead RARE SPECIES in the WWFUND F F FUND.  All religions are false and have written the GODS out...so the AMISH Hire Indiana Jones , cos they are pacifists from Holland like FDR used to be.  Hollywood turn the goodies into badies and the GOODIES are really rare species now. FIRST we portray MURDER in the Grant Central Station as it was written for the John BOOK bible & the Witnesses led by the Rothschilds & TAZE Russell all in the Global Mafias with the FEDS in Washington East-West coast & the legendary criminal NYPD.  In Edinburgh now you cannot get into the toilets for less than 30p.  In the USA the piso pish take is part of the hARRISON Ford Arrian actors frauds.  So the Amish are dutch like the Pilgrim fathers.  So lets get more explicit on the Dutch mafias episode 3.  We start with NARCOTICS & PROSTITUTION & RUDE prostitutes in the windows of Amsterdam.   Professor Brian Pollard the entrepreneur from Manchester UNI booted me off the Editorial board at Trends in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care for revealing UNPAID the massive and shocking healthcare issues in AFRICA & how Anne Gloags mercy ships provide tax free junkets and healthcare for the Dictators.  They took me to Amsterdam & to a restuarant called THE FIVE FLIES....those are Spain Portugal France England & HOLLAND....the Pirates of the Caribean THEN GLOBALISM.  For the only time in my life I DREAMT in colour & I did not need the women in my windows cos my wife could still see the scope for CONSULTANCY CHEQUES & so gave up her favours and sometimes in FASCIST BLACK UNDERWEAR.  She was my one true love then just for another six weeks or so!  The Dutch & Healthcare  STERILIZATION mafias are hard at work in the EMPIRE STATE that is America now.....the FIVE FLIES all over that Continent since the Dutch queen now was an AZTEC.  In 1672 apparently the DUTCH killed their own PM and ate his carcus.  See REMBRANTS paintings in the Amsterdam museum of the cattle butchered & hung up like the PM.  Now the PM in the Netherlands is a powerless anonomous post cos the ROYAL DUTCH SHELL MONARCHY ARE NOTORIOUS FASCISTs.  They are the ORANGE movement since the PILGRIMS became the MAFIA in the USA.  In Spain Juan Carlos shot his elder bro so he coule be king. The Drugs are laundered in DUTCH PHILIPS LIGHT TUbes which explains the massive floods in the 1960s & the missing planes when I exposed it in 2013.  I get into the treason of all the local families & even my dad's business partners who work for the BRITISH LEGION war dead jokers. So Rembrandt paints cows to divert the truth from the missing PM.  That is all the global mafia newspapers now.  So lets follow the MAYFLOWER out of Lieden.   & I add the GODFATHER music and throw in the cowboy hat.  For atmosphere I sing Dick Van Dykes' cockney songs.  The Body parts bits were on the PARTS for the OSCAR winners and KATE BLANCHETT et all last night after the upload was blocked.  So we explain Elton John's capacity to have VIRGIN BIRTHS again.  That is artificial EX VIVO baby manufacture in test tubes & plastic dishes. My lovely wife refused me wet sex beyond the menopause unless I GOTT (means GOD) SNIPPED even when I had a six figure salary.  The spoonful of sugar to pevent world leaders getting POLIO becomes a joke at their expense cos the GODS control the pathologies still as FDR found out. The BATMAN slave in Colditz Elite profiteering camps is explained.  The Royals & money lenders run the wars and sterilzation PROGROMS to keep the numbers down. That is EUGENICS then it becomes Nicholas Fairbairn the poof & Mackay in Ronnies Barkers jokes out of Chipping Norton. Thanks to the Bayer Rothschilds spill the heavy metals in Rhine St Lawrence & the sperm count comes down AS IT WAS WRITTEN in their EUGENICS protocols.  Popeye's OLIVE OIL might be a VIRGIN too!  Say Hello to Elton John's mum, his dad is a mystery for me!   The Dutch fear falling through the thin ice into the CIDER SEA.  All of religion is a joke.  That tames us into Raeburn's paintings, child murders in the news, Leeds freemasons murder, serial killing and FALSE NEWS like lottery wins where the MONARCHY BASTARDS frauds are covered up by the Rothschilds press.  Some of the EUGENICISTS hate christians.....HITLER's & the FBIs motto is our mission will be complete  when everything the public believe is a LIE........LIEDEN is where the dutch pilgrims left in league with the masons from York & the Scottish masonic lodges THE B Roosters BREWSTER family jokes.  So they want the numbers down and make movies like VERA DRAKE portraying abortion with knitting needles in LONDON.  All FASCISTS, like Oswald Mosely whose FASCIST family  CHARLES runs Burkes PEERAGE.  The masons and the money lenders manipulate the partnerships in all regions of the world and right into the THRONE ROOMS then the CENTRAL BANKS that steal from the entire GLOBALISED WORLD.  Mosely trained Lord Haw Haw who was the last to be executed for treason as HITLERS propogandist.  That is Eric Joce (Haw Haws surname) in Falkirk fighting in the the COMMONS bar in Westminster & tank commander in BLAIRS "socialist" IRAQ genocide.  So the Geneloogical  RAPISTS that are the ROTHSCHILDS are immune from all news media & the local ALBRECHT look alikes were buying ORCHIDS see HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD movie.  Only when they have stolen the Bank 9of England does the colour come into the MOVIE ....that is the little red girl  in SCHINDLERS list Chrystalnacht genocide & Fergie's little red doll on 9/11.  Prince Albetrts murder and the Rothschilds siring of al Victoria's children is one of the worlds biggest frauds. LOOK up Alberts chain really quickly.  The BIRTH CONTROL story continues & Hans Rosling the statistician tells it clearly. As socio-economic welfare flourishes then for the ordinary people the birth rate comes down PHYSIOLOGICALLY.  The elites who can afford it still have up to ten children & more money than they can ever have.  But many of their kids die young THAT IS CONSANGUINITY INDEX & the GODS ARE TOTALLY IN CHARGE.    So in Hanover women cant be Queen and that is why Blind Prince George was chosen by the Rothschilds to Make Queen Vic eligible as a monarch. She was PUG ugly so the blindness helps with the love story.  Only his child Marcos Manuel later murdered by the ORCA fat Windsor was legit. All the rest are ROTHSCHILD batards.    So we find Schlesingers in Birth control but in the search engines she is a smutty singer with lovely tits BODY PARTS like Kate Blanchett & the OSCAR winners. DE CARPIO is in the elite bloodlines that  descend from the Pharoahs & the Roman Emperors.  We profile the local ARISTOS guy Innes INNEOUS INSOUS JESUS Ker.  His ex wife was thrown out and the CREWE MILNES were the launch of the Jane EYRE burn her in the attic jokes made by the cast of the NOTTING HILL NO NOTTINGs frauds.  So we show the Virgin Mary DOLLY with EL NINHO DOLLY  the baby jesus .  That Virgin Mary DOLLy is now all the GODS' mums.  See next video on the dsecrets that GOTTINGEN  MEANS NO GOD!  LADY JANE GROSVENOR gets roughly the same deal I get cos Guy likes to sleep with the gender that does not commit the original sin. John Cook my brother in law told me that and he is the only one of FRED GOODWIN's RBS fraud interlocks that gets his street address, near Rory Bremner's elite liars residence, COVERED UP. His wife is my sister who helped the MAFIA get me divorced with no grounds but greed from my wife.    The monkey on the shoulder is the JUMANJI monkey Donkey tail war dead joke it is in the pinnochio movie too & for my ex wifes family it is the PG TIPS monkey and the man who makes the ad was a catholic Priest trainee. The FOUNDATIONS for bIRTH CONTROL STORY HAS NOT REALLY STARTED YET but please watch the fascinating stories on the POPE, HITLER, Schwarzeneger & Hudal coming from the Inn River valley THAT ISNO ROOM at INNSBRUCK fpor the Rockefeller BAVARIAN BEAURS ROTHSCHILDS ALPINE CRIME SCENE, ALLWARS ALL SIDES & NO ROOM AT THE INN FOR JESUS. We close still on ELITE PROSTITUTES like snowy cameron descendent of the ORANGE prostitute NELLY GWYNNE, KATE MIDDLETON from Killing Kittens and her dad is the stammering actor in THE VICAR OF DIBLEY.  Her mum was in love with me at THAMES POLY where I got my PhD for nothing and I was too SHY to take her offer of her body COS SHE WAS ALREADY MARRIED when we met.....LIKE THE ROTHSCHILDS & QUEEN VICTORIA.  Kate is a really humorous monarchy candidate and I have a vision of her in her killing kittens gear AND CHAINS & all of it brings tears to my eyes as I think of ENGLAND and what it has become. There THE LOVE STORY CONTINUES!  Rest in peace Prince ALBERT & Dont cry for me ARGENTINA until you have watched the next video on the ROYAL DUTCH SHELL AZTEC QUEEN from Beaunos Aires where Ronnie Biggs found his perfect women funded by Bernie Ecclestone.  THE POPE's biggest sins, out of Bavaria & Odessa are profiled in that one too. Lady Jane Grosvenor, I have an intimate but deeply personal proposal for you but DO NOT WORRY I did not go to public school & I am a LAPSED CATHOLIC so everything might be OK in the end!