Dutch Mafia 6 The luckiest Generation ever thanks to Kate,Charles & HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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Princess Kate HRH QE2 & bonny Prince Charlie & their capacity for greatness. The Keep your head & think of England video

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6d6tEpSADg

This video is on the OWNERSHIP of the world & how the owners do not allow us to smack our kids but they murder their own wives and mums to keep the world for personal gain.  So the consorts & the queens claimants live a very dangerous life. We illustrate that with the religious divide in the familicide saga. That is the execution of Anne Boleyn the protestant then Mary Queen of Scots in the Rothschild red GODs' colous. We Kate and I were born into the luckiest generations that ever lived AT LEAST IN EUROPE with the exception of the BALKANS.  So the family sacrifice that KATE may face over the course of time I am prepared to help her with.  The French romantic execution are an abomination but up to this point the war dead have not sussed out the psychology behind world history. Remember that the King Arthur of Camelot story was written by the POPES & that in the hollywood hARRIS version of the story ROBERT THE BRUCE's actor plays the PRINCE that burns Guinevere at the stake.  All the false religions are content to massacre their own people in EUROPE 30 & 100 yrs wars. THEN WE INVENT gunpowder (Patron St Barbara of munitions & explosives) & the ARMADAS sail for the CROWN TEMPLAR the most powerful Institution on the GLOBE & Kate captured its heart in killing kittens a BROTHEL: the BROTHELS were launched by the ROYALS.  FUCK  is fornication under consent of the KING.  So back to the bit part stories about the DUTCH mafias & monarchs that are recently out of the JUNTA killings in Argentina. So we are free of the Royal Syphilis menace & OURS IS THE LUCKIEST GENERATION THAT EVER LIVED but only in EUROPE since the 1950s.  I summarise the 164 yr old Illegit Royals again.  Kate & Wills get married playing the GUIDE ME O YE Great JEHOVA & Mary the fake virgin & Jesus the fake messiah have completely replaced the GODS who are now on the lead as the DOG! St Mary's is where the Royal babies are born &the Saldahna nurses are  hung up IN THE LINDO wing.  The father of Prince William is Juan Carlos of Spain & the father of Harry is JAMES HEWITT. Their mum & Kates' mum in law was executed under the orders of Prince Philip according to Greg Hallett who was murdered by HRH QE2's regime.  Pippa is the girl with the Golden Helminths & her sister Kate now is talking up 8 yr old kids on MENTAL HEALTH issues SINCE HRH tried to section me for revealing the causes of all wars, the sovereign debt crisis.  Stalingrad cost 1.5million lives for the demonisation of the Communists paid for by the ROTHSCHILDS too. I forgot to mention that for political correctness jokes, Stalingrad becomes the non-existent St Peters BURGH. That is the PISO condominium joke too & in popular culture the revolutionary RED RADDISH is in the AIR FORCE ONE movie starring hARRISON Ford as the US President.  The selling of US Fed banks back to the ROTHSCHILDS was signed off in Air Force 1 by Lyndon B Johnson & Jackie ONASSIS the treasonous wife who chose 2 MAFIA families for her LOVE VICTIMS who commit FAMILICIDE all the time.  So it is very dangerous to be POOR or a weak or decent Royal Family GLOBE OWNER.  Like KATE & her family.  So Richard Webber launches the HUDSONS BAY Company HBC quite close to Camerons' HSBC Hongkers & Shonkers Bank.  That is in Rupert the Beaurs Canada for BEAVER BROOK Innsbruck jokes. The Webbers sell FUR COATS and that is the Furrious PISO bible author lineage. The Webbers IN MUSIC are the Odessa XMAS dream.  The X is the non existent Jesus & it is the ODESSA Nazi diaspora out of the ODESSA FILES with the Papal tatoo under the ear & out of the War Dead zone through the canary islands with the canary on the NAZI popes shoulder. So down to the massive Foundations Robert Wilson, Planned Parenthood, & the scientific plans to get the numbers of poor people down led by the ROCKEFELLERS out of DAVOS in the BAVARIAN B Arian joke which is the Life of BRIAN. The Rockefellers Tom Hanks lineage then gift birth control to the Red Chinese Revolutionary sector to SHARE with the ordinary working man who is facing extinction by the MASONS led by the people like the effete Duke of Kent who is the masonic Boss out of Kensington Palace KP Kalpurnius Piso Joke.  The worst bit of the Dutch Mafia stories is the mind control of women men & Bit parts in the world owning scheme.  That becomes Kate's body double the day after I read about the TUXEDOS Night club killings, mindwashing in Huntsville, St Petersburg, Tavistock & it still goes on.  That was in a retailer called Lovatt in Jedburgh & we close on Lord Norton the template for the BAD BORSTAL BOYS becoming the House of LORDS......ANOTHER GOD IN THE HEAVENS & Milord in the the JUDICIARY & Edith Piaf's French connection. They always are sickening at the STAKE.  Kates mum is Caroline and she was my colleague at Thames Poly which became Baroness Blackstone's crime scene of Greenwich University before the Cutty Sark caught fire & the real gods are now quite interactive.  Look up the story of McLetcheys funeral for the better of together movement & see Alex Salamon Rothschild quaking in his boots just before he resigned with the Justice Sec whos administrator is in the non-existent St Andrew's house Mc Mahon MAFIAS see video number 5.  HAVE A NICE DAY  PS I want to illustrate the links to Germany that underpin the WW Windsor World owners so if anybody can find the episode of the Auf Weidersein Pet sinking of the Scharnhorst & running PORN videos out of the Holy Roman Empire of the Rhineland please send me the details and use my nickname of "Keiser Guillame" for National Security & Strictly Pacifist reasons.  That was DUSSELDORF when bomber HARRIS was hard at work for the World owner Wartime profiteers & they may well own BUTLINS NOW out of Gotten Himmell's Hempstadt.  Kate when you become the queen, I am prepared to meet my maker at the Hippodrome like tommy Cooper in the red ISLAMIC FEZ.  If you do join me in pursuit of GLOBAL civilization the drinks ,in what used to be the backroom, will be on me.