Dutch mafia 5 Kate goes mental,Coons Bronsons Norton Borstal Brummies GL Fugitive & the Communist RADISH RED menace

More on why Kate and the illegitimate monarchs are nervous about my exposures


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We start with the theme from one flew over the Cuckoos nest. A heartwarming tale about Sectioning Madness ECT then Lobotomy.  It is a love story and the American Indians survive the whole sad saga.  Kate has gone voluntarily to help childish people with psychiatric problems since the QUEEN tried to section me for writing to her RECORDED DELIVERY about the Worlds sovereign debt crisis created by the Rothschild family who also launched the illegitimacy of HRHs family for 164 years.  Kate studiously wears Eva braun's l& Monika Lewinsky's little blue dress and she and Hannah Rothschild now spend a lot of time making videos to cover up their crimes against the people & the worshippers that I have reported recently. Matthew Freud is a full member of the Chipping Norton Set & that is a usefull tool for political persecution. ECT was launched by Euan Cameron of Locheil out of MCGill University in Canada which is still entirely HRH's HOMELAND. So I am unpopular for exposing the methods & motives but one likes a challenge and under that cheeky smile one suspects the Middletons have warm hearts & understand the risk of being the consort of a BASTARD KING.....it is a huge risk & I intend to save them and win their hearts.  I hope I have restarted on the Humbolt Scholarships where we left off. Tucker is a banking dynasty and all but one of Prof Tucker in Dunedin's pharmacy school were Germans funded by HUMBOLT ot Erasmus scholarships.  First though the Royal Dutch Shell Directorates where the cover their true identity by adpting middle names which make it difficult to assign a gender to them.  The renewable OIL scam & the cold war keep the price of oil at the forecourt HIGH.  That becomes the Prince Albert museums with the dinosaurs in there & becomes the hold on together song on dinosaurs being created by humans as the centrefold joke in the MUSEUM Movie.  We then profile Mrs Simpson's sexual attractions, abdication, Zuckerburg Facebook and the Medical Foundations from the MAFIA families that is why universities now steal from their students as the only other source of funding since the ROTH took over all the worlds central banks. The johnson mafias are up first. AIR FORCE 1 JOKES and in the movie Glenn Close plays the deputy president who was LBJ who signed away the FED Banks in exec order 1111. JFK's family are in the illumiati mobsters teams too. We then make the cannibals in the South Pacific feel a little bit better about their Dietary habits.  The Dutch killed then ate their PM in the 17th century. Harrison Ford is the Arrian joke too and all his stories are mine.  One of my first fishing guide gigs in MELROSE was with an angler with a prosthetic limb.  The AIR FORCE 1 Communist is a RED RED RADDISH.  The World is a muppet show and Punch & Judy are about the murder of HOLOFERNES in the Bible by JUDITH the JEWESS then it is in Sound of Music & Pinnochio as Jesus with the boy with no strings SON of A SCHUMAKER.  That is why GOD caved in the head of the F1 driver.  Stalingrad is the biggest cull in the history of warfare 1.5M dead in 7 months.  STALIn trained in Britain TAVISTOCK & Sidney street so then they rename it St Petersburg the RELIGIOUS FRAUD with all of those souls lost.Only 1500 civilians left alive. The Dutch paintings of carcases & the dead PM make me really nervous about why we are launching CREMATION cos only the elites get the shrubberies to be burid in.  It is an extension of the Potters Field war dead ashes joke. The freemasons used the swastika  which was the ICON for the Global freemasons till Hitler trained in ENGLAND too. Tavistock & Liverpool in his case. Post war the death camps kill all the surviving communists as FDR declares FDR his mafia summit mobster to be a TOTALITARIAN menace.  Bronson is a flop in all the movies NOTABLY the right stuff then the Great Escape where he lets the teams down. Bronson is picked to play the American hero but lets the team down in the Minotaur tunnel then in the panic attack in the space pod. Keck foundation fund microscopes that take us inside cells so we can make virgin babies for Elton John.   Kiewitt the Foundation  was a bricklayer then Sefton become the racehorse diversion of terror nr the Albert Hall & the Natural History Museum with the dead dinosaurs.   THAT makes petrol strictly ROYAL OWNED  and it is the bringing up baby film in hollywood.  So then Mary Decker Zola Budd Rosebud jokes for Randolph Hearst the first MEDIA MOBSTER.  That is the lettuce loss of virginity ROSEBUD jokes.  Rasmussen is tied into the Foundation teams and headed NATOs forces till Greg Hallett and I exposed him & BAROSSO head of the EU.  Mansanto Int Finance is covered neatly by the MONSANTO genetic manipulation frauds that means that agriculture cannot be sustained by the GODS & NATURAL methods.  Devlin Macregor are the PHARMA villains in the Fugitive movie for hARRISon FORD & the McGregor Foundation are the MAFIA family.  Next the Private Medicine companies are profiled because USA has no funding for its DEMOCRACY that is the land of the free JOKE still owned by HRH too. All the Presidents are MASONS an Lincoln was a Rothschild.  Then we get COONS which I cannot explain for ALF GARNETT and the father of Cherie Blair was in the JOKE in West Ham. The McCunes are dedicated to funding the MAFIA families from the fatherland UK...that is Blair, Warren & all the usual suspects.  BLAIR is a RADDISH communist joke too. The McGregor Foundations are the launch of for profit care homes AS PRIVATISED entities which were all public assetts just one generation ago. All the Elite families are on the board of the McGregor CHARITY Nagel, Hodges, Warren et al.  So the USA has never had NHS medicine or State Publicly owned assets and we then find the links to Rob Roy McGregor & ENGLISH tyranny....that is Archiebald who rapes Rob Roy's wife.....Brian Cox plays the traitor in the movie and Schindler plays the hero again. Gen Guthrie's family of NATO in the NM Rothschild conflicts since Blair are in the movie with ARGYL the profiteering.  The fugitive story is my story of the massive NHS profiteering 40% of every doctors salary from doping them up & sending them to the care homes now owned by retired doctors councillors who are out of the Rathoussen Grimm Brothers Hamelin stories that all the masons share. I profile the David Bowie and Muskegon County Community, Andrew Rice and the wild trout society who feed the trout on Lord Mountbattens rivers with pellets, Musky is a region in Canada which has muskeg and that is the Hudsons Bay Beaurs in the Rothschild woods joke. Finally we go to the Lord  NORTON's Birmingham. He was a  Borstal Boy who made it big in the villainy sector like all of the crammed full house of Lords......Baroness Haden Geust has returned to Canada & is doing OK.  Her Archie is the Archie Leech Archilaus LOUSE PISO FAMILY joke in a fish called WANDA.  So even the baddies can become Powerful LORDS. I suspect that most of you understand that.  Then we move to Lord McCartney of Liverpool linked to Mohammed Ali the execution of MIRREN (Helen Mirrens tits in the media joke) are all the same joke. We end up in the NUREMBURG where the villainy becomes the PEERAGES & Gold Bricks for Genocide. That is Martin Borman's body double being executed after mind control training & Borman is in the witness seats like Frank Pentangelli in the GODFATHER MOVIE.  It is very risky to be a good guy like me and I started with HP computers that were bigger than a wardrobe and we cannot get back to the moon now that computers are inside your pocket in the phone.  Rebekah is Rebekah brooks in chipping Norton who HACKS everybody's phone and she has revultionary red hair like Radditch or Raddish.  Please remember that the Rothschilds funded both Karl Marx and Engels & that the traitor who sold air force one was AMERICAN and English Speaking.  Did you know that on my first visit to Americon the Clinton Fraudster in AIR FORCE ONE made me four hours late for my conference and all my life is the worlds saddest stories to tell BUT YOU SHOULD SEE THE COMMUNIST SKIES OUTSIDE & those are the Gods' colours so MEND YOUR WAYS and start telling the truth. IT IS EXHILARATING.