Dutch 8 Tartaglio Glesgae Mafia Godfather Papal confession INTEL GLOBAL HRH

ONLY ONE CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION relies on confession now "JESUS" and the Rolling Stones EASTER EGGS allow everybody elses' SINS to be FORGIVEN. So I take a spooful of Sugar from Maria Poppins

Pope Francis General VIDAL Royal Dutch SHELL Nazis Qu Maxima GODFATHER Movie Papal Confession Archbishop Tartaglia 5 New York MAFIA FAMILIES Piso Bible Fraud Al Pacino Cry for Argentina Massacres.JPG YOU TUBE WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO PASTE THE IMAGE OF POPE FRANCIS BUT I WILL FIX IT AFTER DINNER HITLER ROTHSCHILD IS ALSO EDITED OUT UNDER THE CRY FOR ME ARGENTINTIAN GENOCIDES below QUEEN MAXIMA are the ROYAL DUTCH SHELL NAZI ICONS.  We Just had a massive Hailstorm.....ONE CAN EXPLAIN THAT IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THE POPPIES DRIFT OVER THE GLADIATORS DEAD BODY......the poppies in the image have been edited out too with NERO killed in the Roman Court by the PISOS.  

If you have done ANYTHING BAD I want you to declare it now!  We start with the POPE giving confession to AL PACINO the godfather in America.  I show Americas' greatest undeclared sins in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afgahnistan & Kurdistan & all the media cover ups starting with NIXONS electoral fraud in WATERGATE on the front page of the WASHINGTON POST.  Not many people LIVE to tell these tales several times but the ARCHBISHOP of Glasgow is a TARTAGLIO.....that is one of the five MAFIA families in New York. The Empire State owned by HRH since the PI PI Pilgrim fathers sailed from Lieden & Plymouth.  Philip tartaglia is a CATHOLIC hitman in Obrien's Mafia Op.  I went to Obrien's replacement inauguration just after the Better OFF TOGETHER Mafia boss was hit by cancer & all the SALAMON ROTHSCHILD Mafias were there.  I was able to negotiate with some but their were NO FUNDS even for a cup of tea.  So I dare not go to confession KNOWING WHAT I know & I take solace in a SPOONFUL OF SUGAR from the Van Dyke Van Duyne Dutch mafias.  The singer is MARIA from the ABBEYnear DAVOS in the BAV ARIAN ALPS home to the Rothschilds & Rockefeller mafias.  In the old days all the good priests were obligated to be celibate QUITE CLEVER REALLY!  Rausling on the rich list is very similar to Ian PIESLEY the Paisley abbey saltire cross Keys Frauds & St Andrew is the patron saint of 19 defrauded countries.  The Lord Mayer of Glasgow had to pretend he was a GAY boy to cover it all up.  So on we go with the last of the Dutch Mafia stories. Leo Cushley is the CUSH name for the NILE and the word the shepherd says to his flock. then the Nile becomes the PISHON! The PISOs are the BIBLE FRAUD family who lived under Vesuvius in Naples.  I then confess to eating Dutch mafia CANDIES at the church of Scotland where all crimes are forgiven because "Jesus" died for us!  That is the rolling stones' EASTER EGGS Joke for mick Jagir & Lord Liverpool.  So to the JEWISH Marvel comics mafias, Dr Finlay, superman, British American tabacco BATMAN legend, Three Bayer Rothschilds in the woods, Teddy ROBINSON, Rothschild Brooks NO room at the Innsbruck birthplace for popes & Hitlers.  Roth is RED for prostitutes in the the commoner Kate prostitution saga.  Sayle is the Princesses MADAME at killing kittens & even Mrs Valerie Jane Lees became an ELITE ROWER with Otago Polytechnic.  The team that sank was INLAND REVENUE....and none of NZ belongs to anyone in NZ that is the "COMMONWEALTH" Joke.  The Commonswealth will soon belong to KATE FOR HER SINS.  The Cohen Bros high priest of Israel jokes are outed & Tom Hanks in the Private Ryan movie is a Rockefeller.  Ryans daughter is a re-write of the Madame B OVARY Fr Masons joke.  JFK was martyred by his own mafia families to return the Fed Banks to GOVT 7 his wife Jacqui O, like mine, was in the Onassis Mafia immediaely after LB Johnson signed exec order 1111 on Air Force 1.  Arrius Calpurnius Piso was sired by Emperor Calligula and his mum was Marrium. Poppea the POPPY LAUNCH  was NERO's wife and she was a PISO & they murdered NERO.   So they launched JESUS and Marcus Aurelius around 140 AD launched the first BIBLE Print runs....that is HARRIS in Gladiator & the Hunchback of Notre Dam religious fraud. Then they go EAST & WEST as the Anni Annici & the Holy Roman Empire in Germany & Islams CONSTANTINOPLE.  Constantine was the first emperor to crucify the Jews.   Back to the financial scams with the CANDIES and the toxins/obesity epidemics that lead to type 2 DIABETES all over the world.  Then we explain the White Boards , master race, Clinton Foundation ECO frauds & Becky Thatcher in the TWAIN output that makes India Joe NOT the Whiteman to be the LETHAL KILLER.  My name is George & the DRAGON is the Hell Arius Clinton, Dick Cheney & the Bush bloodline & the GORGON is my ex wife.  So in every US Presidential election all the candidates are the inbred ELITES that run all govts wars and profiteering scams against their people. That is the MURRAY, Tennis, Murray of FALA  & the TAZE Russell Rothschild Salvation army MAFIAS.  Hillary the Cretiens & the Trudeaus are related to SHANIAH Twain & Celine Dion! ALL THE GLOBAL MAFIA.  Kate Middleton interlocks to the Norfolks MASTERSof the PISO horse, MARSHALLS & Longshanks. the Bushes are from ANCRUM in the Teviot Valley like the Livingstones who explore the NILE which means PISO.  The Teviot valley was home to Blind Prince George of Hanover & Cumbria and he was Qu Victoria's only legit lover soon to be killed by the WINDSORS which is why they changed their name.  So We show the mission cast led by Robert De-NIRO the roman Church genocide jokes in the current popes LATIN AMERICA.  The CORTEZ genocides have now been re-written by OXBRIDGE & the tartaglia equivalents declare the right to live or die for gentiles & LOCAL TRIBES EVERY WHERE.  The POPES are carefully picked to liase with fascism in peacetime and in wartime.  Lord Patten is the Hongkong, Oxford and Future of Russia Godfather but God took him down for his sins in May 2014 within days of me publishing his frauds. That is the killing of the Lonrho/Lonmin pay negotiators too & Pr Charles, the Murdochs & Kissinger are all on the boards.  The Tymoschenko GAZPROM scandals are just cover for another FORBES RICH LIST member and the Land Grabs in ASIA led by the trans pacific trade delegation Nancy McKinstry Taiwan, Macau Crimes.  I remind the audience about the Henry Makow  is cover for Krasnosielc near Treblinka.  The Kiwanese is another MAFIA branch and is at the KIWIs expense. joseph C Prince and Allan Brown are launched out of INDIANAPOLIS with the Piso word in it & they are Religious MASONS  like BILLY GRAHAM.  He died with $25 Million in his Evangelist collection box.  Graham means the DEVIL.   On that theme Jim Murphy MP for East Renfrewshire gets a mention.  The Hawkeye Jokes that are the NO NOTTINGS get aired again.  The whole lot is in HRH's GLOBAL MAFIA which is why the next videos are on HER GLOBAL MAFIAS.   Immediately post WW2 we get the launch of HRH's ROYAL Institute for International Affairs RIIA and that unites all global INTEL on all continents. NEXT VIDEO.  The tier after tier of surveillance to shield the tyrannical leaders is a TRAGEDY for the world ULTRA, PEARL & THUMB are their putrid priority RANKINGS that are led by the most EVIL KILLERS on the gLobe.  The FB facebook FBi is the CIA and FBI merged globally to keep the BASTARD MONARCHS & Presidents in power & allow them to run all war all sides and to ISSUE ALL COUNTRIES' funds only to themselves.  Their jokes on EVA Braun & Monica Lewinski's LITTLE BLUE DRESSES have backfired on them all since I came along.  We close with DAVE PRENTIS the biggest UNION LEADER at UNISON is on the Court of the BofE .  The Jehova mafia is the hymn at Kate's Marriage to King Juan Carlos' son WILLIAM by Princess Di who was sired by JAMES GOLDSMITH who was married into IMRAN Khans bloodline in PAKISTAN where Hillary Clinton & Obama murdered their Cambridge Mate Bin Laden so they can brutalize IRAQ with WMDs that david Cameron was selling.  That was with Kelly who is the actor who plays CORBY & all they can talk about is BREXIT as the EU is still entirely in BLAIr's murderous hands.