Dutch Belgian Flemish Mayflower MAFIAS

THE THUMBNAIL FOR VIDEO NUMBER 8 Which exposes POPE FRANCIS Giving Communion to the Murderous GENERAL VIDAL in the Argentinian Operation CONDOR & Caravan of Death Massacres It Depicts Hitler Rothschchild and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who works for Kleinwort Benson & Dresdner were Hitlers Bank Royal DutchShell Still Belongs to the Rothschilds since Deterding Died.JPG

The Videos on the pages below are based on the shocking insight I got into the Van Duyn ILLUMINATI links revealed on this web site
It takes you into MIND CONTROL, Prostitution Dens, Birth Control, EUGENICS and the Worlds most tragic MASSACRES. Like STALINGRAD
All for profit and to keep the numbers DOWN. Stalin Carl Marks & Engels were all trained in BRITAIN and even the sexual deviancy of the pop stars and world leaders is astounding.  My videos reveal the impact on the WORLD as it is now and it is ILLUSTRATED. Unlike this excellent web site.  ONE IMAGINES THAT THE ANONOMOUS Author has now "Passed on" or has been BLED in his own bath like Frank Pentangeli the JOKE about the FIVE ANGELIC MAFIA families in New York.  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE AND CIVILIZATION IS A TINY STEP AWAY FROM THEIR LETHAL AND GREEDY TEMPLATE.  In my experience all the countries implicated are civilised and friendly!   THE WINDSORS & THEIR MONEY LENDERS ARE ANOTHER THING ALTOGETHER See the Hannagh Rothschild Pages on this website.  She is LOVELY and is in a very good position to FREE THE WORLD after 2020 years of tyranny and EMPIRE.   http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/bloodlines/duyn.htm 

SOME OF THE FAMILIES involved are HOUSEHOLD NAMES like John Lamont MSP.  http://www.hollandsociety.com/downloads/HSNY%20vertical%20files.pdf