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Donald Trump Brothel De Palatinate and Hilary Roddenroth Clinton Percy Pierce Bush Rothschild Hexagram Palestine Truman Stewart Swastika Hitler HRH QE2  Poison Garden Brothels Mcleod Mackay Porridge over to SKYE.JPG

DONALD THE VIETNAM DRAFT DODGER and his GERMAN Neighbours in Franfurt Palatinate in WW2 strictly for profit: NOW THE UNTOUCHABLE MAFIA GODFATHER

I had better get this message out PRONTO cos I am threatened with eviction from my safe house by my formerly genial host for DOMESTIC reasons.  We start with DONALD's president elect in the land of the MASSACRED Braves US national anthem.  So the Dailly Mail and many other vents have published that DONALD &  his 32nd Cousin Hilary are related to the ROYALS since John of Gaunt had a mistress/wife called SWINFORD PUBLISHED BY THE DAILY MAIL in the UK ages ago.  The Drumpt's that are Donald's ancestors  are married into CLINTONS bloodline and NO SURPRISE the  RODENROTHS are the Hilary Rodham Clinton joke. Remember all those photos I have published featuring Evelyn De Rothschild & CLINTONS  it is really sickening ALL BASTARDS leading the world and its Monarchies as Financial advisors.  So I lead you through the  bllodlines for Hillary linking her to PERCY Duke of Northumberland the BUSHES and sadly TRUMPS German Rodenroth ROTHSCHILD links to FRANKFURT & the Palatinate where his family is reluctant to acknowledge its GERMAN NAZI ties in WW2. He is also a draft dodger in Vietnam with BAD FEET the PISO toe Pi PI Piggy goes to market link.  Swinford is an ancestor of the Duchess of Sutherland LEVESON GOWER of the LEVESON enquiry and the STEWART claimants beheaded by TUDOR/PLANTAGENET & the better off together/sectarian religious divide genocides.  Every one  of the US Presidential MASTER RACE is an elite/Royal/PISO Bible family member.  The PERCY Duke of Northumberland Barbarbar Bush lines are BARBARA PIERCE George W's mum and St Barbara is patron Saint of munitions & explosions REVEALED BY ALI G. Margaret Gascoigne below HENRY PERCY leads to the launch of the DRUNKEN Gascoigne/rehab stories this week. The OGLE and the new names of OGILVIE are the leaders of Scottish Enterprise/ COUNCIL cabals and have led to SAINTINGS and the censoring of my most informative videos on the TRANSATLANTIC SCAMS  Clinton Foundation & the Ogilvies of Balmoral/PHARMA scams.  Do you get the RODENROTH/Rodham Clinton bloodline joke CHILDE companies on littleSISS!  ROD/Roten Rose is the Red Haxagram for Rothschild out of the Palatinate/Frankfurt AM Rhine/Main ALL WARS ALL SIDES.  Sadly the PALATINATE PALADIN jokes become Palestine like Styria in the ALPS becomes Syria.  Samson and Simson are German jews too!  The Windmill SWASTIKA joke is even on FRENCH mason Bonnie Prince Charlies shoulder and the MASONS enslaved by the monarchs send all their kids to their death if any of our history is true.  The false historians for ROTHSCHILD are FERGUSON & Carrington Hitcock (actually a RABBI in Jew Street way back when)  The mum of Hilary RODENROTH is in the KOHL German Chancelors' LINES.  Hugh Simpson Rodham, Hugh Elseworth Rodham and then HILARY Pops out of the PISO PIE and into the worlds biggest FRAUDS. So Palestine becomes ISRAEL with a change in the HEXAGRAM colour and TRUMAN gets $2M for that deal with Rothschild & Balfour.   Walter Swinburn was married to HARRIS of Butins next door to ROTHSCHILD in HERTS UK & Frankfurt.  The Gordons of SUTHERLAND /Stewarts & Mackays precede the SCOTTISH McCleods of SKYE/Lewis as Donalds Scottish ancestry.  The Stewart claimants get beheaded with CARRIE FISHERS Micky Minny Mouse hairdo and that may have been fatal for Carrie Fisher in the star wars run out of holywood. The Mackays become the PORRIDGE PISO PrISOn jokes and the Mackays I know in the borders are nicknamed KAISER and are afflicted by Spondylitis with the word PISO in it. I emphasise that the how to take over the world by the elite families is completed since Hitler Rothschild & HRH /Clintons half sister in law had HALLET disappeared for telling the absolute truth that embarasses them all so much.  Alois Hitler was sired by ENGLISH Rothschilds and that is Adolphs dad born in the am INN valley like pope bendict with a dad called Alloisious . Herr and Herren Benedict is a JEWISH surname in TRUMPS' FRANKFURT/PALLATINATE.  The profiteering crosses all religious boundaries exemplified by BUSH, Lubawitchers, Christian Inter-religious text re-writing of Talmud Koran & Bible. So the daily mail reveals all those truths and SHIPMAN was their war correspondent for IRAQ (and became the serial killer in the NHS as cover). Trump has been in hundreds of entrepreneurial law suits. Now that he is president he will not face any competitiion.  Trump is tax dodger supreme too with his net worth cited as $300million to 9Bn.  The DIONs Trudeau X2 and Cretiene are Hillary's ancestor's and Donalds GERMANIC line use CHRIST as middle or "Christian" name.  His trees are riddled with Freund, Freud, Setzer,  Boeringer, Barry,  and so many more surprises.  I expose my wife Valerie Jane Lees Nee Hancocks for living a lie & her brother Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE for living their entire life as a profiteering Capitalist Rotarian/ROTARY Club Freemasonic LIE.   As a draft dodging CAPTAIN in US army Donald hates to be associated with GERMANY in WW2 but he cannot escape that like ROTHSCHILD/CLINTON et al . CENSORED from here  Donald is on the board of 2 of the 4 OIL Giants CHEVRON & Exon Mobil.  So the BROTHELS run by his Grandparents in the YUKON Gold rush may explain his promiscuity and risk taking in the venereal bedroom that he uses to justify staying home in his Vietnam! SICK SICK SICK. Friedrick Drumpft the GRANPA died of pneumonia  and his son went to FRED CHRIST to become more all American under gods close watch.  They are out of Carlestaad/Palatinate and in a suburb called  THE first BROTHEL was the Poodle dog in Seatttle and they then open many brothels in the YUKON gold rush.   So they are out of the HOLY GERMAN/Roman Emperors FATHERLAND and into the ROTEN RED LIGHT DISTRICT of the USA.   The whole master race team celebrate the HOLY ROMAN Pagan cull with a CHARLEMAGE PRIZE and Herman Van Rumpoy, , Kissinger  Bill Clinton Merkel Blair, King Juan Carlos, Queen Beatrix, Pope Francis and Pope Saint Jean Paul II, Winston Churchill et al. the worlds biggest killers. get the award for the PAGAN CULL commencing 1300 years before. REF
Fred Married Mary Ann McCleod with links to Scotland and Isles of Skye and Lewis, died 1999 one of USA's richest men. Donald is a real estate HOTEL magnate and has houses all over USA & Scotland notably  in NAPLES & Mar Lagos in Florida MASSIVE PILES all with POOLS Tennis & Golf.  Next the interlocks to directors out of Jewish Frankfurt & you should see the links to PALM SPRINGS with thousands of the RICHEST German Frankfurt Jews but only a SYNAGOGUE in the 1990s. Episcopalian churchgoers WITH PISO in it right through BOTH WARS when it would be foolish to brag about your GERMAN ROOTS unless you had bad feet and prefered to work with the prostitutes in the backrooms. Bruce Herschenson, Bill Paxton, Bud Schuster Gemeral CUSTER in the CALVARY HILL Cull.  Weiner, Spectre, Cuomo XMAS dream from UKRAINE, Carlo Bruni, the Moynihans of Brodies LAW firm/STURGEONS indycamp prosecutors.  I have made 3 earlier videos on his dirty businesses but here we expose the Bn $ link to DEUTSCHBANK for his FATHERLAND. The Grot Grouty (Porridge comic with Mackay jailer and Ronnie Barker two RHONNEis  covers) bloodline is  Elizabeth Trump Grau, in his interlocks.  George W Bush is in the dirty tricks as well as the PIERCE bloodline for PERCY.  Donald's Halliburton took on Dick Cheney's IRAQ contracts and kept the loot letting the locals rebuild what Blair & Bush slaughtered and turnedto rubble.  Donald the war criminal. Epstein, John E Sweeney, the Swinburn and Swin ancestry.  Joseph Patrick Kennedy is the Turnberry  AILSA CRAIG Golf Kennedy lands after they arrived out of Hess Cassel ( as RUDOLPH HESS' family and NHS Mental Health of Hamilton Nazis from Donald's homelands) . 
 JFK paid the price for his goodness then all the MAFIAS meet at his brother BOBBY's funeral. You already have the genealogical highlights but nowI show the evidence. Tiffany Parmenter was my post grad student at Otago UNi NZ and Tiffany is the name of one of Donalds kids but that may not be the GENi employee on his profiling.  So the  other stories  do not mention the BROTHELS , instead they call them restuarants/Hotels under the BENNET name. The Bennets in my home town were pub owners and MARY ELLEN BENNET the woman I met with Hannah Mary Rothschild plays an obfuscation roll on FACEBOOK where she is no longer my friend. On LINKEDIN she is still my contact. SHE IS AN ADVOCATE for freedom in Palestine and all of it is typically sick. So TRUMP married MAPLES not the novel character Miss Marples but the NAPLES NEPAL anagram is greatly abused in the PISO Media even today. Mary Mcleod was born in May 1912 on LEWIS & died in 2000 on long Island JEWISH MEDICAL CENTRE.  So I reveal the maps of the Drumpfs  Trump homeland in Carlstadt ( CHARLEMAGNE for a laugh) Pfalz GERMANY right next to Mannheim & SCHWARZ PHARMA on the Rhine.  Pallatinate is right next door to Frankfurt and HEIDELBERG immune from bombing in WW2 for obvious draft dodger  PROFITEERING REASONS.   The STEEL spy launch is coincidental with the death of LORD SNOWDEN as Snowden/Assange are all false news that GOD RECTIFIES. Lord Snowden was Princess Mgt who was Bill Clintons half sister like the queen by Churchill  art insemination (the CLINTON Cigar tube donation) TOTALLY EVIL.  THe Trumps mary their brothers and sisters according to one of the GENE sites.   They are both ANGLICAN & EPISCOPALIAN.   I read the Daily mail family tree summary INFO to reveal/substantiate  the  My Heritage FACTS/SOURCES.  The Edward III lines lead to the Commyns Galloways D'Umphrevilles and Bohuns et all who  fill the gaps in the PISO Windsor bloodline.  All told by the WINNERS in the plantagenet team and LONGSHANKS gets to pick BALLIOL of  TEESDALE in England to be the "Scottish King" .   So Donald justifies the name DON in the global MAFIA.  Basel is where the Bank of International settlements is and  on the RHINE too.  Johanne Paul Bobbenheim Am Bergs  B 1727,   Juliana Trump B1784,  1727. Charlotte Louisa Heinz B 1787, 57 varieties in BAD DIRKHeim with the Dirks in Jew St Frankfurt in last weeks video.  B Charlotte Louisa Trump 1789,  Next out the PIE  Johannes Drumpft & Maria DOROTHEA Trump the yellow brick Goldsmit paved road into EAST BERLIN for ELTON JOHANNES/IAGO Mar Lagos  AKA Elton John who lost his mate TAYLOR of Watford this week. The Rodenroth SECRETS bleached my screen capture but I got it clearly in the end.  I show Barker, Mackay and the Porridge jokes at Scotland's expense.   Charles and Di Subscribed to Mar Lagos Donalds massive Tennis POOL PILE in Palm Beach.  The POPPY nickname for George Herbert bush is the POPPEA PISO  marriage to NERO soon to be murdered and the QUEEN & BUTCHER HAIG get to profit from that 11/11 every remembrance Sunday but it is an ABUSE if sportsmen footballers wear poppies during friendly PAN CONTINENTAL  battles they get CENSURED.  So to the partitioning of PALLATINE.  Funds for Rothschild Balfour and TRUMAN and the BLOOD red Roths shield becomes BLUE for Israel.   The Haxagrams themselves are like the Swastika/Windmills ROTARIAN CAPITALIST Sun God Star of DavidIC Gold rushes MASONIC SYMBOLS.  Truman gets 2M$ to create Israel  & took over from FDR when he demonised their friend Stalin, also trained in Britain at Sidney St & Tavistock.  The Eden runs through Newton Don for Balfour & it is the land of NOD in the bible. I was born there and Ronnie Balfour Corbett was raised there.  Tommy Cooper died for the Pallatine Palladium jokes with the WARMONGERING RED FEZ on his Masonic head.   Still Donald threatens the migrants that he is (Mexicans still run the PESO currency).   The Masons follow the corrupted Monarchy /despots all the way into marriage for divide & conquer  & the GLOBAL chaos we have now.  So I show Barbara Pierce  and the screen shots with higher resolution.  I finish on the created/funded conflicts like the cold war, Irish troubles and who runs it out of Spain, NZ (Peter Williams QC) .  They did not report the FLOODS in SE England which were nothing compared to the FLOODS that ruined border towns last year as I closed in on all the tyranical MORTAL SINS & SECRETS. Becktal, Setzer (no not James Henry Fetzer) are on the Drumpft Trump lines but more to come. We close on his CORPORATE FORTUNE many CHILDE companies but I have made 3 videos on those and his women. ONE BANNED GLOBALLY before it could be viewed.  CHEVRON, Warren Petroleum, Bay City & Hudsons Bay, Texaco dozens of subsids. Americas Wetlands include the Everglades in Florida and you should see the Jewish links to the FRANKFURT family names all through PALM BEACH & its surrounds. Council for Foreign Relations muscling in on Russia/SPYING/Wikileaks.  The Ogil/Ogilvies get a NAME change. SAYLE & Killing Kittens are in the Hallett stories that KILLED HIM.   The ORR EWINGS replaced the Stammering KING as UK Master masons and it is absolutely co-incident with DALLAS & JR EWING.  It is a corrupted world but the Bimbos who swallow the trivia are half the battle.  All they need to do is share the IDs of the corrupted people and the WORLD is CIVILIZED in a trice.  By the way this mafia does not exclude the CLERGY this is the another son of JOHN OF GAUNT & SWYNFORD ANOTHER SON OF JOHN OF GAUNT BISHOP. Henry Beaufort BISHOP at WINCHESTER Cathedral which used to be sung about by the beatles LOOK ON YOUTUBE NOW !!!!!!!!!! Just to prove this brother is MAFIA MEMBER he was one of the earliest Chancellors of England (3 terms) SORRY HE WAS A HIGH RANKING CATHOLIC CARDINAL of GAUNT!!!!! 
Badminton Horse Trials & the launch of Bertie Woodhouse & CHAMPAGNE INTO BRITISH ROYAL HANDS
Maybe just a coincidence but these were my employers for a time & lived in Victor Lownes Playboy stocks Alison still calls me sir and they are NEYBOURS of Rothschild still
Bastards legitimised bit like the Windsor/Rothschilds
BADMINTON ANYONE?  Piso Horse 3 day event every year
CHAMPAGNE ANYONE:  this is the only English estate in France. Poppo of Grapfield for Queeny NAMED AFTER CAMPAGNIA IN NAPLES for the PISO WINDSOR BUSH BLOODLINE WHO OWN the entire world and launch all its false PISO religions & the Global POLIS 
Beaufort/Camapagne EN FRANCAIS Sil Vous Plait?
Dear Friends I want you to know that TRUMP KOHL HEINZ are profiled as BILLIONAIRES on Donalds family tree but it DOES NOT SHOW YOU the family tree that ties them all together as the finish off the plot on how to take over the world