Unions: selling your soul to Thatcher

I am writing this on Monday April the 15th 2013 (the week of Mrs/Baroness Thatcher's State funeral).  I read in the daily mail that Thatcher may be canonised for her contribution to Britain's greatness (sums it up nicely) and I also read that her "LEFT WING" opposition are "rising up and calling for a general strike".

The UK Daily Mail (correspondent Tim Shipman) were ever so informative on how much Britains' fiery leftists earn now!.  They portrayed Len McCluskey, Liverpudlian Socialist, who led the much feared Transport and General Workers Union and masterminded the radical action in the British Airways Cabin crew strike  (and the mail emphasised the cost to British Airways circa £150 million pounds) as a lefty leader who is threatening to call a general strike.  The man (McCluskey) has a basic salary of £101,000 and with perks and pension bungs it is rounded up to £120,000 (I am not sure whether this includes his £6,267 annual car allowance).  He now is one of the leaders of UNISON: BRITAINS BIGGEST UNION!  Wikipedia profiles UNISON concisely.  Its leader Dave Prentis allegedly earns less than McCluskey (a paltry £92,187 in 2012)......his credentials probably warrant more than this!  He was educated at The London School of Economics (the NWO's main propaganda vent in the UK along with the nearby Chatham House) where he focussed on economic history. He has a Masters in Industrial relations from Warwick University.....which is now very expensive and twinned with insight into globalised HR25,000€ tuition fee to master HIRING & FIRING.  In wikipedias' own words  he has been President of the TUC.[5] He is a member of the Labour Party's economy commission and the Labour Party joint policy committee (see references to New Labour and Blair throughout this website). Prentis is also an adviser to the Warwick Institute of Governance and Public Management and a visiting fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford. He is a member of various joint working parties with the government and the CBI. He is president of Unity Trust Bank which pretends it is a safe socialist vent for workers savings and pensionsThe Co-operative movement UK (an arbitrary example of corporate/banking corruption)        Breach of Trust.  Despite his economic pedigree.  You can tell from his wikipedia personal life profile that HE IS A VERY SICK MAN (for a very long time).  His expertise has, though, been made to count in reputational terms and he can be very creative at times when his members are facing AUSTERITY, JOB LOSSES and rapidly WANING PENSIONS : as wikipedia reports "The The Mail on Sunday was obliged to print an apology to Dave Prentis on 7 August 2011 after incorrectly reporting the previous week that Prentis had received a 31% increase in pension contributions from UNISON. In fact as a member of the UNISON staff pension scheme he was funding the pension increase himself through a 'salary sacrifice' scheme"Source.