Socialism RIP: Falkirk a case history

I write this the day after Lady Thatchers funeral in memory of my Uncle John Looker (a staunch socialist/communist & Carron Foundry worker/union member) and my Auntie Ina who was cremated the same day as Maggie T (a working class grocers daughter from Grantham).  My aunt worked selflessly in the best state-owned NHS on the globe which is under threat by private interests now.   Falkirk (literary meaning: fallen church/kirkChristianity, Islam, and all messianic religions are FICTION written by Empires & Monarchies for power & profit) is right on the border of the Roman Empire (adjacent to the Antonine Wall)Empire: a very expensive long term goal!.  It has a fascinating social history and a remarkable legacy with respect to Scotlands former industrial greatness.  John and Ina are the only people I know who did not take Mrs Thatcher's "offer" of buying the council house that they lived in in Larbert town centre.  When Ina was ill she was moved into a care home (almost all of Scotland's social services are delivered by privately owned corporations now) close to the old football stadium where Falkirk FC used to play.  The foundry that John worked in was pivotal for the community ( ) and he took his role as a citizen in the town and a left wing working class thinker seriously.  
How to control minds and Undermine society: Volume 7 2657-2660
These are pictures of the encyclopaedias he passed on to me and when you went touring/chatting with John anywhere it became evident, really quickly, that he  was an excellent scholar with a deep interest in National and International social history.   He and Ina toured the world and visited the great cities in the world (without fear of religious or political persecution) right in the middle of the cold war and later the "liberation" of countries like South Africa, Poland and "democratic Russia".  Their trip to Moscow was mentioned in Ina's appropriately simple celebration of their hard working and decent lives.  So John lived the working class dream and worked in the industry that allowed Falkirk to provide James Watt with the steel to construct Britains trains and eventually a state-owned railway infrastructure that was the envy of the civilised democratic world.  Beeching (an inspirational Thatcher-like figure) ripped this all up and threw it away because the oil interests that still blight the world had now rejected coal and green transportation (and had fueled both sides for personal gain in both world wars).

Falkirk has no foundry now but it has an exhibit to Scotland's industrial greatness (the Falkirk wheel and an exciting new "cycle path"), when the industrial mode of transporting heavy goods form the great cities East and West of the town was by canal.  They now have retail, public sector jobs and the biggest privately owned bus production unit in the UK.  This is owned by the new breed of entrepreneurial families who used to be working class staff in the UK's state-owned transport firms but they were given huge amounts of compensation when they lost their jobs in the formerly Nationalised sector (the state owned assets were sold off one by one by the LABOUR Government under Harold Wilson (a socialist PM with a Bilderberg affiliation) and transport secretary Barbara Castle as the oil interests and private car manufacturers began to see a unique peacetime market appear to displace publicly owned transportLabour: a capitalist vision DRIVEN by OIL interests and CAR COMPANY DYNASTIES  The modern bus manufacturing company in Falkirk, Alexander DennisFormerly Transbus International is a conglomeration of Britains three biggest manufacturers and one of its largest customers is Stagecoach.  4.5m profit is just the ticket for bus builder Dennis ... - Herald Scotland › Home › Business › Company NewsShare
Jun 18, 2011 – £4.5m profit is just the ticket for bus builder Dennis shareholders are awarded dividends of £1.2m Bus firm on right route with growing profits ...    Herald     Scotland
Herald Scotland would not let me open this page but here are the four directors who are moving and shaking their profit lines Scots business tycoons Sir David Murray, Sir Brian Souter and Ann GloagScotland's richest from rags to tax free TRUST STATUS & mercy ships to sub Saharan Africa, as well as Edinburgh merchant bank Noble Grossart rescued the company out of administration for around £90m after Mayflower went down in economic aftershock of the September 11 terrorism attacks in the USFree bus pass to riches.  David Murray sold Rangers for £1 to Craig Whyte (a multiple bankrupt since the early 1990s who now lives in a £5million mansion on Speyside, but with a 2nd home in London and a third in MonacoRunning down your business...a lucrative career path).  Stagecoach, a bus transport corporation,  was also owned by Sir Brian Souter: aworking class - peerage ballistic missile and the brother of one Britain's richest women Ann GloagThe Gloag Fortune: Started with the publicly funded NHS and a loan from her dad's redundancy funds (together with Ann's former husband who died young).  They started small and their first company Stagecoach was funded from the capacity of old companies to remunerate their employeees in the event of corporate or public closures. As wikipedia puts it Ann Gloag founded bus company "Gloagtrotter" in October 1980 with her then-husband Robin Gloag, joined later by her brother, chartered accountant Brian Souter. Some £25,000 of her father's severance money was used to purchase two small buses. Later the company expanded to offer cheap journeys between Dundee and London".....    From this lowly start, they established giant globalised companies within privatised corporate consortia all around the World in the transport field (summarised by wikipedia thus: "The company has also continued to find success in its predecessors' traditional markets of Hong Kong and the Republic of Ireland, with the Enviro500securing orders in both markets, and the ALX400 double-deck body remaining the Dublin Bus standard vehicle until production ended in 2006.  Alexander Dennis is also building its share of the North American market, securing £25m worth of orders in 2005 for its Enviro500 model from customers in Victoria, British Columbia, New York City (open top models), San Francisco and Las Vegas"VEGAS .  Blessedly Alexander Dennis still employ 900 people in Falkirk and pensioners in Scotland travel free (but ultimately at the public expense)!  The top of Scotland's rich list is a former Saudi Ambassador to the UK during New Labour's Left wing purges in Tony Blair's REGIME change Government that slaughtered enemies (that they had sold WMDs to), friends (that were betrayed because they began to speak out against western trading partners when their dynasty was threatened by NATO sponsored TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT at home) and innocent bystanders who are now in NEW LABOUR CAMPS, mass graves, or power given to them by the UK envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair.   Blair's life peers and all the others have rejected the bus for the GRAVY train and it is a really dangerous place to be now....especially if you are a fifth columnist/quisling on the "virtual LEFT" of the fascist movement that governs the world so brutally & greedily 

Falkirk's politics are complex :  always strongly Labour orientated but with "sensational smears on funding", aggression in the war torn middle East or Westminster bars, rivalry from SNP factions and long term left wingers who served both sides).  Lets put this complexity into perspective.  Uncle John would be mortified had he know that Stalin trained in Sidney street, London and was coached in WW2 summits by Churchill, Roosevelt and Beaverbrook on how to maximise personal gain from Global combat at Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam. He would be stunned to learn that Winston Churchill, Stalin and Hitler were first-third cousins and that WW1, WW2, and the cold war against communism that still prevails today was a state sponsored plant (actors trained in the west or in globalised NWO training vents). The revolutionaries wrote so well in the English.....Lenin and Stalin took the terror campaign into Russia because the Tsar and his slaughtered family would not take loans from the money lending warmongers who now own all of the worlds central banks!   Even Napoleon, who took out 600,000 European citizens (because global elites detest hungry eaters) was a great nephew of Louis XIV......just to be stopped in his tracks like the Nazi's by poor Russian people (and acts of god/weather patterns on the bloody red eastern front) who believed they were working and dying for their country's freedom.  All wars and revolutions are for profit....and when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo....the stock market in London was crashed (because the Rothschild dynasty had racing pigeons: today they have the Reuters newsagency!) and the UK central bank was taken into private hands.   So when you see the "communist menace" raising its head in Korea, China, Latin America you need to be aware that the New World Order see your children, who are now paying for what used to be state-funded education, as hungry eaters who now number 7Bn......the new world order from Harold Wilson  to President Obama (linked to the ancient Egyptian/Jewish  bloodlines that started the wealth divide totallitarian control plot centuries before Jesus was invented by the Roman Empire want the number down to 500 million (elite only global citizens).  So you need to see the trend 1815 (600,000 dead); 1914 (the year after the Federal Reserve Bank act)- 1945 (80,000 million dead).  These events occur after and economic bubble bursts and/or elites have little tiffs amongst their cousins or when right wing politicians come out of the fascist closet and resort to ruthless fearmongering, stock market crashes or virtual fiscal cliff culls on taxpayers (and their lifelong savings and homes).  It is all about wealth divide from Afgahnistan to the Torr Wood (just outside of Falkirk).  Now the tourist economy thrives because of the Falkirk Wheel (an industrial innovation in a period of technological revolution) and Wallace's GUTSY sacrifice at the Tower in London (remembered at the tower in Stirling).  Just a month before Mrs Thatcher died her aides re-wrote her history so they could make her look like a nicer person.....your history and your news bulletins are ever so far to the right......IT IS DANGEROUS just like 1789, 1914 & 1939 but the ancient families believe they are the gods and they are doing a great job in leading the world like Satan would (you must have noticed that when he, the horned threat to a decent christian world, was invented by human theologians, in art and literature, he was portrayed as the RED devil).  Popes (we have a red, a black and a white pope and during the schism we had three contenders for the white robes) and Archbishops (executives from the oil industry related closely to winston Churchill's left wing staff members) are very real human creations but GOD is watching them and communist party leaders (filthy rich family heads wherever socialism has been implanted by the FREE WEST everywhere).