Peter Marks at the co-op: working class shelf packer to multi millionaire (by grand larceny)

Peter Marks (millionaire pictured bottom left)  
The highly publicised details of the criminal deal and my correspondence with the co-operative bank and the Parliamentary committee for banking standards (at that time chaired by Lord Thurso before the Archbishop of Canterbury, a former oil executive joined the group) can be found hereThe Co-operative movement UK (an arbitrary example of corporate/banking corruption)
In 2011-2012 Peter Marks (a working class shop boy raised in Heaton, Sunderland and educated at St Bede's school) appeared on the media to sing out the virtues of a customer owned bank.  He proclaimed they were making a decent profit from the globalised co-operative bank...UK profits in 2011-12 of £300-400 million a year.  Marks though wanted to "up his take" so he borrowed a huge sum from Lloyds-TSB  (part of the Lloyds Verde project to sell toxic debt) to, WAIT FOR IT, to buy 600 high street branches from Lloyds-TSB (hopelessly bankrupted but still trading with mysterious unidentified directors and links to fraudulent shell companies that raped the banking world and honest customers in 2007-2008 and since then have shed thousands of retail banking jobs).  Marks went through with the crime (getting a £6 million bung to disappear and hand the bank over to the transitional regime at Lloyds banking group....the interim boss was the head of the LLoyds TSB Banking groups remuneration committee).  The busted Lloyds banking group has also gobbled up the Sainsbury's bank using similar daylight robbery the video and see how much re-branding the HQ and following a corrupted lead has cost ordinary savers and members of what was a proud customer owned organisation.  Marks is still active in the UK/Globalised business world.....and the BBC TODAY programme still walk Britain's pavements after misleading their listeners and lauding business leaders who simply steal from their own customers/listeners and viewers.  So if you see Peter Marks in Sunderland or Monte Carlo kick him on the working class shins from me and tell him that millions of innocent customers are becoming aware that it is unsafe for him to visit 600 high streets across working class Britain.  
This video reveals the audacity of his retirement package and its impact on savers and pension funds everywhere 1.5Bn in toxic debt now.  Not only is the man still at liberty....he is still registered on the board of the co-op bank( now dormant/closed) but has resigned from 70+ other boards.....if you do want him to explain his crimes best get on the job quick before he does a Stephen Hester for his own safety.  His track record in asset stripping for personal fortunes can be found here Peter Vincent Marks still walking the working man's pavement with a bulging wallet and a BROAD SMILE

£100 million on new offices but 1.5Bn lost down the black fraudulent holes

The BBC and radio four just portray him as a capitalist crony entrepreunerial leader as they have done for Mark Carney and Mervyn King over 3-4 years...these are crimes against the state and all UK citizens.  Most of the interviews are obfuscated for shame but some survive in the highly selective archive. Working class villain....sells his soul. The Spaniard,Antonio Horta-Osorio,  CEO at Lloyds Banking group earns £8 million a year but has the conscience to be unfit for work with nervous breakdowns every now and again....Marks has no conscience but he has lots of customers cash.
This is why buying into Lloyds Banking group (with capital borrowed from them) is CRIMINAL GRAND LARCENY.  They just keep paying themselves, easing new cash (inflation is rampantly devaluing savings) and just steal it from poor people who have nowhere else to go.....but over the edge into the black hole!
    I am telling the sad Sainsbury's banking story this too involves sharing the 700 trillion toxic liabilities but the key characters/secretaries/ include Henry Kissinger, Nathan Rothschild, the Prince's Charities and the FUTURE OF RUSSIA FOUNDATION......and SWIFT owned by MI6/ Mossad as a global money laundering vent out of the office in Bristol!