Dismembering Left Wing Politics (for cash)

All across the world, left wing politicians have deserted their cause  because:  

1. Economic shock (following war, natural disaster or their recent election to office) has been imposed upon them by the IMF or International Monetary organisations and their National Assets have been privatised by multi-National corporations, led by former National Leaders, right across the political and millitary spectrum.  The debt of earlier corrupt or undemocratic leaders is always transferred to nascent democracies and loans to fund the new regime quickly lead to reversal of socialist/nationalist policies in favour of privatisation by multi-national corporations from overseas
2. NATO/UN/Security Council led/sponsored Juntas, millitary-forces, coups or "transitional governments" have displaced them forcibly
3. This is the big issue now: they have seen the profit making opportunities of totalitarian governments and of holding power (however transient).  From the West Coast of Scotland to the Kremlin (or wherever the Oligarchs meet) these principles are now Globally accepted.  

The consequences are obvious in my home town (and in home towns all across the Globe).  The expanding roles for powerful autocratic metropolitan Mayors in UK democracy and the reliance on party funding are new drivers for a shift to the right.  The demise and fragmentation of the union movement globally was the final deadly blow to the type of democracy that emerged in the UK after the calamitous wars to end all wars. Returning troops and politicians were drawn to the labour movement, and this era led to the creation of railway networks, free (primary-tertiary) education programmes, rapid industrial growth (in public and private sectors) and a state funded national health service that is still, arguably, the best in the developed world.  These policies are heretical now across the majority of the globe.  In former communist strongholds like Russia and China the regimes are now led by multi-billionaires and family led fiefdoms (which demonstrate the continuing importance of millitary might and the capacity to put down and fragment any uprising or even calls to restore workers rights under a baton or a tank).  All around the globe, media and state propaganda have veiled the world with cold war (or war on terror) fear as the whole of the political power base lurched violently to the extreme right wing.  Leaders who tried to reverse the divisive trends sometimes paid the ultimate price.  Talk to any man or woman anywhere in the world and they recognise these long running sagas (and how unjust they are) but they will tell you that it has always been this way and monarchs and despots have always led, like modern-day governments do!  So we have no effective opposition to this (just labels, name changes and rehtoric being slung about by politicians, the media and their corporate leadership teams).  All parties/individuals want the same thing PERSONAL WEALTH (and in many countries just personal safety) and to be free of the constraints of political meddling on corporate and economic freedom.  But to use a colloquial term it has all gone "tits up" (this is more likely to be offensive to all parties than anything else on this entire page).  Our very "politically correct" Great Britain is outsourced now and its honest leaders are skulking in corners and the global leaders are bullying their UN charges for the same selfish motives.   But REVOLUTION is not the way to fix it we just need to recognise that integration for the greater good is the only way to turn our prospects around.  The corrupt networks are already under severe pressure and democracy, open global communication  & education can do the job that the pitchfork, the tank or the nuclear missile cannot.

I want to keep this section brief but if you have made this transition because you were forced to (e.g. Mandela, Walensa, Gorbachev), or it was put down violently (e.g. Tianemen Square, Tahrir Square, Burma, Sri Lanka, Amristar, Waitangi) or anywhere that land and power is up for grabs then you have my universal commiserations.  If your family were socialists, Tolpuddle martyrs, evicted Irish, Scottish, Pakistani, Indian or Jewish refugees fleeing from extreme right wing politicians or landowners/grabbers and you have jumped sides because it offers a better career prospect then I want you to look closely at your conscience and your impact on the global democracy and our future prospects.  I wont name and shame but I will just tel the story in pictures below!  Many of the pictures or the commentaries on the evictions, clearances, wealth divide campaigns have been air brushed from the video/photgraphic archives but this applies more to the modernised "new labour" virtual left wing and its spin doctoring.  Most of these modern left wingers are distancing themselves for policy decisions that they swept through the corridors of powers in the oldest democracies in the world or have opted for rehabilitation programmes to purge themselves of the guilt that inevitably comes from dedicated your career to industrial-millitary complexes running outwith the rule of International Law.  Some just opted for a quiet life and semi-retirement within the European Parliament, the United Nations or the "Diplomatic" sector.  If you meet your parents (who worked in local industry, the labour movement, or displaced Churchill after the last war to end all wars) at the pearly gates....look them straight in the eye, say a fond farewell and jump into that warm right wing pit! 

The sad story in pictures