Is the Prime Minister/President really smart enough to steal from the whole world

By Gordon Bowden and George Lees
The answer, as you have probably fathomed, is NO.  The Prime minister gets a massive retainer for all the corrupt/violent campaigns he commits his/her country to.  This gives him guilt which can be inflated into a war crime that he was asked to commit for the retainer.  Which gives him more guilt and he is entirely under the clever peoples' control. The clever people are really greedy but if the PM/President wants to fight back they just  give Nick Robinson, Lord Patten, young James Murdoch, Lord Conrad Black, Silvio Berlusconi or Reuters a call to smear him/her into just taking another bung for more guilt. The selection of partners who are coercion experts sometimes assassins for generations then complicates the issue but allows them to parade in front of the camera in a Limited Liability Partnership that is crippling the world they run  Tony Blair explained some of it at the Leveson, pay them again for being celebrity criminals, enquiry.  Blair's private security guards arrested a protester who claimed that JP Morgan pay him millions of pounds to commit war crimes and Blair on the telly just rebutted this by stating that the payment was overestimated by a million or so.  Let me tell you about the bung Blair got to sequester the North Libyan Oil fields in the SENGA theft (a relatively small project for the current envoy to the Middle East which raises his esteem from the clever puppet masters but takes the life of his old partner Gadaffi because he refused to sell his country).  The Saddam case is more complicated but he was less abrasive about ownership of his central bank so they faked the execution of one of many body doubles (USING INGENIOUS FILM TECHNOLOGY) and  is allowed to party with Lord Lucan at an undisclosed offshore venue after culling kurdish villagers and nato troops with chemical biological aqnd DU weapons he was sold by the G8 countries. So we have shown you how the politicians/celebs/diplomats/bankers sell non existent products, make a fortune on investments in a company that is soon to crash and how, by getting the WONGA overseas it disappears from accessible accounting/audit and into the havens globally. But perhaps I am being unfair to "poor" Tony Blair....all PMs commit routine fraud since Dennis Thatcher hauled Maggie out of the Greengrocer's into the  Finchley boiler rooms profiled below and on the page above

On the pages above and in the football fraud articles, we have explained how the public are conned into investing in the shares by glossy brochures or glamorous film made by Ingenious Films LLP and how the dormant Parliamentary Film Partners launder it into hundreds of thousands of numbered accounts in a great snowball of unaccountable globalised crony-ism.  We introduced you to the leading boiler rooms in England but we have still not disclosed the clever guys and their back room functionaries so lets go back to Finchley road (where one of the shells of Manchester United International is registered with CEO Gill still on the board but dormant, just waiting to be deployed for an instant cash transfer offshore).  Just off Finchey Road  and up a wee cul-de-sac to Winnington House we find a decrepit block of flats (like Dell boy used to run his dodgy business from, in a Rothschild Yellow three wheeled Pyramidal van) which is actually home to Company Directors Ltd where the people in the backroom have the PM in their pockets.  This even shadier side of the Finchley set up was registered way back on the 24/Aug/1998 along with Temple Secretaries Ltd (can you sense the jewish, freemasonic atmosphere that is actually a trillion dollar theft empire)?   

SO inside each one of these
1 Park Row Leeds LS1 5AB 
1 Mitchell Lane, Bristol
44 Upper Belgrave road Clidton Bristol
6 Jupiter House Calleva Park Aldermarston Reading
Sweet Bee, 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR
55 Gower Street London 
22 Arlington Street 
788 -790 FINCHLEY RD,       we have a CLEVER LEADERSHIP team akin to this.  



N12 0DR
(14,630 companies also use this postcode, this is probably a mail forwarding service address)

TheDirectors and Company Secretaries
Company Nominees Limited
before 31 Dec 1991 ⇒ 28 Jan 1994Director
Keith Kahan
28 Jan 1994 ⇒ 1 Aug 2003 (9 Years )Director
Barbara Kahan
1 Sep 2006 ⇒ Present day (7 Years )Director
Debbie Mason
12 Mar 2003 ⇒ 31 Jan 2007 (3 Years )Director
David Pearlman
28 Jan 1994 ⇒ 17 Oct 2011 (17 Years )Director
Temple Secretaries Limited
before 31 Dec 1991 ⇒ Present dayNominated Secretary
Martin Worsley
12 Mar 2003 ⇒ 25 Sep 2006 (3 Years )Director
Now we are dealing with really clever and succesful people who pay retainers/bungs to those world leaders who meet in Davos, Chipping Norton, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, the ECB in Frankfurt, the IMF in washington and the OECD in a Rothschild mansion in Paris.  Gordon thinks you will be amused by the scruffy low life appearance of the flats called Winnington House but what they do is clever but is not at all funny.  The serious fraud office & Financial Services Authority will only deal with fraud which involves sums of more than £1million so the easy way to keep your conscience clear is to steal less than that each time (which is why the need so many interlocked tiers/shells).  Once you have it over the National Border then there is no accountability at all and in 2008 they pretended that it had fallen of a fiscal cliff and used taxpayer funds to remunerate the economics thugs for their own crimes (and the banking bailout project was born just around the same time they invented the sovereign debt fraud which led to austerity for the taxpayers and massive security cordons, manned by private security cordons).  The banking execs are given massive salaries to steal from their customers and the central bankers in each nation has a tendency to be run by a foreigner....for reputational reasons.  But I digress, lets keep it domestic and in the UK for a little longer.  

So back to the Block of flats in Finchley.  The Rothschilds lived in the Ghetto in Frankfurt and  the anti-semitic stories about Fagan in the poor sectors of London introduce a nostalgic romance to the story.  The business models are almost identical but this time around Gordon Bowden knows the plot and has a pitbull which is straining at the leash for justice in an impoverished country.  He has enough evidence to hang criminal members of G8 cabinets & the Rothschild owned Institutions for three decades from the rooftops.  But the numbers of pockets picked for under a £million has been inflated beyond Norman Lamont's wildest dreams.  Each of the Boiler Rooms we name and address above launders into  almost a million shell companies.  Company director Ltd split their theft (laundering Commitments) into Winnington House/1 Mitchell Lane (ref nos 209641 &  01671925)
Within each we have Company nominees Ltd, Temple secretaries, Woodbury secretarial Ltd, A1 company services Ltd  and A1 Company Services (20004) Ltd.  The really clever guys in the backroom earn a fortune and only God knows how much their big bosses in the Rothschilds and Crown Templar earn.  No taxes are paid and public sector comforsts are removed for the masses which makes the whole thing really dangerous for the criminals and their medias who cover up these massive crimes within tax free trusts and with spooky access to terrorist training camps all over the land-grabbed brutalised globe.  See flight for fear of the guillotine of Steven Hester (experienced pick pocket & Whistle blower assassin at Abbey National & Fred Goodwins conspirator at the RBS ) and the David, brother of Ed, Milliband head of the token opposition who we have not yet not had time to investigate.