Dear Taxpayer, I want to tell you about the Prime Minister's Boiler Room in Finchley Road

By Gordon Bowden and George Lees 30/04/2014
Lord Paul of MBone Cameron Clegg Bonham Carter Baron Reid Charles Kennedy Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Ltd Chinook Mull of Kintyre.JPG

The United Kingdom is riddled with fraud. Within British Borders these economic/financial/corporate sector crimes are traceable but once they export the theft to other continents it gets less easy to detect (with the exception of the Cairn, Aventis and Areva frauds, reported even in the press, involving PM Cameron, PM Singh of India and corrupted directors like Ann Laveron who are now facing the wrath of/legal investigation by decent honest directors, shareholders and investors).   Dennis Thatcher taught his wife Margaret how to steal from innocent investors and savers by introducing her as a young, but ambitious, trainee in what was a Jewish sector of North London. She was introduced to the dark arts of financial fraud  in a number of scruffy buildings at 788-790 Finchley Road (which has since become a hub for SOME OF Tony Blair's profiteering: then Gordon Brown's then David Camerons). John Major was a man in the middle when she bailed out after munitions projects blew up in her face.  Mrs T was a fast learner and an astute profiteering criminal. She made 17 million for the tories in WMD deals in South Africa. By the time she signed the gagging order on the ASTRA Supergun SRC deals and mobilised almost £90 million for the project (directly from the treasury with the backing of the DTI) that led to scientist Gerald Bulls Killing in Brussels, she had passed on stock market fraud as a tool for individuals or political parties to profit from to most of her friends and sponsors/traders. Dennis played an unsung role as her inspiring Boiler Room tutor and his own interests in Burma Oil are now a closed secret. Her millionaire son's arms trading inquest has never been published. Now you dont need a product at all to become a millionaire as head of state (either as Monarch or PM).  The utility of these frauds for Blair/Browns new labour demonstrate that these crimes cross party boundaries too. The current "Coalition" government is an outstanding example of how popular these fundraising scams have become.  The Deputy Prime Minister uses the alias of "Simon Paul Clegg" in the boardroom with the sinister sportswoman "HRH The Princess Roy Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Laurence" (see links to London 2012 & Lord Paul of Marleybone below). The Liberal-Conservative coalition drew up their contract within two weeks of the 2010 election using a tool called David Laws (with Previous at Barclays and JP Morgan's banks) to secure the treasury cash for private initiatives (like the theft of student fees) and to impose austerity on the poor people who voted for them in good faith. Globally, the trend towards distrust of politicians mean that a landslide victory for people, that actually work for the people, is a non-starter. In Egypt tank commanders get $1Bn from USAID to kill/kidnap/disappear the elected official and 700 of his POOR ISLAMIC followers were condemned to death only yesterday (30th April 2014). Britain denounces the Egyptian situation but has much more subtle ways of cheating the people and removing all faith in democratic leadership and public sector funding scams that generate wealth which cannot be spent in anybody's lifetime.

But lets list some boiler rooms that explain why our country is in austerity and why the media companies (all owned directly or indirectly by the Rothschild dynasty with links to Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Henry Kissinger and the crooked BSkyB contract) need to lie about economics to keep the sheeples impoverished. I want to educate the people, who are easily led, so they can see that they are being robbed blind daily in criminal scams run by the cabinet or its coercion bureaus in the Rothschild dynasty (who fund assassins if any of the leadership teams have the courage to step out of line for their country and its people). These are the BOILER rooms that are run by the worlds tyrants and are easy to detect, because Britain was once great and has at least token regulation, that ordinary poor people struggle to understand, until Gordon got on their trail. They have been highlighted, by Gordon, as the most corrupt in this country and we will tell you stories about the celebrity criminals, in govt, opposition,  INTEL, business, sport, the palace, the military, the police, the clergy, the freemasons or the media  that lead them and conspire to deceive the worlds people.
788 -790 FINCHLEY RD
1 Park Row Leeds LS1 5AB 
1 Mitchell Lane, Bristol
44 Upper Belgrave road Clidton Bristol
6 Jupiter House Calleva Park Aldermarston Reading
Sweet Bee, 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR
55 Gower Street London 
22 Arlington Street  (which is right next to the Al Fayed's Ritz and has been home to Lonrho but has now done a runner for shame)

 788 -790 FINCHLEY RD 
So First lets explore 20 interconnected FINCHLEY Rd addresses. There are over 500,000 Money Laundering "Russian Doll" Shell Companies, the massive JEWISH fronted Network of Mohammed ADNAN KHASHOGGI (close friend and business acquaintance of Al Fayed) who built a business Empire and then funded in part the 9/11 job with input from Britains trade delegations (led by Prince Andrew) and humorous British owned charities interested in impoverishing children and raising money for their welfare (led by Sarah Ferguson from her offices on the 101st floor of the World Trade buildings with her iconic RED DOLL doll which was the only intact survivor on the day that was Iraq and Afgahnistan's Pearl Harbour).  The boiler room operatives in Finchley are pulling the strings for Rt Hon DAVID CAMERON, TONY BLAIR, GORDON BROWN, J.P. MORGAN, LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD et al.  Poor Sarah Ferguson: she has been rejected by the family for doing everything she was told but she lost her income stream and now sells her time to the British Free Press (which is a better deal than the "spirited landmines" and "only two people in a marriage campaigner" Princess Dianna got).  Rejected,  like the Carroll family traders who the Prime Ministered dared to cross and undermine their much more legitimate business.  HEDGE FUND Trader / BANKER Rt Hon DAVID CAMERON and his GANG have been embroiled in  the massive scandal  Surrounding BLAIRMORE HOLDINGS and The THE CARROLL FOUNDATION TRUST. One looks forward to the day when an "honest MP" will Stand up in Parliament and ask Smug BANKERS HEDGE FUND / BROKERS Family PM DAVID CAMERON ALL about THE CARROLL FOUNDATION TRUST or SMITH WILLIAMSON or PETER LILLEY, TETHY'S PETROLEUM
MICHAEL HOWARD and his 3 TSX-V PONZI SCAM Mining Companies.  Over 30 Members of the House of Lords, MP's and Grandee's all Guilty of being Directors in PONZI SCAM "Russian Doll" Fraud Companies
Even Better
Ask the Corrupt PETER HAIN or LORD DOUG HOYLE, NEIL KINNOCK, GORDON BROWN, TONY BLAIR or TESSA JOWELLS Husband DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS  about your convicted Labour Party Spy and International Organised Crime Boiler Room administrator & labour Party Money Launderer 62 Yr Old MS ANDREA DAVISON From BANGOR. North Wales who is so corrupted and knows so much about Govt/INTEL/Money Laundering fraud that she has fled to Latin America for fear of what Gareth Williams got and because she knows that Gordon knows all about her interactions with the underworld.  We all know  you will not insist the SFO raid ANDREA DAVISONS network of  14 interconnected MOSSAD Jewish Zionist run Boiler Rooms operating on  FINCHLEY ROAD LONDON  The £billion TAX evasion and shares fraud is under investigation by FBI / CITY OF LONDON  and the whole Press Lockdown on honest/open reporting, linked to the PMs "Daddy" at least while David remains in office (important that the British PM is not smeared by his cabinet's personal trades.  So who was David Cameron's dad?  Hedge Fund Manager BANKER the late   IAN DONALD CAMERON and PANMURE GORDON linked to the FAKE SHARE CERTIFICATES laundered to PANAMA & GENEVA "Dummy" Shell accounts and the money trail leads directly to:    1 PARK ROW. LEEDS. LS1 5AB (more below).  This brings in a huge confound to justice since Lord Peel (of Peelers Met Police/Freemasons affiliation)and Sir Walter Scott met in London to talk about profiteering through the lodge and covering your crimes with a good patriotic story.  The Massive " SECRET HANDSHAKE BRIGADE".  Park Row Leeds is  money laundering Boiler Room linked to RT Hon PM DAVID CAMERON's, LORD NORMAN LAMONT's, and, the network of PINSENT MASON'S,
Gordon has played a massive part in revealing the fraud at Sir Bill Gammell's CAIRN.  Cairn runs a vast number of corporate shells trading in a non existent product which his family have conspired in with the Bush's since George Herbert Poppy Bush's dad founded Bush-Overby oil. Gammel was educated at Fettes with PM Tony Blair (and George W Bush was his best man). Gordon's accounts are in classical spirited Anglo-Saxon/Celtic lingo but they are bringing the criminals down by simply disclosing how they cheat their customers to raise billions £/$  Here a few secrets, now published in several independent accounts, on how a select CABAL have been helping themselves to hundreds of £millions/ £billions running Fake, "virtual" "EXPLORATION" Oil, Gas and Mining PONZI SCAMS. One of the biggest scammer/ Fraudsters:

Bill GAMMEL CAIRN ENERGY DAVID CAMERON Bank of England Carney VEDANTA Tim Frost Dave Prentis Fettes.JPG
Gammels elicit game is over: he has backed out for shame and the Financial Times only allows you 8 free articles without profiling any of the frauds that have impacted on thousands of investors globally......
David Cameron's & George W H Bush's  close Buddy Your fellow Kilt wearing "Braveheart" Traitor  "Sir" WILLIAM BENJAMIN BOWRING GAMMELL.  GORDON knows his campaigns are shaming the ringleaders: "Trust me, he knows of me personally, and he knows I know how he and all his thieving shites (welsh for conspirators in theft) mates have been stealing £billions for at least 30 years.  There's enough Forensic evidence below to lock many of these Rt Hon scum up for 25  years and they all know I'm 100% accurate with the technical dismantling of their "Bullshit" Admission Documents, which are and have never been examined for "Due Diligence" by ANY Financial Authority, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) L.S.E has been hijacked by this CABAL as a free for all to asset strip Banks, Financial Institutions, hundreds of thousands of Private Investors and run Criminal Director "Insider share Trading" Rings.  Bunging their agreed kickback % to Political Parties
Such is how the City of London works.  Gordon then calms down slightly and talks about the Royals in times of crisis.  Queen Elizabeth II warned DIANA'S Butler Paul Burrell " Beware Dark Forces" :they are one in the same as I have uncovered, they are your "ROTHSCHILDS, OPPENHEIMERS, De BEERS, BUSH Families.  They CONTROL the UK Government, Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, Ireland and SCOTLAND.  They are from ISRAEL (this is a Welsh interpretation for they are Ashkenazi Jews from Bauer or Rothschild bloodlines, I think.  See legendary quote  “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland!”in 1947 and the lure of the leafy mansion in rural Europe compared to the promised homeland in the barren dessert that President Shimon Perez tolerates for years Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes).  A little part of their CABAL Network  Controls over 15 Common Director FINCHLEY ROAD. LONDON ADDRESSES.  But Gammel has succumbed to relentless pressure from unpaid patriots who have been pouring out the truth THAT HIS COMPANIES HAVE NO PRODUCT then this happened:  "Financial Times" reveals only that the criminal, who started his dirty oil business from his garden shed, has retired but does not reveal the crimes/fraud to its readership 

Also operating out of Scotland or near that hotly contested border country we have a series of Gold/Diamonds mining scams.   Just a hole in the ground somewhere then a tragic outcome reported in the FT or the Pan-Continental news release that the investors money has disappeared into that hole, then another IPO and off the profiteering wheel goes again!  Like Gammell, Algy Cluff looks like a nice guy with a slight Wodehousian mannerCluff the innocent carefree front that makes dodgy businesses look ever so funny to the criminal bosses (but makes Jeeves' pension ever so insecure).  List of offences below.... It's massive Money Laundering and Director "INSIDER TRADING" RINGS for a selective network. BRIBERY, FRAUD, THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING Directors 

 I had not notice the connection until I inserted this into this page but this message (from Gordon) was sent to Eric Joyce (controversial MP for Falkirk with controversial union leaders who take bungs from Labour party funds) the army Officer for NATO in the Middle East  conflict who fought in press covered diversionary battles in the house of commons bar.  You haven't got a clue what's going on, do you?   Give your fellow Labour MP PETER HAIN a ring, following his latest trip to RSA and BBC Programme on the LONMIN Massacre of Black minersCLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE FREEMASONRY MOVEMENT: Refusing to kill.   Gordon Bowden met Mandela at UNITRA and was invited to his Eastern Cape home outside UMTATA at Qunu.  Africa is also ravaged by corruption underpinned by violence involving private millitias and monarchy/club of 1001/WWF land grabs. WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8  Which brings us to the MOTIVE and massive  MINING COMPANY CORRUPTION from G8/First World countries operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo where locals were convicted of war crimes in the first hearings in the Hague for well over a decade. Gordon wants you to know about British Imperialist issues in the region and has asked  RT HON PETER HAIN (who talks a great environmental game) to give full disclosure about his NEW Directorship in a PONZI SCAM "VIRTUAL" "EXPLORATION"  Money Laundering Mining Company and his links to the Cluff/Australasian virtual mining frauds.
or should I say, the morphed cash burn gutted
Interlocked to 
Australian Directors Boiler Room  & share traders
But then Rt Hon Eric Joyce
 Ask Rt Hon PETER HAIN to explain the AIM 26 ADMISSION TO TRADE Documents or the run around name changes
which was a subsidiary of
What webs they weave, The RT HON MP's attempting to give PONZI SCAM, Director only Money Laundering  Oil and Gas and Mining Companies an aire of respectability. Then Try (in court) TONY BLAIR  at UI ENERGY, now there's one the SFO could lock BLAIR BOB HAWKE and the BUSH Cabal up for 25 yrs or  Ambassador Valerie Amos (an Olympic Profiteer with Lord Coe, Lord Condon, the Manchester united former CEO Mr Gill and the shady head of the Lib Dems "Mr Simon Paul Clegg" and the Princess Royal AKA the Laurence case). That is Baroness Amos that is associated with TITANIUM RESOURCES GROUP including SIERRA RUTILE LTD But
Don't worry, Peter Hain/Eric Joyce your Labour Party is not alone in these criminal sectors.

1 Park Row Leeds LS1 5AB Run Companies like, the dissolved for fear of disclosure, PARLIAMENTARY BROADCASTING UNIT LIMITED  02402768 (we will tell you more about this lot, Indigenous Film Partners LLPx3 companies and their roles in Globalisation of domestic criminal networks further down the page. Strangely, the Company dissolved after Gordon named a shite load (this is Welsh for a large amount) of OIL, GAS and MINING Ponzi Scams linked to  VASILE FRANK TIMIS and his Australian Con Artist cronies like ANTHONY WILLIAM PAUL SAGE, PETER LANDAU and SIR SAMUEL ESSON the BOILER ROOM,  34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH, RANGE RESOURCES LTD, ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY" The  US$1.3 billion asset stripping of Cash and Shares of JCI LTD, DRD GOLD etc.   ESSON JONAH was also behind THE AREVA -URAMIN INC   US$2.5 Billion Fraud. The interlocked  bunch of con artist Directors run out of the same address fronted by: PINSENT MASONS controlling fronts, administering all the massive AUSTRALIAN / UNITED KINGDOM registered AIM L.S.E.  £billion  OIL. GAS and MINING PONZI SCAMS.
With these, maybe the MET, "Mutt n Jeff" BRIT COPS, War on Crime, COPS ON CAMERA Squad could Question, SANDRA SHAW aka SANDRA NAN DEMBY SHAW, to cough up the £billion TRANS CONTINENT Fraud scams they've been running including.

The implications for the country are horrendous which is why the cheated investors and honest directors are begining to rise up and appoint companies like ALP to investigate crippling fraud.  So we are only up to the 2nd boiler room but I am getting board with the boards behind these Domestic & International Corrupted single country frauds.  So lets start thinking about how they operate in the Pan Continental Syndicates & Ponzi Shells that are impossible to regulate because the World cannot be bothered to operate a serious GLOBAL FRAUD OFFICE because it would be bad for business and it would expose the banking crash of 2007/2008 as a cheap shot crime against 7Bn honest taxpayers, savers, investors and pensioners.  Just with the push of a button in a secretarial ponzi scheme which they now run on all continents which the Rothschilds entirely own and manipulate by funding Democracy and Public sector projects everywhere at huge rates of interests (so we only get chaos and they get all the cash).  The public are bemused but the directors at Ingenious Film Partners LLP launder cash and avoid tax on a massive scale THIS MAY NOT OPEN It is a lure for the Rich and famous who just do what their peers get the Knighthood, Baronets Bung or seat in the second chamber for.  List of some conspirators here
Lists of directors at Ingeneous Films LLP and Ingenious Films 3 will also shock  you but combined with crooked secretarial shells, the capacity to make your own ads, movies and sci fi images/ads of  flourishing businesses, glossy plant and machinery is no more than a cheap con trick across the oil, gas and mining sectors.  Here are some of the more famous secretarial shells.....from the west country near the Bristol Boiler rooms and the flood-prone Somerset levels/North London Thames Valley regions.
These secretarial holding companies have structures that cross International Borders and into Vast Continents without regulation  which is where Parliamentary broadcasting Unit Limited was deployed to launder cash/electronic funds and assets into secret accounts or the snowballing coroporate acquisitions that accompany violent NATO campaigns and displace people running for fear of their families lives from land that will never again be accessible to them.  But they can get a credit card from the IMF, the Bank Parisbas and a flat pack refugee home for rent.  

Some of GL's facebook friends (removed for diplomacy from list below),  are listed as directors of  a dissolved company  called Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited id no 02402768 which traded from the CORRUPTED BOILER ROOM at 1 Park Row Leeds LS1 5AB  , now dissolved for fear of disclosure). I will tell you some of the ringleaders names but I will not dob on my facebook friend if he remains my friend AND agrees to get these establishment figures to DESIST from STEALING FROM INNOCENT CITIZENS IN GLOBALISED CRIMES. The dissolved company directors include Charles Kennedy, Baroness Bonham-Carter, Dr John Reid (now Baron Reid of Celtic and CHAIR as Sec of state of one of the fudged, blame the pilots or the aircraft Mull Of Kintyre Killings inquests), Lord Paul of Marleybone (way up the Forbes Rich list), Hariett Harman MP, Jack Straw MP and foreign secretary for war criminal Tony Blair, Earl of Strathmore A Michael Fergus Bowes Lyon, Arthur Desmond Colquoun Aran (Earl of Arran), Rt Hon Lord Cranley Cranley Onslow of Scotsouth company E01-E36 fame & Aquilla Air Traffic Management Systems Ltd, The Earl of Cottenha whose directorships include shell E31 of Scotsouth and 695 other companies over the years of "accidental" economic crises. Then we find London 2012 Ltd, with zero at the bank now, but uniting HRH the Princess Roy Anne Elizabeth Louise Laurence, deputy PM Nick "alias" Mr Simon Paul Clegg, Howard Bernstein of Manchester City Council and ANN CLwyd a war crimes activist who has recognised the Kurdish genocide as a war crime but blamed others for it (HER INDICT WEB page has a single picture of a hand grenade and a whole series of entrepreneurial business related jocular themes). 
Others who are not quite so cynical about their role in land grabs and life-taking for a laugh/corporate opportunity include the right honourable Geoffrey William Hoon, Lord Brabazon of Tara, Margaret Mary Beckett, the Rt Hon Morys Georgee Lyndhurst ABERDARE.  Finally, we find fraudulent Democratic Republic of Congo and no product mining magnate that used to be a hero in the environmental world of global warming diversions the Rt Hon Peter Gerald Hain who speaks well with an endearing welsh accent. The companies role was (like that of Ingenious Film Partners 1-3 LLP which we covered above) is to avoid tax for millionaires, launder cash into thousands of offshore shells then deploy it in other countries to sequester assets and unregulated income from a GINORMOUS snowball of GLOBALISED corrupted companies. A bit like the HEART of Midlothian scandal  SCANDAL but in reverse.....Romanov is a Russian/with honorary Lithuanian citizenship (with his own submarine). He has access to these scams and invents a bank in Lithuania....releases shares off the top of his head and then all of a sudden the central bank of Lithuania (which employs puppets for the Rothschild dynasty to steal from Luthianian citizens) asks for the Hearts fans lifelong investment in the decent game to be given to lithuanian Mark Carney the Canadian at the bank of England is undermining the British economy which is being decimated by the British establishment which own these laundering tools and use them to line their millionaire pockets. There are no international means of auditing, registering or veryfying the financial transactions but as the corrupt boards know the Shell companies get them access to tax-havens offshore onshore and in strictly secretive/neutral Switzerland. If anybody needs a loan the IMF or the ECB will oblige and again the rothschilds manage every aspect of the transaction. In the last decade Lithuanian assetts have been sold and privatise using the laundered humoungous funds switched out of "crashed" accounts with the push of a button by thousands of secretarial shells.   Both Gordon and I are constantly undersurveillance and because crooked directors know they might have to pay for their crimes which the police are payed to ignore, the directors like 
FULL LIST HERE and LINKS to Deputy PM and Princess Royal (the Laurence case re-opened with one eye on Tyndall Airbase and the Royal involvement on 9/11)
THE GLOBALIST LAUNDERING TOOLS NAMED BELOW & the MISSING Facebook link will be revealed if the wall of silence continues.  It is so difficult to change your habits when the PEER PRESSURE is applied.