Sweaty Roths Goths sack Rome, Christians eat Gladiators' remains, Islam Moorish wars Blue V Green chariot race riots & Charlemagne XMAS christening 800AD: Pagan Cull Bloody Eagle/Angel Torture

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Image may contain: 4 people
Rothestes Frankfurt VISIGOTH Federation Sack of Rome Alaric Ataulf Gladiator Cannibal burgers Hitler Rothschild  Bloody Hexagram Bloody Angel Eagle wings lungs TORTURE of Pagans.JPG

The SACK of ROME then Time Team look for the Alaric Treasure in CORENZA's cleavaged hoofs

The winds have been howling again as I look into the DARK AGES and the launch of false christianity covering the period 100 Ad -500AD when the federated states had become more powerful than the Roman forces using the same weapons and techniques.  Things go so badly that it almost has to be Rothestesw from Frankfurt who dismembers the Romans in Rome and now Ravena nearer and nearer to the Eastern wing of the holy Roman Empire in Constantinople and Rothschild's black sea region.  The Angels wings EAGLE torture was alleged to be a pagan execution method but remember they had no angels artworks or written text.  The Rome civilixation was so hard up they were eating gladiator corpses. Arrianism is the link to PISO and the chaos murders and bastard siring in those first 400 years "AD" typical of the PISO greed and power grabs.  So we here the history channel (again the speakers are from corrupted UNIs and most of the names are jokes against PAGAN gods.  So the Visigoths led by Aleric and Ataulph.  The ANGEL EAGLE torture is ruthless.  The Pagans get hung and burnt under THORS oak also adjecent in Fitzlar to Frankfurt.  So Aleric is the time team CORENZA launch cos they tell you thatthe ROMAN treasures are buried with his corpse in the South  nr corensa.  So the Emperors were all corrupted and we see Marcus Aurelius who lived  from 123-180AD, Constantine  the Gt is pivotal in the launch of false PISO religion Emperor just as he sacked York  & reigned as a SAINT he reigned from 272-337AD and was in York way out west when he took over as Emperor and launch the East Wing in Constantinople as a christian SAINT Quite twisted already and THE APOSTLES are the 12 EMPEROR JC Caesar & Christ deviants that proclaimed that jesus was to be our saviour all written by the PISO plume.    Below them we find CLOVIS 466-511 ensconsed as boss in the Frankish west.   early holy Roman Emperors and the Merovingians and Carolingians come in as PEPIN the small . The Sickle is used in torture and the hammer are still Gothic Austria's icoons STILL. Charles Martel is on the bloodline in 718-741 and his jokes are agin THOR Martel is Charlemagnes granpa and he has so many wives and kids it SHUNTS the bloodline in many directions SO ICKE is doing a great job in keeping us informed on where the world leaders branched off and invaded the world. By now they are fihting Moores from North Africa and the Islam Quoran is launched by PISO in 800 AD in a cave in MECCA with a virgin and a Joseph Ben Yuseph in it ITS A HUGE LITTLE EARNER.  The multi wife 20 kids is now frowned upon but all of it is a messianic human lie. The Viking pagans made the sun come out POSSIBLY the last to go with their own millitary & naval techniques and soon to be lost GODS. So we look closer at Carloman in 715.  Charlemagne was King of the Franks christened on "XMAS day" 800 AD.   The Angel Eagle wings are of course the Roman and multiple countries icon and it is the Spread Eagle in Financial services & TAZE Russells Jehova icon.   Carloman was wee brother to Charlemange and "died young".  4500 pagans are culled for worshipping the creators of our universe and that is VERDUN in circa 800AD.  It done in the name of GODs will by the messia fraudsters.  The land carve up is the 100 ACRE woods and all landowners try and expand and rent out their serfs to extend their territory every summer wars.  The NORSE discovered America but did not cull the natives and then claim the country as theirs. The history channel speakers are all jokes at the ancient Pagan gods' expense.  So Alfred the Gt was the first Britain to build impenetrable stone castles & by then we are waiting in the late 10th century for Guillome (G being God) to arrive with the Rothschild arrows for King Harold.  On the timeline we find OTTO and Pious PISO.  When they sacked rome it was Alaric 1 and Ataulf (T is the cross for jesus & eagles wings).  Alarics triumphant entry into ATHENS is in a FRANKFURT art gallery & the Visigoth territory is Austro-Hungaria and the Danube Black Sea regions for ROTHSCHILD (Bears first). Busento is where they launch the ROMAN treasure legend for Alaric. Alaric was born in PEU Peu Barney Mcgrew Pine Tree Peuce Island in the DANUBE DELTA WW1 & WW2 spark point & NATOs bombing of Dubrovnik & Nazi Papal laundering out of Odessa, UKRAINE Roth homeland, and formerly Franz Ferdinands shooting lodges with murdered kids as Rothschild Rules Austria and the bank in Vienna. One or two of those bloody issues may be a coincidence! Like Hitler Rothschild's "christian" name ADOLPH!!!!   So the Christians now convene CONVENTIONS and get rid of the ARRIAN menace that ruined Rome and that is the Treaty of NICEA the knights that say NI for the Pythons.   That is Nininian on Iona!   The Pontus Ukraine region is the Horatio at the Bridge POEMs by British authors in VENICE.  The Thors OAK is the PAGAN cull joke too also in FRANKFURT Am Main at a place called FITZLAR.  The Sturgeon Schnapper Rothschild family tree is the SNP Scottish freedom joke. So RAVENNA is Vienna region & then we have JUSTINIAN and the prostitute Theodora (THOR in womens clothing again) in Constantinople for the ISLAMIC menace.  In the Byzantine Empire with the TURKISH DOMES they fall out in Blue versus green sectarian riots at the race meetings in THE FUCKIN PISO HIPPODROME....the life of Pi PI the racehorse hippo is horse in GREEK.  So that is Celtic  Rangers in Sarajevo where the Scottish Band FRANZ FERDINAND sing RUBYRUBY RUBY  the gods and war deads colours. Sorry I could not find that data very late in the BYZANTINE story. Martel in the dark ages takes on the MOORS/Islam way back in the 6th century and it is the PARIS terror with fake PISO CODE numbers for the MURDOCH led papers. Murdochs God of SKY is BUNJII the God on the elastic suspender!!!! It cannot get more evil or HERETICAL.   The Ni KNiggets are the shrubbery Wood for the erection and the war dead JEWISH cemeteries for Rothschild in CHEAPSIDE/Tottenham nr the Roths BofE.  THe ING joke is massive as the christian in SWEDEN who starts to top the PAGANS as they have to build christian churches on stilts with Stone roofs to confound THOR & the weatherstorms.  ODEN/ODIN are Norse gods too and they get culled by the Engklish and the MURATS at CULLODEN with all the Scottish pictish pagans.  So Martel is an iconic statue in Versaille  as a result of his ANTI-ISLAMIC/Moorish menace that will launch WW3 if they have their way.  The Moors are led by Ben YUSEPH and the Koran was written based on them meeting in a CAVE, same in Egypt coat of many colous and All those are the ISIS myths with moses in the Bullrushes!!!!! & on & one two collections from the poor most weeks in all denominations except JEHOVAH where the Eagle is the icon as per ROMAN ARMY.  So I find the BLUE VERSUS GREEN Hampden false news on that occasion this yr it was HIBS for Petrie in Longshanks bloodline.  Theodora the prostitute like KATE MIDDLETON started the fightback.  Justinian is homosexual which is why he is useless and not on the PISO-Windsor Bloodline.   The PURPLE story is just guess by me and I never understood the colour purple MOVIE.    I may flagellate myself for that!  In summary all of religious history is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE JOKES against the gods that made the beautiful universe and gave us food, oil and all we need to live hapily and love our neighbours.  We have progressed to not being able to smack or fund our kids for the £70K that University now charge for the HONS degree that David Cameron got for nothing.  THE CLOUDS HAVE COME OVER AGAIN......did you know that the SPREAD EAGLE is a financial Institution formerly in LOMBARD St but now into CANARY WHARF.....the CANARIES are the NAZI & Papal laundering routes and to cover the KRAY twins who are the Kraish/Quresh twins who published the Quoran in circa 800AD when Charlemagne was having his christening and his XMAS party.  Every time a Bell rings an ANGEL/EAGLE gets his wings.