Dark Ages genes Today: Algy Cluff, Duke of Northumberland narcotics oil gas, Longshanks picks King John Balliol, Scot Freedom sold, Liz of Galloway gone astray

Pictured below is Henry Percy who died suddenly of NARCOTICS OVERDOSE  before his wee brother inherited his Empire and turned it into the POISON GARDEN in ALNWICK.
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Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling
Dukes of Northumberland 11th Henry Amphetamine Death, Ralph Percy 12th Duke, Persius Poet Lady Jane Miller Richard POISON Garden ALGY Cluff Agilulf LOMBARD King J Balliol of Scots, Quakes Oxford Uni Edward Longshanks deathly kids Dr who Tennant Younger Buchan Tweedsmuir GG Canada 39 steps WW2.JPG 

Please do not mention POST Mortem Forensic reports or FAMILICIDE but we launched the poison Garden just in Case. codename "Harry Hotspurs"

Dear friends I am going to tell you about the death of  Henry Percy  11th Duke  Northumberlands  by AMPHETAMINE OVERDOSE just before his wee brother12th Duke  launched the poison garden in Alnwick Castle WHICH HAS IMMUNITY from NARCOTICS law enforcement.  Much of the story focusses on the Dukes' middle name ALGERNON and a historic Turin Lombard character called Agilullf from TURIN/Thuringian lineage.  PERCY was Persius the poet in the Roman court who slew the GORGON and all those ancient bloodlines still prevail Duchess Lady Jane is a commoner with links to the MILLERS of Alnwick fishing tackle business magnates and owners of the most expensive fishery in the world in my town of Kelso where the fishing hut was lost in the recent BIBLICAL floods as they keep dragging me into court.  One believes she is linked to TENNANTS (recent Dr Who) brewers in Edin and the Cliff Richard media covers but those are not commoners they are the Tweedsmuir/Buchans GGs of Canada in the 39 steps to WW2.  Those breweries are Shaun Connery's birthplace in Edin.  So an interview with Algy Cluff turns out to be on the phone.  All Cluffs companies are virtual products frauds and they signed me out so I could not choose the interview which has him pleading for tax breaks from the Chancellor OSBORNE who has been forced out because  of his INTERLOCKS to Rothschild BSKYB Murdoch et al.   So Longshanks bloodline is under investigation too and he did not die in the tower listening to Wallace wailing as they cut his innards out but he died in CUMBRIA. Longshanks launched the treaty of Birgham/Carham which means scotland can never be free.  I nearly died in a car crash at Carham.  Henry Alan Walter Richard Percy died at 42 so Ralph George AlgernonPERCY launched the poison garden for £5Million for strategic diversionary reasons. The now dead elder bro had affairs with Noami Campbell and her mum Valerie. The Interlocks include Lord Robert Peel. Their neighbour soon afterwards became head of the MET POLIS up to 2005 & he is now Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington CHANCELLOR& student Debt thief at Northumbria University.  I reel off the 12th Dukes interlocks: HOUGHTON CLUB Ltd has more ords & Ladies than the others and the secretaries are mainly money laundering vents 16 Pages for his Lordship https://companycheck.co.uk/director/904727118/RALPH-GEORGE-ALGERNON-PERCY/directors  Houghton Club Limited (THE), Hotspur Lord & Ladies all the way., Northumberland Estates Ventures Limited & on and on. The elder bro is still on the listings.  I work for them as a beater for £32 day.  I retell the Gormley Stephen House Policing frauds north of the border. We open Algy Cluffs massive fraud OIl Cluff Oil Africa Ltd, Cluff Gold, Gravitas, Cluff Offshore Oil Ltd....like the Argentina DEEP WATER "finds" that took us to war.  I try to find some images but fail to find their shooting lodge with the Blackbirds flying from the PIE (the Piso Fanny/Vagina/Pie video).  The Eskdale shoot lets you see the Scottish hills just South of Edin owned by their shoots that Pippa Middleton attends.  Allover the world the American Pie joke prevails especially in Hollywood.  Murchison is the quake scene in NZ and a massive mansion in TEESIDE owned by the BALLIOLs who became King John 1st of Scotland gifted him by LONGSHANKS.  That is Barnard Castle for Balliol (a college in Oxford) Murchison Mansion.  So Northumberland died aged 42 in 1995 and I was forced to watch all the Harry Potter movies in NZ which is just their colony still.  Hence the QUAKES.  So the bloodline from Longshanks that takes us to FDR and Bush is disjointed by Longshanks kids 16by first wife.  The Elisabeth that marries the Galloway/Utrecht/Comyn line is way too far back in time to be Longshanks kids.  Elsabeth of rhuddian is the BOHUN Hereford woman.  Longshanks though created a ROUND TABLE and the ARTHURIAN legends were written by the popes in rome.....so I have a BITCH over the wall & several generations missing or the ARTHURIAN legend may make the whole Galloway deal a joke/LEGEND. LONGSHANKS actually died (1308) on the roadside at BURGH on Sands and it is  on the Roman Wall where ARTHUR MIGHT HAVE LIVED....same story in Quebec Du LAC.  Baliol abdicated as Longshanks  choice as Scots king and died in Pi PI Picardy in France.  Next we go to King John 1st De Baliol . So do you see what the ructions are after Braveheart wins his battle and the "Scottish" Nobles cannot agree cos all their lands are in England for Robert the Bruce who is from Galloway and Allandale THE Allans are the Arrians in Persia.  SEE BURKES Peerage scam  http://www.thepeerage.com/p459.htm  So the Uchtrect and Gunhilde's are born and die way too soon.  So we need a timeshift/Polis Tardis to solve it.  So Alilulf is from German Thuringia/Turin in the Alpine master race lands and Basina married to Childeric 1st.    Cluff, Middleton Northumberland are best mates. I take you through Cluff's interlocks  Sir PWalter Riddell  Prof Paul Lawrence YOUNGER (Brewers) Blondelle Cluff, CLUFF PROPERTY MANAGERS LIMITED, CLUFF GEOTHERMAL LIMITED,, CLUFF AFRICA COAL LIMITED, CLUFF MINERAL EXPLORATION LIMITED, CLUFF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD
CLUFF OIL AFRICA LTD,  CLUFF LET-IT LTD, CLUFF & CO. (NOMINEES) LIMITED,  CLUFF FLACK COAL LIMITED,  CLUFF OIL (DENMARK) LIMITED Phew Exhausted!!!! The Argentinia wars are launched from deepwater scams.  Lady Jane Northumberland is covered by Cliff richards' stories and the staff pay them Bedroom tax the BROOM tax Broom being the icon for the PLANTAGENET etter off together movement since Harold got the Rothschild arrow in the eye at Hastings.  The Percys own FALA Lauder and the Hills up to Edinburgh. Fala/Philiphaugh is a hub for the Murray links to Bush & FDR.  Isabelle Jane Miller Richard is her full name as a commoner and the Millers of Alnwick are the fishing tackle magnates & part of the BAKER Butcher and Candlestick rhyme.  Lord Percy was predecessor to Governor Gates as Governor of Jamestown and as a pirate of the caribean.  Her mum is a Buchan Hepburn in the Elvis Bush FDR too.  Christine Graham is now MSP for Peebles and  shares an office with Calum Kerr my MP in Westminster.  The Lord high Chancellor is another Manningham Buller related to sir Alec Douglas Home & ELVIS.  Ms Manningham Buller is my wifes boss at M&S, MI6/MI5 and they were active in the BOER war.  So we cant find a pic of the women but we find ALGY looking really grumpy surrounded by African treasures in elite PADS in London which are likely owned by the Westminsters of Grosvenor Richest Man in UK.  Grosvenor died last week.  So we find Peter Hain the ecology protestor who runs toxic radiactive mines in Wales and the Amarra Sth Pacific FIND scams.  Baron Michael Havers and Mackay of Clashfearn Nicholas Fairbairn PORRIDGE FIFE radioactivity news is released
featuring Gordon Brown MP for Fife but now propagandist for the UN.  So the terror is the Lorry Driver ripper prostitute  murderer from Leeds 7 they wheel out the Leeds culprit and Dustbin lorries as terror BiN laden covers.  So the Dundee Treasurer who died the weekend I visited links to the CLUFF listings above & the spectators that day were fans of Bill Gammel the rugby international who runs CAIRN for Cameron and founded it out of his garden shed.  So we find Algilulf Bishop of Metz in 1439 King of the Lombards who also sack ROME.  The bloodlines are all the same and the percy who killed the GORGON is now I believe a GOD in the ROMAN church deities scams.  ]Persius was with Herod in Rome when the PISOS ran the mint and wrote the bible in Naples.  DR Who is not real but they are all in the same twisted timeteams.    
PS NOT MANY PEOPLE know that Algy Cluff, Boris Johnson, Conrad Black & Nigel Lawson were ALL EDITORS OF THE SPECTATORwhich reported that Bin Laden went to the ROSIE School on Lake Geneva.  They had to change that story after the twin towers took is into IRAQ AGAIN and the new Duke of Northumberland gave LADY JANE to get going with the POISON GARDEN to further obfuscate the DEATH & CAUSE of the demise of the 11th Duke of Alnwick Castle & the Harry Potter Mafias with links to Warner Bros and the stammering King OSCAR.
ADDED BY PROF George Lees on 17th November 2016 
The time switch conundrum and the insertion of FERGUS/Utrecht into the story appears to involve the bastard kids of HENRY 1st "of England" who is actually one of FOUR sons of Guillome/William the Conqueror.  The lovers of Elizabeth in the ICKE Totse Piso-Windsor lineages diverge for Edward II (the poof in the movie with boyfriend PIERS chucked out the window)and the DUTCH daughter of Floris marries Edward II.  FLORIS owns the LAND in HOLLAND that the first GOLF course in the world was built on and LONGSHANKS murdered those dutch lovers family members to keep the secret SECRET.  All the other contenders for the English throne that king Henry 1st held are the BALDWINS, ROBERTIANS and the INCREDIBLE FULKE AKA Hulk in Hollywood & the Dutch treaties are signed in Hollyrood.  THE DUTCH connection is partially explained here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_of_Rhuddlan  and the replacement of Plantagenet Longshanks for familicide cover up reasons by the Son of William the conquerors KING HENRY 1st is hinted at here.  http://knight-france.com/geneal/names/1831.htm THE ICKE ancestors of LONGSHANKS are actually ancestors of William Conqueror's son King Henry 1st "OF ENGLAND"
This may get taken down for copyright but David Icke explains that such lies are frequently part of our history and since Queen Victoria & the Rothschilds did the bedroom business we have the TARDIS to get the timelines sorted. 

Lord Uhtred mac Fergusa DE GALLOWAY [1831 CODE for the excellent geneological site]

  • Born: Abt 1120, , , Scotland
  • Marriage: Gunhilde DE DUNBAR [1832]
  • Died: 22 Sep 1174, Loch Fergus, Galloway, Perth, Scotland about age 54

   Another name for Uhtred was MAC FERGUS.

  Sources, Comments and Notes

Source <http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/SCOTTISH%20NOBILITY.htm#_Toc268450057>:
"FERGUS, son of --- (-[1136]). Lord of Galloway. ... m ELIZABETH, daughter of ---. Fergus & his wife had three children: ...

a) UHTRED of Galloway (-1174). "…Fergus de Galweia…Uchtred filio Fergus" witnessed a charter dated to [1136] by which "David Rex Scotiæ" granted Perdeyc to the church of Glasqow. "Uhctredus filius Fergusi" donated "ecclesiam de Colmanele" to Holyrood abbey by undated charter. "Uctredus filius Fergi et Gunnild filia Waldef sponsa sua" donated "ecclesiam de Torpennoth" to Holyrood abbey by undated charter. Malcolm IV King of Scotland with "Uhtred filio Fergi et Gilebto fratris eius et Rad filio Dunegal et Duuenaldo fratris eius" confirmed the donation of "terra de Dunroden" to Holyrood abbey by undated charter. William of Newburgh names "duo fratres Gilbertus et Uctredus Galwadensis provinciæ dofuini…Fergusi olim principis eiusdem provincie filii" when recording their quarrels [in 1174] and that Uhtred was killed. Lord of Galloway. John of Fordun´s Scotichronicon (Continuator) records that, in the year in which King William was released from custody, "duce Gilberto filio Fergusii" led "Galwidienses" in rebellion and "X Kal Oct" captured "Ochtredus…filius Fergusii…verus…Scotus", blinded him, cut out his tongue, and murdered him.

GUNHILD, daughter of WALTHEOF & his wife Sigrid ---. The Cronicon Cumbriæ records that "Alanus filius et hæres eiusdem Waldevi" enfeoffed "Ugthredo filio Fergus domino Galwediæ" with property and "Guynolda sorore sua". "Uctredus filius Fergi et Gunnild filia Waldef sponsa sua" donated "ecclesiam de Torpennoth" to Holyrood abbey by undated charter.

Uhtred & his wife had [three] children:
i) ROLAND of Galloway (-Northampton 1200, bur St Andrews). ...
ii) --- of Galloway (-killed in battle 1185)
iii) [FERGUS (-after 22 Sep 1196)."
Source <Wikipedia>:
"Uchtred mac Fergusa (c. 1120 - September 22, 1174) was Lord of Galloway from 1161 to 1174, ruling jointly with his half-brother Gille Brigte (Gilbert). They were sons of Fergus of Galloway; their mothers' names are unknown, but Uchtred may have been born to one of the many illegitimate daughters of Henry I of England.

As a boy he was sent as a hostage to the court of King Máel Coluim IV of Scotland. When his father, Prince Fergus, died in 1161, Uchtred was made co-ruler of Galloway along with Gilla Brigte. They participated in the disastrous invasion of Northumberland under William I of Scotland in 1174. King William was captured, and the Galwegians rebelled, taking the opportunity to slaughter the Norman and Saxon settlers in their land. During this time Uchtred was brutally mutilated, blinded, castrated, and killed by his brother Gille Brigte and Gille Brigte's son, Máel Coluim. Gille Brigte then seized control of Galloway entire.

Uchtred had married Gunhilda of Dunbar, and they were the parents of Lochlann and Eve of Galloway, wife of Walter de Berkeley."
Source <http://www.geni.com/people/Uchtred-mac-Fergus/6000000000769891479>
"Uchtred mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway (1118 - 1174)
Birthdate: 1118 Birthplace: Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death: Died September 22, 1174 in Loch Fergus, Galloway, Perth, Scotland
Cause of death: Brutally mutilated, blinded, castrated, and murdered by his brother Gille Brigte and Gille Brigte's son, Máel Coluim
Occupation: Lord of Galloway and Constable of Scotland, Lord i Galloway, Skottland, Lair of Galloway

Immediate Family
Gunnild of Dunbar wife
Lochlann mac Uchtred, Lord of Galloway son
Eva of Galloway, Heiress Of Gartley daughter
Margaret Caradog daughter
Fergus II Galloway, II son
Dubhghal Lord of Galloway, of Galloway son
Miss Galloway daughter
Daughter of Uchtred, Lord of Galloway daughter 
Fergus of Galloway, Lord of Galloway father
Elizabeth / Illgt. d/o Henry I mother
Afreca nic Fergus of Galloway sister
Gilbert mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway brother"

Uhtred married Gunhilde DE DUNBAR [1832] [MRIN: 1034], daughter of Walter OF ALLERDALE [3216] and Sigrid [3217]. (Gunhilde DE DUNBAR [1832] was born about 1125 in , , Scotland.)