Dark Ages: Replacing the Universal Gods with Christianity & the Warmongering Messiahs

All you need to start a religion is a PEN, an army, murderous/genocidal bloodlines, ownership of the issuance of money to "friends" and FOE and a knowledge of the ISIS myths that are Moses in the Bullrushes. Next you need a beautiful Virgin a Joseph/ben yuseph or ordinary JOE and then you need three wise men with Gold Frankicest and Myrrh which is an aphrodisiac for your chosen ones' mum the VIRGIN.  Traditionally you replace the camel with a horse and then put Sally Magnusson on songs of praise and the rest is history.  Sadly though the GODS are now written out of the story and remain as massive jokes like the life of B Arrian Brian movie and OBrien the paedophile on the Lothian coast.  The massacres and persecution of all religious peoples is entirely by design and the PAGAN extinction by Christians who are from murderous Noble Bloodlines is horrendous.  So please read the pages below and get some perspective of the POWER of the GODS to determine your future and all the seismic volcanic and weatherstorms/pathologies you experience in your life. It is really quite exhilirating and I have become REALLY REALLY godfearing unlike Brian on the Cross, Father Ted, several generations of Don Quixote (swastika windmill blade freemasons) who died before they could finish the heretical movies on there being no god or godesses except "JESUS" and his hymen bearing mum.  SEE Pages below for the sad bloody history and for more on the Christian, Islam, Judaism, Moorish fake ups go here FAKING THE BIBLE IN NAPLES: THE PISO FAMILY & Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination.