Ever had the suspicion that your Prime Minister or President may be a crook, an assassin or an International war criminalWriting to reach Queen Elizabeth II?  For thirty years (as an academic) I would have said this was scaremongering but no longer!  Early in 2013 I have been in direct contact with the remnants of the "free press" and champions for justice in the UK and the USA.  I have been shocked and I hope you will rise up in protest at the contents of these shocking letters from Peter Eyre and his colleague Gordon Bowden (who served in the RAF and as a consultant on munitions provision and firearms offences).
Just read the letters and  look at this page PSYOPS: Keeping the world in perpetual fear and poverty.  Bowden and Eyre explain  why politicians insist on the official secrets act and a 50 year delay on breaking news or meaningful/topical inquests (always published by mandarins or vested interests in the trickle down that fuels this web of malice)?  If you are looking for the answer to why GLOBAL society is dangerously unstable then understand this: CRIMINALITY & GREED.

First Contact with Gordon
gordon bowden
9 Jan (7 days ago)
to me
Thanks for your mail.
George, since 2001 "In the Public Interest" I have been deeply involved in researching and understanding Trans Continent £billion POLITICALLY protected Organised Crime Networks, operated from within the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Canada along with their supporting accountant, auditor, sponsor Administrator Brokers "Boiler Rooms" that onward promote and sell toxic shares of "Virtual" Fake, "Russian Doll" director only cash shells, fronting as thousands of worthless PONZI SCAM Exotic named, Oil and Gas and Mineral Mining "Exploration" on the UK AIM L.S.E. ASX and TSX-V stock exchanges.
There are over 20 UK Members of the House of Lords and multiple MP's lining their pockets with the proceeds of crime like Rt Hon Michael Howard, Peter Lilley etc who are recorded Directors of these "Virtual" Fake Companies and many Senior Australian, US, Canadian MP's and Senior Military and Special Forces Commanding Officers named as Board member Directors manipulating worthless "EXPLORATION" claim only, Oil and Gas and Mining Companies in IRAQ, RUSSIA, LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN, FALKLANDS, FIJI,  etc
My expertise and experiences as a GFSA South Africa Ultra Depth Gold Mining Engineer on one of the worlds deepest and most profitable Gold Mines enable me to de-construct and evaluate these companies physical assets through their submitted AIM 26 Admission Documents. If you want to understand how easy and exactly WHO steal £Billions, month after month, please download from their site and watch (40 mins)  ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY" Where the conspiring network of Directors of JCI and DRD asset stripped 3 major, many minor subsidiary interlocked Companies, BANKS, financial Institutions and thousands of little private investors of over $US 1Billion. The very same people are all common and interlocked to thousands of other worthless fake AIM L.S.E. registered "Penny Stock" "EXPLORATION" Oil and Gas and Mining Companies.
FYI  I spent 10 years as the Facilities mechanical Engineer at the University of Transkei in UMTATA Eastern Cape RSA now the Walter Sisulu University and met with, F.W De Klerk, Pik Botha, P.W Botha and invited & visited the rural home of ex Pres Nelson Mandela many times
Should you wish to expand on my research database material or our common purpose further, just contact me.

In response to my assertion that Universities and Global Education/Communication could make a huge difference Gordon replied in the letter below. THIS IS WHY YOUR PENSION FUND IS BUSTED AND THE STOCK MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD ARE A HOUSE OF CARDS (they sell slips of paper and when the company defaults they sell off the real productive industrial product.  It is a downward spiral for everybody) GL Jan 2013
gordon bowden
9 Jan (7 days ago)
to me
That's fine, go ahead.
As with everything, when you understand how you can steal £1 billion it's easy.
Stupid robbers use guns, explosives, blackmail & kidnap.
Clever ones like those I expose use a pen, are on the Board of directors of the companies I investigate and incorporate directors who worked in the Oil and Gas and Mineral Mining investment sections of BANKS like for an example:  SIR STEVE ROBSON (Royal Bank of Scotland) now filling his pockets in XSTRATA.
Sir Steve Robson Royal Bank of Scotland
My research has been hard copy filed in a personal library of ring binders. These forensic documents and their respective AIM 26 Administration documents are replicated on portable hard-drives held safe at other locations. Selections of which I provided to Peter when he published my PANDORA'S BOX series of 10 plus 3 Special articles in his blog.
As with the ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY" Expose on the network of VIP Directors who conspired and stole the cash and share assets of Major Mining Companies JCI and DRD using the RAWAS MINE and 21 other lesser mining company interlock frauds, the "Modus Operandi" is the same with over 600 companies on the AIM, it is the same common network of Directors.
They include the historic archives of over 600 AIM registered parental "Virtual" Oil and Gas and Mining Companies that are current, have dual listed and de-listed on the ASX, TSX-V.  Their common Companies recorded close network of "Musical Chairs" Directors that have all been financial disasters and can all be cross linked associated to thousands of worthless subsidiaries and Joint venture partners where the parental company directors also directors of the subsidiaries, the brokers, accountants, auditors, market managers, lawyers and promoting agents.
In fact: TOTAL CONTROL of  a multi £billion white collar Organised Crime system perfected over the last 40 years. Ask George W Bush snr or look at how he and his cronies made over $US 1billion in his "Virtual" Oil company and robbed a BANK that funded him.
When any of those Companies public filed documents are dismantled and examined by those with 1 braincell or any mining or Auditing qualifications the evidence is clear. The Companies purchased "under valued" assets are nothing more than Historical mineral gutted mines and quarries, abandoned, flooded and care and maintenance piles of junk, "Sunset Mines" or outback abandoned farms bought for a couple of hundred quid with tracts of tumbleweed land in the middle of nowhere, near empty or plugged oil wells sold on by the major Producers to this network to absolve themselves of clean up and mine/well rehabilitation costs, lay off costs and any employee life Pension payments.
My data is available free to anyone who requires professional due diligence or Risk analysis evidence advice on public registered AIM L.S.E. ASX. TSX-V companies where the BOD purport them to be legitimate investment share Oil and Gas and Mining Companies.
Peter and I tried to get an audience and give a presentation  to explain in simple format the above to academic staff, students, their respective Unions at Derby University but we were refused.
Funny that, not that some of the Board of Directors of Derby University are DIRECTLY associated in their other directorships to those I have exposed might have anything to do with it, sort of TOTAL CONTROL.

Many of my Emails go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.  Mandela is an icon for freedom and human rights but elsewhere on this site I reveal how his heroic efforts were overcome by the need to fund his nascent republic from funds from the IMFThe Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control.  The loans given cover debt built up by the corrupt Apartheid regimes that jailed Mandela for thirty years and his successors in government and International Policing seem to be feeding at the trough that world leaders are now filling with taxpayers money and corporate booty. His visionary democracy has been stolen. Gordon has more insight and personal experience to explain why the ghettoes ar ten times larger than they were when the ANC won its political battle.  The unions in South Africa are again being suppressed in this region and we all saw how LONMIN vigorously put down its mining pay plea-bargaining with automatic weapons.

gordon bowden
9 Jan (7 days ago)
to me
I first met Mandela in 1988 when he visited UNITRA, a very intelligent soft spoken man, he spoke openly one to one with me about taking over an "Empty cash stripped Shell" where the Old Apartheid Generals , Bankers, Rothschilds and Oppenheimer's had laundered the Assets to the UK and USA. We spoke in the UNITRA Executive Dining room lounge at that time although frail he looked well, accompanied by his personal Doctor, a Blond lady who never let him out of her sight. We met many times on his visits up until 1997.
Yes, I understand better than most (ex Royal Air Force Gen Tech GSE Engineer 1969-1982  security cleared to nuclear WE-117 Tactical Nuclear 15 kt) you want to expose the Political leadership scum who have slaughtered nearly a hundred millions of innocents, Military and Civilian, so do I. My method would be the easiest, by confronting and exposing their involvement with forensic evidence (Corporate filed Documents)  Court provable. Evidence of their direct involvement in International Organised Crime, Corruption, Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering and criminal Director "Insider Trading" Rings running PONZI SCAM Oil and Gas and Mining Companies on the Unaudited, lightly regulated Casino Organised Crime "Washing Machine" the AIM L.S.E. 

In response to my query on how I catalogue (INDEX) the abuses right at the top of the political, law enforcement, corporate and media trees he replied that it is quite simple really......if they think they can get away with crimes from A-Z they will do it in the name of expert professionalism and National leadership!  This is how Gordon put it: highlighting the ruthless violence and corporate assassinations....leading to the concept of diversionary murders, massacres and the media-led PSYOPPSYOPS: Keeping the world in perpetual fear and poverty.  I have highlighted some of the keywords for you to keep it simple 

gordon bowden
10 Jan (6 days ago)
You need to understand.
I have no single URL,  the Data is my personal individual collective research, archived since 2001 and still an ongoing work in progress. There are more  than 4000 Fake Companies on the AIM L.S.E. alone with Companies name changing, delisting, liquidating and Directors resigning, when the heat is on  (Doing a runner) and then incorporating in interconnecting Companies (Musical Chairs)
This is not complex Organised white collar crime, once you can grasp the basics it's very simple.
The "Cells" operate like a old Cartwheel (similar the the ROTARY CLUB sign) The centre Hub is where the major stolen assets are laundered too, Off shore BVI type accounts, the Spokes represent the interlocked Companies and registered BOD's, the outer ring of the wheel is the transient route the directors move around,in and out of the individual "Cell" network of Companies. The Directors are ALL identified as Masonic Lodge members.
As per the network "Cell" uncovered in ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY" at their common  criminal "Boiler Room"
34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH. AUSTRALIA (MURDER URL inserted by George Lees 16th Jan 2013: Old but MURDEROUS News in the race to the bottom
Bad Company
As everyone knows, our Country has lost £Trillions, every Country likewise. It has been brushed over by all Politicians as "TOXIC DEBT" as Poor unsecured investments, So, basic science and economics can verify, SOMEONE has had it. We all point fingers at the BANKERS Directors negligence but there has been, as far as I know, no constructive forensic evidence that has ever been produced by anyone that can specifically identify how this all happened and is currently ongoing.
I think, I am the first one that can explain via my Data research, which is legal forensic and Court acceptable evidence as, it has been filed by the Companies Directors themselves, "AIM 26 Admission to trade on the AIM L.S.E. Documents" not only WHO by name and Company, criminally received, took their cut, operate as their "Bonus" Director Optional Share Criminal "Insider Trading Rings" and onward laundered those stolen BANK raised seed capital PI investment £Trillions but exactly HOW and WHERE the stolen WONGA is located.
I have (Data document filed) every Company, every subsidiary, Joint Venture Partner, every Director, historically dating to theirincorporation's, name changes up to delist on ALL THE COMPANIES and their affiliated Boiler Rooms
Peter will confirm,.
Over 3 years ago, when I was introduced to Peter, I explained the  Basic "Modus Operandi" of the collective Political Party funding network of Company Directors running fake "Virtual" Oil and Gas and Mining Companies on the AIM, directly aligned with the LONRHO Political protected Spider web Empire that, for their expanding organised crime money laundering and BANK robbing systems have hijacked the perfect money laundering "washing machine" CASINO the AIM L.S.E. ASX, TSX-V stock exchanges.
I explained to you in the previous e-mail to download and watch a simple easy to Follow Video, ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY"
It is a perfect visual example of WHO is involved, HOW, and what is happening 4000 fold on the AIM L.S.E., ASX, TSX-V. How a large network of conspiring Board of Directors with direct links to funding and thus CONTROLLING the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) UK CONSERVATIVE PARTY / LIB DEM / LABOUR, AUSTRALIAN LIBERAL PARTY, CANADIAN PARLIAMENT and the US REPUBLICAN / DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
Ask BILL CLINTON who gave him $US 31 Million (FRANK GIUSTRA) who is actually Document listed as an Employee of MACQUARIE CAPITAL MARKETS INC
The easy part is  (with a pen)to steal the £billions, the complex part is the money Laundering  & washing= The AIM L.S.E.  the ASX  the TSX - VENTURE and other minor Stock Exchanges. For that to happen successfully it needs conspiring "BOILER ROOM EXPERTS" DIRECTORS, AUDITORS, ACCOUNTANTS, LAWYERS, BROKERS, PROMOTING AGENTS, MARKET MANAGERS and BANKERS. 
From the outset Peter asked me what we should call these articles, I said PANDORA'S BOX with 22 ARLINGTON STREET (London SW1A 1RD) on the front of the box with all those known Country leaders, Politicians, VIP's faces coming out of the Box ,listing major boiler rooms of the LONRHO Empire, he printed these on his web blog and via the Articles named the PONZI Scam Oil and Gas, Mining companies and Directors.
NOT ONE COMPANY or ONE of HUNDREDS of Directors including LORDS, Senior MP's and VIP's have taken myself or Peter to Court for libel.
All my research work and criminal act accusations are protected for authenticity with e-mail correspondences since 2005 (Auto reply confirmed) to the AIM Administrator Authority, L.S.E. Market Abuse, Serious Fraud Office, Political Party Politicians and their Party HQ's and individual Company Directors Contact e-mail Addresses.
As I have just informed Peter, on the 19 December 2012 the Australian Federal Police, ASIC, Tax and Commonwealth Authorities raided one of those I have been providing criminal evidence to the UK AIM and SFO Offices since 2007 for his direct involvement in fronting fake Mining and Oil and Gas Companies.
With his common network of Directors who non to strangely are those exposed in ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY"

Just to clarify AIM LSE is in the city of London......which operates outwith the UK constitution (see treasure islands by Nicholas Shaxson).....for centuries this has been the whore of the financial services industry......the link below is randomly from their own shameless publicity engine. "Taking AIM" now has sinister connotations!

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