Corruption & Sleaze in Politics and Virtual Commerce

Some brave citizens like John F Kennedy, Robin Cook MP, Lord Kitchener/Rudolph Hess, and Dr David Kelly died to stop "our" POLITICALMAFIA leaders running (ruining) our "civilised world" this wayRight at the top of that one GLOBAL pyramid: PAINTING IT BLACK.  They, like 80 million war dead, have been sacrificed for personal gain at the very top of the political and millitary-industrial tree.  The current regimes are sickening and are keeping you too busy with trivial diversions or media releases to put an end to this once and for all.  The enemy number just a few thousand very influential political, banking, millitary-industrial, media leaders and they are "beating the shit out of 7 billion global citizens" who think their leaders are all a little bit stupid or they are losing their jobs and pensions accidentally.  It is ruthlessly clever but when the game is explained the "house of cards" will collapse in an instant.   The armies of followers they lead (but concurrently abuse) just need to concede that this war to end all wars is very easy to win when you put your mind to it and remember what they did to conscientous objectors and cowardly deserters for thousands of years. This week in the heartland of UK democracy a very small independent think tank has agreed that Westminsters' politicians deserve a £30,000 pay increase (almost 50% hike with inflation running at an alleged 2% (and energy bills for the jobless and pensionioners spiralling upwards at 20% yearly and a public sector pay freeze that has been running for 3-4 years)).  The trickle down is becoming an AVALANCHE but they did not have the courage to meet in snowbound DAVOS this year.  They have confiscated our penknives in Scotland and disinterred/desecrated graves to try and keep your attention off this.......I have a pitchfork on my XMAS list for next year but I doubt it will take this long.  The CRIMES are perpetual and vicious but you dont need an accountant to see the dark side of National & International Govt.  Check out any of these themes and see where they are hitting on you and your children across that mythical "party divide".

Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News, Paedophilia

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