Complicity in War Crimes and Economic Grand Larceny

My last 4 videos have been crashed prematurely or Muted from start to finish (120mins of silence in denial of war crimes & economic grand larceny) for 4 minute videos on LIVING TO TELL the WORLDS BIGGEST SECRETS.  This morniing I got a formal warning on the telephone from PC Heaton at Charing Cross Met Polis office so if I am found dead he was the hit man for Hannah Mary Rothschild  of Waddesdon where Jesus' holy relics reside with the WAR LOOT.  
Please Listen to this first just 10 minutes.

Silencing the Activist within 1 month of writing to HRH queen Elizabeth II

But first the story to tell. YouTube are now COMPLICIT in the suppression of NATOS & the G8-G20s' darkest war crimes for profit .  The researcher who wrote the "SHOCK DOCTRINE" was Naomi Klein who is, typically, from a filthy rich family and is now talking up BILL CLINTON's Global warming scam which is to be a tax on the BREATHING for the poor people of the world who "ELECT THEM" . Noami told the secrets of the Govt led assett stripping of the red zones in Iraq, Libya, Lebbanon, and they predict what is about to happen in Afgahnistan & Azerbijan where Trump et al are on the board. They Cheney, Trump, Blair et al are on the boards at dozens of HALLIBURTONS, Blackwaters & BLACK ROCK which i forgot to mention but will appear on my WEBSITE TODAY.  Trump is on the board at Augusta Master Race Golf club, Chevron, Exxon Mobil (and the BP boards are run by the QUEEN like the Dutch Royals used to run Royal Dutch Shell before the Rothschilds too it over after POOR Deterding was DISAPPEARED.  So Trumps companies include Mar A LAGO....the LAGOS the Rabbit who was the relative of Alex the Great (no not Salmond Yet) and the Ancestor of Lizzie Windsor QE2 and Arsenoe the Pharoah in Egypt before ARSENAL moved from Highbury.  Guy Innes Ker is a relatively innocent neighbour of mine but because of my mail shots to him & his staff he is AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS AWARE OF THE MASSIVE WAR & ECONOMIC CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, with PM Cameron of Locheil/Witney Conservatives they ARE COMPLICIT and that was confirmed by PC Ian Fingland like my three letters to Queen Elizabeth II (two of which I have confirmed receipts THAT HRH is complicit too.  The Rothschilds of WATFORD & Petty France where the BofE boss Mervyn King lived get a mention.  The sectioning threat that these people then launched make them the PLOTTERs & STRATEGISTS led by Mrs Valerie Jane Lees who tried to have me STRAIGHTJACKETED from 2011-2016 and has removed as the traitor in the family to make any decisions on the future of my home which she entered as a well BROKEN lodger out of MI6, Marks & Spencers INTEL op & linked to the Ker's of Otago Poly, Plexus, Kinlochart who was. All of it includes the Religious frauds, the profiteering Napoleonic, Boer, zulu et al right up to WW2 then Vietnam & the Balkans. Fingland's coleague SANDY MORRIS told me all about the Scottish Govt & Pharma led NHS doctors salary scam look it up on my website under Polypharmacy or dismembering your patients.   The Magnusson's are in the PISO BIBLE Windsor bloodlines and Sally presents songs of Praise to the non-existent "JESUS".  James Henry fetzer has interviewed me several times & Hannah Rothschilds' family's BREEDING CHAMBER CRIMES since Queen Victoria' life in RAPE by the KING OF KING's Rothschilds. It makes HRH' bloodline Illegit for 165 yrs.  So the COMPLICITY of the Pm in chipping Norton with the Murdochs & the Freuds & the Barkers (friend of the dead Ronnie Balfour Corbett).  The Iraq exposures, Lothian Road Rothschild Parland Auckland Rothschild Trust Lothian 50 PONZIS that impoverish the Goverments and own the press Globally.  The Rothschilds and their global INTEL, MASONS & False religions SHAFTED Lady Jane Grosvenor too, she is not allowed to visit her own children but the BEAUTIFUL HIGHLY STRESSED Welsh Lady who replaced her gets booted out when Lady Jane's first hubby dies and Lady Jane is allowed to come home.  But that is local gossip SO we get back to their complicity in the war crimes.  Trump's videos have only been censored for 2 weeks but my fist CLINTON FOUNDATION Video has been censored by the GOVTS & YOUTUBE for way over a year.  That was the Britney Spears Clinton ECO BANK scams out of the OOH LA LA copyrighted video & ALL THE MASSIVE PARISIAN terror scams.  My Lobbying has been global and I thank some of the others that were on THINKING PROFESSIONALS with Dr Sandy Morris who confessed to the profiteering dismemberment of all Britain's elderly patients.  Facebook ar TOTALLY complicit & they TRIED TO cover up Salmond' & McCaskill, William Hague (and his sister & Wife Prince's TRUST Mafias), Chris Evans, Elaine Paige, Cabinet Secretary for Justice Scotland, Barosso's PISO PA PIA Ahrnkeld Hanssen, Jack Straw was Blairs' Foreign Secretary.  Barosso was forced to resign after I revealed his training by Kissinger at Georgetown UNI.  That is Kissinger the worlds biggest Killer & PEACE PRIZE WINNER. The Elliots of Springwood are on FDR's SPRINGWOOD ESTATE....that is FDR that was on the Mayflower & Dougy Elliots' sister Margaret may be the SEC at Trident 3 & 4 Nuclear extinction threat REPORTEDBY MAY 2 yrs before my SECTIONING WAS SEEN THROUGH OUT OF HAMILTON....where Rudolph Hess visited the WW2 profiteers. At Nuremberg, he HESS, succesfully skipped execution by pretending he was INSANE.   So I profile the NZ Good Guys all the power brokers there have been Planted by HRH, the Barclays, the Tuckers, The Prof Evan Begg relatives of the PISO Windsor Bloodline.  Frank Griffin and Nazi Kurt Krause (who appears in the ODESSA WAR CRIMINALS LIST) ran the Biochemistry Dept with John Lamont MSP the Legal Advisor to the COMPLICIT Govt & my COMPLICT political rep's relatives are PROF Ian Lamont at OTAGO.  Sonya my PA was determined to embrass me and Her TITS were exposed at PROF TUCKER's pharmacy school FALSE "XMAS" PART.  Sonia ended up on REHAB like Angelina Jolie W Hagues friend who made the movie about bringing dow the twin towers (It is very difficult to find now because of COMPLICITY issues).  Jenny Tongue House of Lords replied 3-4 times.  The KNOW NOTTING Notting Hill Fraudster led by field McConnell get a mention.  I explain the defection of my friends at the head of other peoples' profession that is Helen Gordon THE MIDWIFE now STILL head of the assett stripped ROYAL PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY which charges hundreds of pounds to retrain you every year so you need to BUY THE RIGHT TO WORK.  Brian Rich is a lovely Fisherman from Australia and he stayed at the Abbotsford FREEMASONS hotel nr the sexy Duchess of Sutherland NEY LEVESON GOWER the inquest chairs for the Notorious KEEP REMUNERATING US to shield Tony Blair & John Prescott's war crimes.  Harlene Hayne was a yank who took over at Otago as Vice Chancellor post the moving upstairs into HRH QE2's Royal Society of Professor  David Skegg who solved the BAT Br American Tobacco CANCER threat but dropped out of my mailing list soon as I mentioned BAT and the three wise profiteers that were Churchill (the Queen & Bill Clintons' dad) Stalin Rothschild, FDR...who ran the war totally in league with Hitler Rothschild from autoroute 999 in Bavaria.  My only regret in life is that the sound of music is still one of my favourite movies. So Harold Elletson came to meet me and fish like Brian (B Arrian) RICH but I took him up the illegitimate "Royal" Teviot Valley where the GODs' right on cue gave us a MASSIVE LIGHTNING storm. Harold & his lovely Mistress Rebecca Stromeyer work for Jonathon aitken (Nephew of Beaverbrook the 4th Wise man and Propagandist Aircraft profiteer in WW2 who trained Lord Haw Haw the last news man to be executed for treason in Germany ...he was a Joyce like Eric the tank commander in IRAQ and the massive landowners on the bloody border  & neighbours to the PERSIUS PERCY bloodline in the Harry Potter NARCOTICS in the Alnwick opium Garden syndicate.  The Elletson now live with Max their son in BERLIN where David Bowie confessed to his sins of WALKING THE WAR DEAD & quite close to COLDITZ where Ronnie Balfour Corbett and BARKER the chipping norton GOVT joker openly declared that WW2 was a junket for the legless elites with their BAT men.  That is the co-incidence that all of them were captured with their MANSERVANT wearing the BALDRICK that indicates you are a slave to the upstairs sector in the FEUDAL WAR CRIMES that are portrayed all through the BLACKADDER war dead jokes since the PERCY's were Flash who also died young like QUEENY who was married to the SCHINDLER ACTOR died in an "accident" on the DAVOS ski slopes.....all COMPLICIT in laughing at the war dead.  The Time Team are sponsored by WALT DISNEY & Macdonalds' who cut down all the RAINFORESTS everywhere.