Columbus, Injuns & JFK Massacred and reported by Ben Bradley the Washington Post Music by Zimmer

You Tube betrayed me by declaring that my textual intro was too long to let me post my video so I made it a web page instead.  SO THIS WAS THE VIDEO I WAS DESCRIBING ON GENOCIDAL Profiteering and Land Grabs ALL AROUND THE WORLD.  THEY WOULDNT LET ME UPLOAD THIS IMAGE FOR AGES But there are four others on the next page that culled the Natives All over America and Africa starting in KHARTOUM (which became a movie)

The CENSORED VIDEO for world ownership reasons

I reveal here the MASSACRES on the AMERICAN CONTINENT that are not to be confused with the MASSACRES in the INDIANS' Nation in the EAST INDIA Company.  THEY ARE ALL LISTED ON WIKIPEDIA (at least they were this morning).  We start with the GLOBAL JOKES about DADs ARMY covering up the Genocides on all CONTINENTS for humourous reasons.  We start with the profiteering in WW2.  THEN to show you how ancient profiteering on other peoples' continents is we take you into the Land of the Free.   AND how cheap life is for rare species  and the indigenous owners.  INDIANNA is an intimate part of the entire Joke.  We profile all the TABS and touch on the lies out of Amristar and GOA where I have partied on the formerly bloody beach.  We reveal the UNDERHILL mercenaries in BREE nr the hole in the maginot line, in the Lord of the Rings, in Hexham and at THames Poly RFC.  All nice people and dangerous when fuelled with alcohol like the aboriginals in AUS.  FIRST THOUGH we sail with Columbus on the Santa Maria, the NINA (El Ninho BABY JESUS) and the PINTO (did you know I was a milk boy and an altar boy but I fear confession since I discovered all I know).  My life is entirely dedicated to taking GLOBALISM down and I confess to my links with the Paxton boys in KELSO (none of whom have been scalped with a bald patch).  All the massacres are trivialised and the statistics are just codes for the religious and geopolitical frauds or just freemasonic jokes.  Columbus needs funds before he can leave G (God) eNOAH. So he gets them from the fascists in IBERIA (Spain and Portugal that are strictly neutral and lead guilty NAZIS into the Rothschild yellow CANARIES.   The biggest cover up though is the RELIGIOUS PISO fraud and the repeated jokes on Pie PI PIA PISHON PIG PIGMY
NIALL NILE NIEL KNEEL jokes.  Eventually Columbus gets the DOSH and the ABBA (religious joke in almost all their output if it is not about central banks & funding both sides at Waterloo & the napoleonic massacre.  The Israeli Perez family get vast rewards through Odessa (in the Ukraine).  Columbus actually tells lies to his followers and gets lost in the CARIBEAN  but he has gunpowder on board and claims he has discovered AMERICA.  Watlings was a BREWERY in England and it sells "real" ALE.    It may well have launched the PALE FACE  ALE but I am speculating like Columbus' funders.  Seville and SAVILLE in SCARBOROUGH with the Hispaniola are all just covers for the EMPIRE STATE THAT IS THE WHOLE OF THE AMERICAS owned by the CROWN, ROME and the twisted COLUMBIA DITRICT and its global HOMELAND SECURITY GENOCIDE EVERYWHERE.  BOBADILLA is in the JOKE BOMBADIL.  TONTO (a TV cowboy story) means FOOL in Spanish (that is the INDIAN in all their jokes).  The six nations in rugby is about the tribes in the NY region.  THEN the archaelogists make the news that cover JFKs killing by releasing a story about indians killing and scalping other indians in 1325 (jus after CULL ODEN the DEITY JOKE).   The News on the cutting out of Indian tongues was released by people called Zimmer and Ben Bradley in 1964 when America was still Pining for its President (who like me wanted its 13 federal RESERVES banks to be funding its democracy.  SOTORO the alias for Obama gets a mention and plays a HIGHLY PAID BIT PART for JFKs killers who have not yet been disclosed by ARCHAEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION. The Crow Creek events have not been very much in the public eye since 1964 when they launched the cold war in RUSSIA (for disclosing that oil is renewable and can be free for ever to the whole world....THAT IS COMMUNISM AND HAS TO BE KILLED IN ITS TRACKS at the end of every great conflict for FORECOURT PRICING reasons owned by Sir John Wood and the BP plant in the GARDEN OF EDEN (in 1963)and the BP plant in ADEN.   The Gattling Gun that killed THOUSANDS at Amristar was invented by an American Dentist. But now the british Police get the blame and the Hollywood film is defamed  by the Washington Post as Propaganda against the EMPIRE STATE!  THEN we get onto the massive list of MASSACRES ALL ACROSS THE MASSIVE AMERICAN AND CANADIAN CONTINENT.  The Scandalous  cover ups in Nepal, Naples and British American Bamsticks are so facile but it typifies how the world is run by the MAFIAS.  Some of whom unfriended me as I was in the process of exposing Aly Moffat The RECTOR at St Andrews Univeristy as a financial criminal.  That person's name is Lynne Somerville and she refuses to answer my simple questions on Sir Fred Goodwin's interlocks to Somervilles (who are also prominent on the Lothian Road Directors Secretaries and Laundering PONZI shelves).  But back to the AMERICAS (Ms Somerville was PA at the Bank of america in the London Jurisdiction).  Frances' holdings from New foundland to the Gulf of Mexico are explained but one is insecure about their AUDIT on the war dead.  The BEAVER that chews the WOOD is the next genocidal laugh.  Then we re-explain the Gonks, the merchadise sell it again SAM jokes. Cartiers are now involved in SWISS WATCHES.