Close Encounters with the Scottish Freemasonry.

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A short story about leadership, working men and the small print (LODGED for centuries) in those contracts.  The concept of “buying out” the NIL return and COMPROMISING your SOUL and your life’s work!

6th May (11) 2013 – 7th May 7, 2013  my job as replacement for Scotland’s Freemasonic Leader.


Last year, when it emerged I was working with a greater authority on global corruption, I was given a job as a fishing ghillie on a beat owned by a Wealthy entrepreuener who lives in Victor Lownes’ old home very close to Rothschild mansions (in several leafy counties close to the no bombing zone in WW2).  My new boss buried several of his staff members during my period of employment (some took their own lives and others were stricken by acute cancers or morbidity).  It was a fabulous experience to work with decent people from all over the UK right through to the end of the season….adhering to the laws of nature AND angling with a rigorous ethical duty of care to fish stocks, localism and reading about the history of the Rothschild family (both new-, willing-to-learn, staff and executives alike were flooding into local bookstores and unfortunately funeral parlours).  Nevertheless the work was productive even in the year (5 years after a record drought) that meant the returning-stock were terribly exposed to life threatening breeding/procreation stressors.  Many of the local angling community, working men and fishing colleagues were afflicted by horrible gastro-intestinal, multi-organ and respiratory infections and they worried a lot about this…..the local clergy noticed it but just kept calm and carried on with a dramatic enhancement in their commitments to the LAST –RITES.

In the winter-spring of 2013 (100 years on from the assassination of the Astors et al by transatlantic mafias ) I get a phone call from another beat further up river….”might you consider coming to work with us ….our part-time ghillie is a leading Scottish freemason (out of Haddington) who has been elevated for the year to Scottish freemasonry’s highest position”.  So: “we need assistance…no need for  references we know that you are experienced and committed and please pop in learn the beat and fish for trout so you can learn the pools/rules”.  Not important to “name names” but the beat is right under monuments of Scottish fallen heroes, greek gods and goddesses and close to golf courses built by legless freemasons and with close ties to formula one racing with all its BLACK connotations.  On day one of my two day job, the leading architect of the golf course was cited not as a villainous asset stripper but just an ordinary decent bloke (I then informed my new “working class” boss in a one-on-one conversation that David Murray and Craig Whyte were repeated criminal offenders and he did not contest that but said Murray no longer frequented this region).   I also made my new boss, former “clerk of works” and “working man” from the Hawick region (now lives in Kelso and is looking forward to his pension) aware that I was working on corruption unremunerated (he kept asking me how do I survive)?…. aware that Rangers fans (ordinary working men had paid the price for Rangers corrupt fall).  He had no views on this but took me to meet a guy “the odd-job man” (bereaved of a close colleague the night before and very anxious) that wanted retribution for a neighbour scratching his car (then using another car so they could disguise the evidence of the hit and run).  The odd job man on the beat was clearly intimidated by local police who pulled up his unexpected traffic offences when he complained about the neighbour’s guilt.  The police were completely neutral on both issues but had all his computerised records which clearly COMPROMISED HIS POSITION and his CAPACITY TO APPEAL AGAINST THE NEW OFFENDER.  The land upon which these events took place belongs to the Duke & Duchess of Sutherland (who according to the genial owners are not related to the Jewish side of the Leveson-Gower family: made famous recently by Lord Leveson a champion for law enforcement and a responsible press).  There is a rumour around, though, verified by my new working class boss that half the beat is to be acquired by the Duke of Northumberland (and there are pictures of the Percy family and huge Norwegian fish aligning the fishing hut wall  of the LOWER BEAT...the fish were in the man’s hands in front of the camera but no evidence was evident on whether they were dead or alive: read right to the bottom)).  The new employer’s beat does not TIP (except possibly at the end of the season) but the ghillie is expected to bring spare flies (and pop in regularly through the summer so he can get to know the clients and the pools).  The training /induction course began in earnest on Mon 6th May 2013 when I met Lord and Lady S (two upstanding citizens who now live in nearby Bowden but he is a specialist in EU agricultural policy and fishery issues/quotas).  I expressed my delight that they lunch with the commoners in the hut and we discussed satellite  technology to track fishing vessels globally, 7 mile long nets and catch quotas: the S’s were constructive and interested in all the issues particularly new money & Spanish corruption....I cited fraudulent trading in diamonds  & gold and the default response of these companies shocked the S’s whose children work in the Lothian mining towns as GPs (and sustain job creation in Hawick where they own/manage textile companies who have had to reduce costs by installing machines to reduce labour costs)…..they appeared shocked but aware that companies close real mines and just enhance the proportion of virtual trading (by fraudulent tax-avoiding corporations in havens all around the globalised world  by reducing labour costs).  My new line manager (the working man from Hawick ) chipped in, again,  saying that he would just shoot them [the underpaid  black labour in African mines] as he had told me earlier in the day!  He said this openly as we sat round the table but he paced in the background.

Immediately after lunch we were given our strict instructions (contested by Lady S who fancied fishing the nearest pool first) for the afternoon.  While her Ladyship was at the loo/privy, the men sidled up and made me aware that “of course George we expect you to kill anything her ladyship catches”.  I quickly responded “even during the embargo period”?  In concert they replied “it will be bleeding heavily”.  Next time we met (before they drove past on the golf trolley) I said, “gentlemen I cannot accept your offer of a job under these conditions, it is dishonest”.  Immediately , they backed off saying just forget it George, clearly a misunderstanding and they asked me just to carry on AFTER I had re-iterated that I would not be killing fish during the tweed commissioners embargo which ends in July (to preserve stocks of Spring salmon which enter the Tweed in Feb-May but spawn at the head of the river in November-January).  Lady S an excellent fisher took all my advice and we saw many fish but none took (before or after my telling resignation speech).  The sun came pouring out as lady S and I chatted about interest only mortgages and how, even well off , kids were being robbed of their 30-40 yr investment in a family home.  We agreed that this was corrupt and immoral and was affecting 250,000 investors in Scotland alone who would have to default on the capital loan after paying interest only (the house goes back to the crooked bank or lender because they do not have a scheme to raise the capital borrowed…on average around £250,000).   I kept throwing a stick for her charming dog P**** who clearly was nervous when her ladyship waded into deeper water.  The dog just kept picking up the stick and whining with anxiety!  Her ladyship lost two of the four flies that the working head ghillie had tied and we joked about my incapacity to remember names but that she would always be “Lady whiplash” because of the lost lures.  They were great (and open about the personalities in the syndicate over lunch and whilst preparing the tackle) and clearly enjoyed “the crack”.   The menfolk had gone upstream after my refusal to take the job (against the rules of the Tweed Commissioners).  Just before 5pm, the somber return of the owner and my new line manager (who had convinced themselves that the FISH were sick because they had been seen tailwalking (but alive) through the pools since our very brief dialogue on ethics) reminded us that it was time to end an enjoyable day on the river.  The S’s both genially shook my hand and said farewell in a very friendly manner.


All the way back to Kelso the only thing my line manager talked about was dead fish floating down “his” pools….same the following morning when the working man from Hawick made it plain that I would be working with him “only under his terms”.  When we got to his hut he showed me a leather armchair (see references to the history & meeting places of the Scottish freemasonry below) that I MUST sit in at lunch times (and that I had been completely out of line by conversing on issues of international importance with his clients around the humble wooden dinner table).  He informed me that I must not talk about banks or politics and that the previous days affairs were completely out of line. I agreed (VOLUBLY) and once again said to the “man” that I would not be compromised by dishonesty, fraud and the imposition of lawless tasks by staff and owners. I ONCE AGAIN REFUSED and he put me in his car and drove me straight back to our rendezvous point at Kelso abbey….on the way back he threatened me with the law (and assumed I would be libeling his employers) and I said I was looking forward to the proceedings.  He had made me aware that one of the anglers that morning was a solicitor but I did not get the chance to meet him or his two colleagues.  I was back in Kelso, “unemployed” within the hour….I was given no opportunity to bring forward a witness or a representative to contest (or even debate/formally confirm) why “my job” was being taken away from me.  I wished my transient coach and mentor well with the rest of his career in the elite mafia that is cracking its whip over even its own children in their greed and PEERless splendor.  I feel really good and I am now going to take a wee look at Lord S’s CV and International track record on deep sea trawling and catch quotas since Mrs Thatcher (she is no longer in the Syndicate) resisted the lawless EU all those years ago.   The ghillies live in lodges while they are in work but beyond retirement they have to rent them or be homeless (like their grandchildren).  The syndicate are much higher up the food chain but are ever so nervous about dead mens boots, interest only mortgages in the family and selling their soles, so false cods can be sold for personal gain and POWER way above the local lodge.   One of my local family friends, a hotelier who thrives on angling tourism, is in the syndicate (who whispered to me, 3 years ago, on the riverside after returning from NZ that we all had to be accountable to our maker, as if I might die with some regrets).  The poor chap then got NOROVIRUS over a two month period along with his working class cronies (who just keep bending over and sending their kids into this wicked system).  He, the Hotelier, and his children (and continental in-laws) have my website, chat to me openly on corruption (and have hosted my seminars to the Probus club on these issues in their beautiful Hotel).  The events of the last two days suggest they prefer the status quo and the risk of meeting their maker and looking him/her/them in the eye of a perfect storm.  My working class line manager said to me when I was offered the job: please keep popping in to visit so you can get to know the clients (and on “day one” he re-iterated that there was no such thing as trespassing in Scotland) and [on days one and two] he kept reminding me that everything he kills for his bosses goes in the book!   I have not yet met the LEADING Scottish freemason (who held the job before me)…..but the head ghillie on an adjacent beat used to be a copper and a friend of the family too (he died already and is fondly remembered by the syndicate and working class friends all over the world that the Masonic movement , Secret Societies and 5th columnists/quislings and national security agencies have made such a lethal place, regardless of class or status).

END OF STORY……….the tail walking syndrome suggests (the fish are happy with the days events) that global contagion is a distinct possibility:  its called MAKING A KILLING to keep your job!  The (self?) sacrificial gesture is still very much on their agenda (but they recovered from the norovirus)…..but only the gods that actually created the Universe  know the final outcome (who will be spared and released from millennia of tyranny and suppression).  When I went back to my much more humble work as a trout guide a few days later there was a coffin (pictured below) on the bankside and it was slightly damaged but still recognized as a threat to the decent working man who will not break the law for these petty criminals or their lackeys/batmen no matter how successful their methods have been in culling humankind and local fish populations just because they DEMAND ADHERENCE TO THE RITES AND PROTOCOLS referred to below  (or are employed as puppets, conscripts or servants to the bigger regime).  I refused to take any payment for my one day at work and two days of refusing to lower myself into their coffin….and made a suggestion that my former line manager might keep it as a performance related bonus on those BANKS he struts so proudly.   I do not miss the job one little bit!

If you dont understand the rules I was unprepared to break:Preserving arguably the best atlantic salmon fishery in the world