Endless Prisoners Killed or Enslaved by the "Peace Loving Nations"

Wikipedia's funding is under threat too but it is an invaluable instrument for perspective.  I looked up Prisoner of War just before I visited two churches yesterday and I was shocked by images like these
The drivers for these conflicts (war profiteering, jingoistic patriotism, and political. religious or ethic tensions) stay constant over the centuries and participating countries do their utmost
SACRIFICES WERE ACCEPTED AS THE NORMAL IN ANCIENT FALLEN                                                                                                                          CIVILISATIONS Still waiting for CIVILISED SOCIETIES (who love their neighbours)

All warring factions need to imprison captive troops millitia and the extent of fatalities even under the Geneva Conventions in WW2 (the war to end all wars) is truly mind boggling and depressing in the extreme.  Just take a look at the numbers and homespun locations near you on these pagesSEARLE Japan (honorable not to be taken), millions dead Global genocide/logistic nightmare/living hell, millions enslaved/exiled/torn from their families Labour Camps all round the butchered worldoccupied territory deportees.  The logistics of repatriating troops and settling old scores is a nightmare of catastrophic deaths with much capacity for vengeful massacres, genocide or political/theological regime change (annihilation of perceived threats to the ruling classes....and the transatlantic and pan-European superpowers or their propaganda media vents)Starving to death for fear of communism.  
Many countries sell back prisoners (although the Japanese sunk many unidentified prison ships) and in earlier global conflicts ruling elites or well to do families were given special privileges in the midst of war (with a very limited risk of starvation)Colditz and its mutually genial elite conventions
Elite Prisoners of war/revolution were parolled to camps/settlements in Melrose (Scotland), Abergaveny (Wales) or Norman Cross/Northampton/Plymouth in England. Six Thousands fled from Napoleonic France to sleepy little country towns.
There was much talk at those churches I attended on conventions and their impact but in the world of warmongering the conventions have changed dramatically in the last  year or so.  War criminals can now be tried in absentia and can be convicted of not trying to prevent genocide in the country that you rule (near the top of those elite pyramids)...in some of  the earliest civilisations on the globe .
Even for Nations on the UN security council  (and their allies/opponents) the conventions have changed.