Cane & Abel BIBLE murder Beaverbrook Rabbits on moon PISO POISON Garden PERCY MDMA Ruperts Land Canada Bay City Fur for Fascist Top Hat & Cane Profiteering Firing Squads.

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Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling
CANE & ABEL murder in Bible Percy Duke MDMA Poison Garden Astaire Marcus Aurelius Laurel & Hardy Notre Dame Austrian Hammer & Sickle Beaverbrook Canada Ruperts Land Murdoch & Churchills V sign HOP on moon.JPG

Yes that is the Percy's who took over from OLDER BROTHER Henry after he overdosed on MDNA & madonna made the ALBUM MDNA & Lady Jane NEE Cliff Richards launched the Pi Pi PISO POISON GARDEN

We start the video with HANS ZIMMER alias Aurelius' music for the gladiator soundtrack. In the background we see the PISO FAKE Bible author family tree . We focus on the Austrian red & white Soter lighthouse & the Souter on the PISO WINDSOR BUSH FDR bloodline which we profile using David Icke's written intro to the Family Dynasties that run the ENTIRE GLOBE & its lawless POLIS & for profit wars.  Earl Gray of India's monument is between the ARMSTRONG Cranes (& in the last video I forgot to declare that POTTER was Armstrong of Cragside's wife into the HARRY P Billionaire story.  Dont just take my word for it go here & learn from the bloodline yourself......    I explain Ferdinand & Isabela of Castille running the genocidal SPANISH INQUISITIONS right into the 19th century.  The Boss at Durham is Prof Stuart Corbridge (Town on Roman Wall) & his wife Corbridge's partner is Pilar Saborio de Rocafort, a Costa Rican diplomat. Since he came to Durham  where I am an hon Prof FROM THE LSE the Volcanoes & Quakes in COST RICO have kicked into action. As student fees rise to over 70,000 pounds in England. The Hapsburg emperors inbreeding led to the Jaw that Bruce Forsyth and Rob Brydon have in the TV & P&O covers for the massive financial & monarchy frauds I have revealed. Headless Mary Queen of Scots & wee James of the Bible sectarian division are in the bloodline with KING JOHN the baddie in the Robin Hood movies with De Havilland the aircraft munitions scamsters.  The Mad George 1-3 Hanoverians who became WINDSOR & launched freemasonry all over Europe & into EVERY US Presidents CV....with most of the lethal world leaders sired by ROTHSCHILD CHURCHILL Mountbatenet al all around the world. We get to STAMMERING oscar winner chief Master mason George VI & 45M war dead using Mrs SIMPSON as cover for US Presidential ancestors like Steptoe for Washington. The British Royals with BUSH/PERCY relatives brought down the twin towers to demonise ISLAM & Bin Laden who theKAISER & EL FAYED went to school with in GENEVA.  So we  get ICKE proclaiming that EVERY PRESIDENT is an offshoot of this tree ALL MURDEROUS PROFITEERING MASON.  Because of the word limit on YOUTUBE I will summarise the video first THE ARMSTRONGS get to the moon and HOP over the surface like the RABBITS that were Hitlers friends & the V sign for Churchill, the masons share the SWASTIKA with every country across the world See ASTAIRE dancing like an EGYPTIAN as he PARODIES the first murder in PISO's fake bible the CANE & ABLE  THE LAND OF NOD with the river EDEN running through it was the BALFOUR's farm at Newton DON the Nod GOD DOG hebrew text reads backwards jokes for the mortals.  So CANE gets the mark of the foreign & British legions to seek the promised land and kill in the name of GOD...can you see why vesuvius erupted in 79 AD then again in 1945 when the returning troops were culled.  Beaverbrook was head of AIR munitions profits & the Daily Express & Lord Haw Haw trained by Oswald Mosely boss at the war office, the BNP fascists & Burkes Peerage for INBREEDING LIES.  Haw Haw was Joyce and that is the Joyces of Newcastle COAL & discovery museum.  The Top Hat & tails Joke is CANE murdering his brothers globally in the MASONIC lodges where the monarchs Goldsmiths Middletons are the MASTER MASONS & Knights Templar since Baldwin of Hollywood was King of Jerusalem.  The sickest bit of the video is the recognition that Hardy of Alnwick & Stan Laurel get to be freemen of Germany because they are the LAURELs of Hans Zimmers, Faust of Harvard & Christina Aguilera's AURELIUS descendents....they sing the Cuckoos dance of death knowing that cuckolding fit bloodlines outside the world owners trees allows the wealth divide and mass murder to be passed Zimmer from Frankfurts case the legacy is beautiful music as for Williams but on sinister themes like Schindlers etched on every moving staircase in Armstrongs we go to the moon to keep the attention of the billionaires and ASTAIRE's AIRIAN CANE sets up Michael CAINE to NEY like the COCK when Jesus was denied and to tool up Double agents like Ian Fleming (FLAMING FLAMINGO CLERICS in Rome) to make machine guns like armstrong but built the gimics into Bonds' movies as the run all sides for profit and kill the COMMUNISTS AKA the war weary troops for ntional security reasons OOPS the Sun has gone in so I will stoop there as they stoop so low!  So you now understand WW1 2 3 and the Piso family wrote the Bible & the Quoran. The Armstrong wives were NEY POTTER in Newcastle that becomes the HARRY POTTER Billionaires & the PERCY PIERCE Bushes of the White house & Alnwick cathedral which is GOTHIC & full of PISO PRICKS & FANNIES. Explained & illustrated by NOTRE DAME. Niel Niall is the NILE all translate as PISO like floors flowers Fanny & the NILE used to be the Pi Pi Pishon same joke as Pi Pi Poison Garden & PISTON PISTOL CENSORED HERE.  The Souters are the rich listers of the STAGECOACH EMPIRE Anne Gloag, Prof Brian Cox of Dundee & Hollywood on their board.  So the BIBLE, murder therein is a joke for MORTALS. To make Top hats you need BEAVER hides & that is Beaverbrooks sinister role as Hitler & Haw Haws mate.  The Top hat & cane images show you the SWASTIKA when you dance like an EGYPTIAN like Max Wall.  Beaverbrook came out of Churchill Falls in Canada.  Rebecca Stromeyer is still my SKYPE Facebook "friend" just a cover with her husband Ellison for FORBES rich lister at  ORACLE.  That is the Mike Meyers of the spy who shagged me US Rothschild cousins & related to Schweinstigger German & man Utd Footy captain.