I subscribe to the Carnegie Council Newsletters and this morning I received a shocking bulletin that suggests that American Leaders are Happy with the use of drones as tools to assassinate rivals, remove "terror threats" or just slaughter innocent civilians on other peoples' Continents without a declaration of war.   Shockingly it looks as if Great Britain is on the verge of stooping into provision of these weapons to other Nations (and has stocks of Royal Air Force drones on the tarmac in the NATO forces from Hell) Here are the shameless ads and the superficial debate on morals within the UN Security Councils Criminal Leaders......as they head for that Moscow Summit with the arms sales teams (and leave their troubled citizens closer and closer to the poverty line)   This is what dropped into my mail box this morning
If you go to the Flickr.com link cited you see that NATO superpowers specialise in weapons of mass and stealthy destruction. THEY (the security council members) ARE AGGRESSIVELY competing to sell tools for conflict to all the "peace loving nations" who aspire to expanding their territorial claims or running their states by suppressing their citizens.
Up to this morning I had naively believed that only America used drones to brutally impose its will on far flung countries but looking closely at these images sent by the Carnegie Council one now appreciates that the Royal Air Force is tooled up for these brutal campaigns (of selling and/or expanding the use of these cowardly lethal unmanned weapons).  
I was going to include a slide on STATE SPONSORED ASSASSINATIONS that might have confused you but I opted instead to illustrate that the G20 leaders who are in Moscow now are just doing what their peers have done throughout biological time The expression to MAKE A KILLING from corruption makes a lot more sense when you read this shocking history of state-sponsored GLOBAL organised crime. Assassination Bureaus & Ruling the World of Organised Crime: the Origins of Ruthless Globalism

Watch these two videos if you want to grasp why good and honest leaders always die young (and the culprits, SPONSORS, PROPOGANDISTS die rich) AND KEEP THE WORLD IN CHAOS for personal gain.