Brutalising Africa, & the Middle East (so Western ARMS TRADING can thrive).

In less than 2 months, in 2013, UN security council members have sent heavily armed troops sweeping into Mali and Algeria (a French initiative launched by President Hollande with full British & NATO support).  Air strikes on these impoverished countries are, we are told by the state-sponsored media all across NATO's world, designed to stamp out "Al Qaeda's terror campaign in Islamic countries".  This morning (18th February 2013), news was breaking that hostage taking is now occurring in Nigeria:a country with huge oil reserves but which is home to some of the poorest citizens (very low per capita income) on this Earth.  America has troops in 35 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and since Obama took office in 2008 he has been pledging to bring his troops home.  US forces are all over the Pacific Rim, The South Pacific and even into G20-Allies' back yard (e.g. Darwin in  Australia; or Japan where 50,000 US troops were stationed when the lethal Tsunami struck).  The driver for all the deaths, drones and carpet bombing is not the virtual Islamic menace....but simply to make obscene profits by trading arms with countries that suppress their people or their neighbours by brute force.  This week there is yet another top secret  G20 summit in Moscow (Russia is a more thoughtful security council member) but as the leaders make their way to the elite venue they are selling their malign weapons everywhere they can.  
Take a look at this (Abu Dabi in the United Arab Emirates is the venueAdvertising space for the abusers of the peace loving nations).   The UAE is an Arab Nation (as is Syria and Egypt) where brutality and insurrection is encouraged by the Western Superpowers after the countries have been weakened by G8 media campaigns (entirely staged and sponsored by violent western governments)  that mean the weapons they used to buy from their powerful "allies" are now turned on citizens, revolutionaries or forces deployed by the State (under its President, its King or its JUNTA leaders).  The ID (and cause) of the victims is unimportant as long as the munitions-profits and interest-on-loans from Western banks comes sloshing into the trickle down for these warmongering National Leaders.
Just take a look at these smiling war criminals at work and think that your kids are fighting and dying for this greedy and evil "homeland security" scandal.  National leaders have the support of their customers when they are rich and compliant  (but their after-sales-"support" is often lethal for their biggest account holders: notably Presidents Gadaffi and Hussein).  The civilians suffer perpetually as the western war criminals reach out to those war crimes SUMMITS.  The three videos below do not take up a lot of your viewing time but they concisely describe what the United Nations, NATO and envoys are working towards (£££££££££££££££; $$$$$$$$$$$; ).  It is only a matter of time before this evidence is heard in the war crimes court.  If your children are fighting for NATO in these troubled regions be aware that the weapons are designed to maim, kill and render impotent civilians, troops,and innocent passers by and that gulf war syndrome (unlike Al Qaeda) is a real threat to your family's futureWar CRIMES in International Government or your MP's reputationWriting to your MP: The Rule of Law & Hansard  
PLEASE PLEASE READ RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM and watch all four very brief video clips (it is a despicable and lethal business)


LOADSA Oil here and Islamic kidnappings (in Backwoods Nigeria) revealed by Her Majesty's Government in Westminster

French WEAPONS SALE (in UAE) Arab league/NATO bargains to suppress and deceive its people and its neighbours

TURN UP THE VOLUME and hear what this arms trader has to say: he is now UK ENVOY to the Middle East.