1950s Civil war in Korea policed by European and American CONSCRIPTS (who partitoned the country and privatised the south): no formal declaration of war.

1955 US advisors train South Vietnamese army for “civil war”

1959 Harold Macmillan & Douglas Home Gen Election

1960  Last year of obligatory national service with rites for conscience objectors in the UK.  The use of only volunteer soldiers was hoped to remove the need to consider conscientious objectors.  Concept remains untested but no need to declare war now.  Regrettably, NATO has troops from and in many countries still

1962 Marilyn Monroe dead in her bedroom.

1963 MASS PANIC: Billion dollar fraud  on American Defence Budget

Profumo sleeps with Christine Keeler in HERTS to divert attention (and raise the spectre of the SPY and the threat to National Security: see Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning 2013)

Kennedy killed by the Crown Templar & secret societies (Permindex, Beaverbrook and Churchill)

Ronnie Biggs and the state sponsored gang flit out of Bedfordshire on a retainer of £4.2million over 25 years in Brazil...ALL  to deflect attention from bigger STATE-RUN crimes.  FUNDED BY BERNIE ECCLESTONE of F1 racing legend!  See links to Conservative Party, F1,  & Fascism on revelations website.

1964 &66 Harold Wilson (Labour PM  & pioneering Bilderberg attendee) elected .  LBJ escalates Vietnam conflict with no formal declaration of TOTAL war.... COLLATERAL DAMAGE to US troops recognised but only others use WMDs or sell them

1966 Cassius Clay /Mohamed Ali jailed for refusing to fight enemies he had never met.

The Champ refuses to kill people he has never met

1966 Ballad of Elanor Rigby released by the beatles....sad and lonely people mourn!

1970 Edward Heath wins election for UK Conservatives....Nixon meets Abdicated King and Mrs Simpson (see fascism on website and its recurrent effects)

1972 Break in at the Watergate building in Washington to initiate mass media diversions and make a small fortune for Hollywood & the Washington PostBloody Sunday atrocities in Londonderry

1974 2 elections Harold Wilson & James Callaghan win power ;  NIXON RESIGNS (“in shame”: pardoned by President Gerald Ford for “all crimes” and Nixon earns a large fortune on geopolitical lecture tours...see Gorbachev & Yeltsin further down the payroll).

1977 Paul McCartney (II) records “Mull of Kintyre” (see 1983) despite reports that he died in a car crash and was replaced by an actor (secret state funeral cost next to nothing and all those funds and copyrights ALIVE & WELL in grasping family hands)

1979 Thatcher Conservative profiteers win election

1979 Thatcher Conservative profiteers win election

1982 popularity waning:  Thatcher declares war on the Falklands During the war, Britain suffered 258 killed and 777 wounded. In addition, 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, and 2 auxiliary vessels were sunk. For Argentina, the Falklands War cost 649 killed, 1,068 wounded, and 11,313 captured. In addition, the Argentine Navy lost a submarine, a light cruiser, and 75 fixed-wing aircraft. Italy win soccer World Cup in Spain....all combatants compete (no deaths)!  (see referendum 2013)

1983 Thatcher Conservative Election victory.  Chinook helicopter carrying 29 key peacemakers  (police military and secret services personnel) “crashed” with a little help from the US Navy Seals from Macrahinish airbase.  All victims including the careless pilots had automatic weapons holes in their head.  Families given £500K each to keep quiet or meet their maker like their kids/spouses did! Dozens of inquests (no coroner’s evidence ever requested)...John Reid now a Baron with guilt and the law “enforcers” south of the border too numerous to mention.  Everybody just doing the job they are paid to do!

1984 Casalee (who claim to trade in tobacco) has long been suspected of being a 'front company', closely involved with the Western intelligence services. In April 1984, a deputation of Arab League foreign ministers informed the Belgian government that the company, which had a strong presence in the country, should cease supplying arms to Iran. TOBACCO COVER BLOWN: However, an arms trader, Ruy Mendes Franco, was able to produce a catalogue from the company listing a range of items made by the South African firm Armscor and the Israeli defence contractor Israeli Military Industries. (Chris Blackford Independent) John Major, Soon to be Conservative Leader starts sleeping with Edwina Currie (“the most shameful thing he ever did” SEE 1992)



1986    The respected French television programme Marche du Siecle said that the company, Casalee, based in Luxembourg and with a large branch in Berkshire, acted as an intermediary for a huge shipment of mines to Iraq in 1986   Chris Blackford Independent Newspaper

The mines were made by Valsella, an Italian company, and were paid for by BNL, the Italian bank that acted for Iraq on many arms contracts. They were shipped to Iraq via Singapore. (9 million anti-personel mines sold by Bredenkampf’s company through his career).

Heseltine resigns because Thatcher wants him not to have the WESTLAND helicopter contract (she has huge family interests in these sectors)  Heseltine & his friends respond quickly.

1987 Thatcher COUP now elected MAJOR-led govt

1988 In March of 1988, Bull received a contract to build two full sized Superguns 'Project Babylon' ... One of the applications of the superguns Gerald Bull was designing for Iraq ...

Mrs Edwina Currie no longer courts John Major’s sexual favours according to the British press.


1992 MAJOR NARROWLY Re-elected (Sun readers Rupert Murdoch election: “Vote Labour and leave the country” headline)  Gerald Bull (supergun designer and trader) Assassinated in Brussells.  Scott Enquiry into arms for Iraq hypocritically commissioned.  Bad year for Monarchy: codename ANUS HORRIBILUS  1992 SHOCKER KEN CLARKE , Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, William Waldergrave, Peter Lilly and Malcolm Rifkind Friends (civil servants & ex-servicemen who risked their lives and families in this niche) have revealed that Conservatives were asked to pay their party dues early to fund the trading of nuclear weapons, get a nice personal profit and leave 17million in party funds.  Alistair McCalpine was primary fundraiser and CHRIS PATTEN WAS CAMPAIGN MANAGER!


1994 Within 3 weeks of John smiths death, Brown and Blair Carve up the POWER base with £1 million (again tobacco false flag with Bredenkampf in the backroom) from Bernie Ecclestone (Granita restaurant meet).....Seamless Tory-New Labour transition for FASCIST F1.

1995 NATO Bomb Yugoslavia as a “peace keeping exercise”.....depleted uranium and nano particles released over continental Europe

1997 UK General Election BLAIR elected ; Scott enquiry published Matrix Churchill (Coventry) takes fall for the Conservative/new Labour profiteers.   Tony Blair takes £1million bung so he couldn’t testify to Scott Enquiry.  Princess Dianna (the iconic mother of the heirs to the throne, HIV and landmines campaigner) died accidentally in the Pont De L’Alma tunnel.  UK police investigation chaired by Paul Condon (Now Lord Condon: Blair life peer, Board member G4S: see 2013 Olympic Fraud....salary undisclosed and references to totalitarian nightmare on website).  Milosovich President of Yugoslavia (Tito displaced)

1998 Breaches of the nuclear explosions act not in armed conflict (any UK citizens complicit would be jailed for life). Civil servants and munitions MOD staff knew of North Korean test (and illicit sale) but civil servants like David Kelly obligated to shield the minister or lose the 6 figure pension.   So Kelly doomed or impoverished. 

1989 Kosovo war begins

1998-9 The Churchill Matrix trial compromises bosses at the Coventry firm and the position of the Secretary of State/minister  for Trade and Industry (who did not let parliament know the rules on munitions expoerts had been relaxed (his name was Baron Young of Graffham) but the Scott report in Wikipedia just cites EXTREMELY BRIEFLY that the Tory Party Members who were actually trading NUKES had ALL signed public Information Immunity Certificates..... Lord Scott finds that this made his inquest overly secretive: “WIKI: As a result of these certificates, innocent men were in danger of being sent to prison, because the government would not allow the defence counsel to see the documents that would exonerate their clients. While some of these contained potentially sensitive intelligence material, many were simply internal communications: the certificates were intended to protect the Ministers and civil servants who had written the communications, rather than the public interest. Scott states:

The government is entirely frank in its desire to continue using "class" claims in order to protect communications between ministers and civil servants from disclosure in litigation. One argument put forward is that, unless these communications are protected, the necessary candour between ministers and civil servants will suffer. I have to say that I regard this "candour" argument … as unacceptable.  The names that could not be disclosed include KEN CLARKE , Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, William Waldergrave, Peter Lilly and Malcolm Rifkind.   SOURCES Friends (civil servants & expert ex-servicemen and women) have revealed that Conservatives were asked to pay their party dues early to fund this, get a nice personal profit and leave 17million in party funds).

2001 Blair New Labour General Election Victors

2002  (to 2005)"SIR" MARK THATCHER :Who, before the Coup was recorded with Lady Thatcher (his mother) & Simon Mann being wined and dined in the CARLTON HOTEL by  JH Bredenkampf.  NIC DU TOIT, NICO SHEFER, FRED RINDEL and others Identified in Republic of South Africa POLICE FRAUD CASE FILES.  SOURCES: UK ex servicemen who receive death threats from UK govt, CIA MI5 and some have flown to distant shores.

 2003 July David Kelly dead in the woods; March Robin Cook resigns as foreign sec on Iraq invasion..before the Hutton Enquiry was convened in August all participants/actors in the Hutton inquest were called together to rehearse the inquest at Warwick University....stage managed and details of the evidence to be secret for 70 years (at the insistence of Lord Hutton Oxford Grad and New Labour Lord Chief Justice!)  Hutton was also relied upon for Bloody Sunday obfuscation. Kelly’s wife key witness on pre-suicide moods and habits limping like an amputee with walking stick and smiling lucratively (see Chinook family buy offs 1983)!  England triumph in the rugby world cup in NZ, Professor Lees interviewed in Dunedin and returns to family with para-olympian passengers en masse but an attractive job offer.


2004  BBC make a Panorama Programme on terror threats in London involving Michael Portillo (now harmless train enthusiast); Intensive care Specialist the late Professor David Bennet, Intensive Care St George’s Hospital RIP ; Gavin Esler (BBC terror front man); Eliza Manningham-Buller Director General MI5 (role play by actress); David Veness Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police; “We need to confront murder on a mass scale” David Blunkett, Home Secretary;   Paramedics, legions of trainee police and ambulance paramedics (un-named as an issue of National Security)....acted out here  as a warning of what corrupted National Governments are capable of

Professor George Lees (fies out with the triumphant NZ Olympians returning from Greece) joins Otago University (ranked 4th of 7 Universities in New Zealand) Meets worn out head of Pharmacology Dept (predecessor) who failed to impress in  a very important internal DEPARTMENTAL peer review process and “opted” out worn out by peer pressure and workload.


Richard Chang working on a Bank regulatory project called Basel 3 is interrogated by an Israeli Security firm and killed by his employers for doing his honest job honestly.  His inquest involved a coroner and a pathologist (Freddy Patel) who have both been thrown out of their professions (one for his incompetence see deaths at UN protest 2012/2013 compensation for victim: the other for appointing his wife as a partner with no qualifications).  Richard’ rigid rigor mortised corpse was thrown from the 6th floor balcony of the Abbey National Bank (CEO at that time one Stephen Hester, recently defected from the RBS with massive personal wealth) in Euston Road London.  No blood released in the atrium.  The only eye witness worked for only a few weeks at Abbey National (qualified as a mercenary soldier in Sub Saharan Africa).  Richard’s courageous sister (a highly qualified healthcare professional) is struggling to raise the funds for a retrial to clear the name of her innocent brother....Stephen Hester has no need to work again! 


2005 London suicide bombers miss the trains to London, arrive late in panic so killed by the Met Police (Ian Blair’s highly paid watch & eventual peerage) underneath the HSBC tower block (cause of  death: gunshot wounds): location canary wharf reported by the NZ Herald word for word!  

Masterminded by Jonathon Evans former head of MI5 and strikingly reminiscent of the Panorama programme made in 2004 that predicted the bombings & locations but not the shootings of the “suicide bombers” elsewhere.  Some of the catastrophe planners (Portillo) are now compassionately interested in trains as a pleasurable recreational pastime.  See Jonathon Evans now retired for shame and earning the Mazaratti in 2013. Over 50 innocent  commuters dead as war on terror rages to make its planners popular with electorates & commuters.  Tony Blair’s popularity restored as a grieving but vengeful (anti-terror) electioneer.  

Professor Lees buys a house in Dunedin from a Red Cross Aid worker which is FILLED WITH ancient AFRICAN treasures (at least upstairs) and artefacts which were astonishing to behold but were sold by the previous owner when he returned from the calamitous tsunami all over the pacific rim .....see “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein (ISBN 978-0-141-02453-0 Penguin 2007) to understand how land grabs and asset stripping by International Charities and Governments work for the G8-G20 in the SHOCK brutality and natural disaster sector.

Blair/Brown New Labour re-elected & preparing to duck and run for cover.  Professors in Otago University all have their inaugural lectures videotaped and made public (one exception).   The Inaugural was chaired by the Vice Chancellor at Otago soon to be a British Peer and the head of the Royal Society in New Zealand.....we gossiped with the same barber in Dunedin and he fielded the questions from the public that were not videotaped.  Explosion at Hemel Hemstead oil depot where Professors’ mother in law lived deaths but much talk of terrorism!

2006 Aug Robin Cook “died” in Cairngorms (wife not allowed to accompany helipcopter)

Police raided BAE systems who bribed Prince Bandar of Saudi (reported in 2007


2007....”Carelessness” in the Global Financial World leads to media frenzy and the emergence of super rich criminals who keep asking their customers to forgive their crimes: billions of innocent victims now struggle to feed their familes and pay the monthly bills. ....all in the name of expertise.  Millions of mortgages, fraudulent scams, virtual commodities  sold to multiple customers, pension/savings funds in a world where all central banks are privately owned by obscenely rich individuals with NO DECENT PRODUCTS.  All Global Democracies in Debtor Economy mode as a consequence.....austerity imposed on global citizens everywhere because politicians (across parties) are prepared to tolerate criminality and gain from it systematically.  The political, aristocratic, financial services sectors and limited liability auditors led by International Monetary Organisations launder taxpayers funds into personal accounts and continue to brutalise the developing and developed world (in the Balkans)

2009 Professors of Neuroscience still think Neuroscience is important but get time to study real issues.  They are not allowed to talk about why they were paid $25,000 compensation to get out of NZ before things got worse. Sir David Christopher Graham Skegg then VC Otago University ( now head FRSNZ) was KNIGHTED....interested in cancer risk and smoking (see Beaverbrook, Bredenkampf and Crown Templar on the website)

2010 Cameron Clegg stitch up the treasury office by appointing David Laws as negotiator for 2 lucrative weeks).  Laws was declared to have stolen £40,000 for his boyfriend but was already a millionaire expert in the JP Morgan Chase & Barclays Empires.  Saville (“the other one”, not the paedophile peer and friend of the establishment) £200million Enquiry into Bloody Sunday published and assigns blame to Labour led troops.  No arrests or convictions even in the lower ranks (see 1983 Chinook)

2011 Liam Fox “disgraced” for trading weapons with his boyfriend at least for a few weeks.  Fascism rears its lethal head in Norway......left wing teenagers at a rally gunned down by Freemason Anders Brevick who incredibly detonated a bomb in a city and ran riot with automatic weapons in the country.  Legal media storm and multiple life sentence for one of the crimes.  Shaun Hoare “suicide” in the last days of Britains’ free press....last seen drinking orange juice as he soberly awaited the outcomes of the Leveson public school fagging exercise!  John Prescott deputy Prime Minister in the Bliar regime gets £40,000 from Leveson but is not trustworthy as an elected Political Police Commissioner.

2012  Britains jails filled within 10 days...riots in Tottenham by looters (fuelled by radical social networking by poor people).  Lord McCalpine accused of paedophilia (see 1992 Party Funding from Nuclear Weapons/WMD sales); Jimmy Saville dies a hero.  Spate of resignations at the BBC (lucrative pay offs) around what used to happen there!  President Mubarak Egypt convicted with military leaders of “failing to prevent genocide”.   EU wins Nobel Peace Prize.  GAZPROM initiate gas pipeline project across the Baltic ocean (after much of Europe has been persuaded to reject nuclear power by German greens...led by former Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder...who is now prominent on the Gazprom board with a Medvedev).  Medvedev at Gazprom  is probably not related to the Medvedev who rotates with Putin as PM and President. Ukraine, -50c in winter,  jails its opposition leader Ms Tymoschenko (heavily sedated in high security prison) for losing the election and asking too much for the overland pipeline from Russia & Gazprom. EU parliamentarians concerned and visit her tiny cell. Putin re-appointed in one of these roles....cavalcade through empty streets of Moscow. Gerard Depardieu defects to Russia as a tax exile.  Russian oligarch fights most expensive court case ever against Chelsea FC Owner then “dies of suicide” whilst domiciled in Leafy London suburb...Rangers FC asset stripping commences.  Stock at the Murray Investment Trust (Aberdeen Assett Management) suddenly spikes (Rangers £600,000 a year directors re-group but ignore £45 million tax bill) . Falkirk Labour MP eric Joyce (former Major in NATO forces....fights in commons bar and reprimanded pardoned then asked to step down...creates unresolved by-election crisis which is ignored by BBC Scotland studiously).  Putin iniates divorce proceedings when wives of PMs and presidents accused of extorting their husbands.  Leveson enquiry rewards all interviewees.Tony Blair accused of profiteering uses private security team to remove LEVESON protestor who accuses him of war crimes and receiving million pound retainers from corrupted bank ( blair denies that he was paid as UK envoy to the Middle East and multi-millionaire .  Boat race between two elite universities (that were immune from bombing in WW2) interrupted by an Australian protestor against multi-national grand larceny...Mr Oldfield lucky not to lose his head (JAILED).  Lord Patten (head of Oxford University, Director of the BBC Trust, BP Board member, governor of Honkers and Shonkers outpost of Empire) historically invites his Oxford University alumnus Aung San Suu Kyi (daughter of tank commander highly feared in colonial Burma) to give historic address to UK parliament on OPEN GOVERNMENT!  Professor writes to David Cameron’s Office in Whitney and asks him to meet the queen and try and find a respectable way out of the extortion, profiteering and oaths which means Britain’s constitution cannot impose the rule of law on politicians, the judiciary or those who commit grand larceny in most sectors of public and corporate life.  Historic meeting of monarch and cabinet takes place......Queen looks grave throughout and asks concernedly about gold bars in the treasury on her way out.  No action taken but several ancient or dead “alleged paedophiles” at the BBC are SPANKED for their sins....others walk away without portfolio (and condone rape under the right circumstances)!

Theresa May risks her life at the Police union meeting.....Obama and she loosen up the extradition laws both sides of the Atlantic and the UKs regional policing system is dismembered in favour of very highly paid executives in charge of united forces. Ruthless HR apparatchiks strive to reduce the police work force to a bare minimum and strip out pension for all but boardroom Chief Inspector grades (experienced Police commissioners at th Fraud interface from cities like Chicago and Los Angeles mooted to solve LEADERSHIP problems.  Elected police commissioners now appointed.  Private companies like G4S increasingly displace local police in the welfare system, social security offices, Court buildings, Banking Armoured Vans and sports stadia all over the UK.  Staff not always fluent in spoken English.  See Lord Condon (former head of Met police and now G4S board) & Princess Dianna “ accidental death inquest” 1997. Nick Buckles was paid 1.9million as CEO at G4S which enforces “LAW” for profit all over the globe but did not get a performance related bonus for the Olympic fracas


2013  David Laws appointed Minister for Education after the median debt for students in the UK had already risen to £ five figures....By 2015 the fund matures to £40-50,000 per student.  Student loans company Run by Professor Glynis Breakwell (large expert salary and RISK research INTEREST) but owned by Michael Moore MP and Vince Cable (and funded secretly by the Rothschild bank)  Inflation is running at 3% according to the media that allow this to work.  Hulne guilty of biblical extra-marital sins and speeding as a perversion of the course of justice.  Mubarak retried; democratically elected head of the Islamic Brotherhood goes missing as tank commanders retake the country (but is visited in confidence by UK diplomat at head of UN Baroness Ashton (High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union. Under the Treaty of Lisbon, this post is combined with the post of Vice-President of the European Commission): no transcript published or corpse discovered).   Nick Buckles resigns, Stephen Hester steps down, the Backroom Milliband brother flees from socialist Newcastle.

Professor writes again to the queen in an unprecedentedly cold spring (gas prices rise by 20% for 2nd year in a row but inflation still stable at 3%)....pleading with her to address the scams in the banks and stock markets which are threatening all our savings, pensions and global peace....Professor reveals that current PM who meets the queen weekly was trading NUKES when he was 24 for Mrs Thatcher (buried this year as Britains Greatest woman).  These secrets also shared with the BBC’s Rory Bremner when the Professor was interviewed on the corner of Edinburgh’s Princess Street (no footage shown by the “popular”“ comedian”).  Queen’s aide responds acknowledging the queens concerns for her reputation (and the Country and its people) but pointing out that she constitutionally cannot interfere with affairs of state and that corruption in public life is exclusively the Prime Ministers affair.  The 60 year anniversary of the queen’s coronation came and went and the Queen layed her wreath as the constitution demands.  Bizarre weather patterns observed as god’s representatives in England appoint a new Archbishop of Canterbury from the Oil Industry (son of Winston Churchills private secretary and recently pledged to give loans to the homeless at interest rates of 40-80%).

Sir Jonathon Evans (former head MI5...see 2005 London Bombings and suicide bombers shot dead by Met police)  to be given a new mazeratti if he and William Hague succeed in loosening up John Bredenkamps frozen assets.

Comments submitted by me on LINKEDIN theme: Re my dialogue with Professor Sir David Skegg’s hairdresser: the funding of the killing of Airey Neave and Lord Mountbatten in the family by the family; Charles and Camilla’s illegitimate child now working class and happy in Australia; The Governor General & Lord Peter William’s QCs cancers and his role in fundraising for the IRA assassination bureau in the southern hemisphere) airbrushed by the webmaster....and my threat to breach the gagging clause on behalf of students everywhere can no longer be seen on the Discussion theme that I initiated as one of LINKEDINs top 5% of users.  The topics of 1) how beautiful Otago University appears to be and 2) David Skegg being decent enough to give my wine back after dinner, were published in full.

Gunner Rigby cut down on the pavements of Woolwich....headless corpse, no blood Mosques burned within the fortnight.

Referendum in the Falklands: 98% of “local residents” opt to stay British and Royal Prince stationed amongst the militarised electorate declares he is prepared to kill for the right cause. 

Royal Children photographed Naked by Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi convicted of massive tax evasion and sentenced to decades in prison (but too old to serve such a sentence) morning released to re-start his political life in his debtor country (still no elections).

Sir Alex Ferguson resigns after legendary career.... allegedly gets 6 figure salary for part-time consultancy work in his sons firm that was accused of fraud in his term as manager. 

Pope Benedict (or his Doppleganger following his killing by black pope Kolvenbach) resigns from the Vatican, sacks his butler then re-appoints him. Archbishop O’Brien loses his home in East Lothian (and potentially his life) no reports of visits from Baroness Ashton to check on his welfare....administrator from Rome takes over from Archbishop Tartaglia.  Exiled Scottish priests decried and harassed in Australia by Reporting Scotland,  Local parishioners asked to keep calm and “carry on”.  Reporting Scotland vigorously denounces NHS waiting times, Paedophilia in the clergy, scandals at Rangers and Hearts FCs(involving tax evasion on a million dollar scale and BREACH OF TRUST), losing ashes beyond cremations.  

Falkirk Labour MP (former Major in NATO forces)....fights in commons bar AGAIN and reprimanded then asked to step down...creates unresolved by-election crisis which is ignored by BBC Scotland studiously.....long waiting time!

Professor Resigns from the Board of an intensive care journal when government sponsored propaganda is used to terrorise Port Arthur, Waco, Twin Towers, Boston, Sandy Hook School , Woolwich (and to spark ethnic hatred).  Intensive get huge financial rewards for their part in Glasgow Bombings in 2010 (now practicing in Australia).....All my work on the lack of medicines in sub Saharan Africa (death rates of 1 in 12 obstetric operations) unpublishable.  Professors in Anaesthesia and Intensive care and Vice Chancellors throughout the land refuse to confront the student fees scandal. 

University Leaders all over Britain threatened by unemployed professor who has lost his right to work (because he has flagged the criminality of student loans to civic and political leaders all over the United Corrupted Kingdom)......median exam results in schools continues to rise for over 30 years back to back.

Professor writes to Foreign Secretary William Hague and Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore (his local MP) pleading with them not to release the assets of Munitions magnate John Bredenkampf......a land mine and nuclear arms trader whilst the commons is in recess and less ambitious politicians are on vacation.  Domiciled in England for decades his assets were frozen at UBS when the conservative party rashly agreed to fund the provision of nuclear weapons as an opportunity to raise party funds and as a lucrative personal investment (see list of corrupted leaders in John Major’s cabinet 1992). 

 If released, the HSBC bank is to launder these funds around the world but some of the nukes that should have been destroyed in the USA have gone missing...see Gibraltar below.

Professor writes to Frome district councillors under the freedom of information act regarding the nuclear bunker erected adjacent to Prestige Classic Cars, Luckington near Frome in the Mendips: their political jurisdiction (details of the 500 or so recipients on request).  When this information was sent to EU parliamentarians my Email and website accounts were shut down.  The issues are directly related to the Gibraltar row on border controls (as G8 leaders search their souls for the missing illicit weapons) and to the Zimbabwe election which had Mugabe lost might have loosed up Bredenkamfs assets (upon which circa 3000 jobs are dependent in this sector that was used to brutalise Iraq and kill 2 million civilians).  

Nick Buckles Ducks out with the G4S cash while the going is good. Lord Condon sits it out in the 2nd chamber.  MI5 appoints a new boss.  Professor pleads with the German pressPleading with the German Media to let the news out: WMD trading by G8-G20 Governments to reveal that the rest of the worlds press have been bought.  The BBC reveal the promise of stem cell burgers to feed the world that they help impoverish and cheat daily!

WITHIN 24 hours of mailing this to decent people all around the globe I was in deep TROUBLE with the FACEBOOK team....and one of my local councillors refused to receive my mail....