Boris Johnson Cameron Royal Bastards EUs Austro Gerry Master Races DietrichStein Kerr Ancram Scott Buccleuch WW culprits in 1919 related to HRH

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Boris Johnson David Cameron Bastard Royal Germans Links Ancram Kerr Von Westenholz D of Bucccleuch John Scott Douglas Home Dugdale Rothschild ADEL KINSKY Herzog Dietrich Wellesly Austrian M race Lord Rothschild Bullingdon Boys. JPG

YBoris Johnson Cameron Royal Bastards EUs Austro Gerry Master Races Dietrich Kerr Ancram Scott Buccleuch Scott Global Mafias
Both David Cameron and Boris are relatives of HRH's GERMAN Freemasonic ancestors.  They lead the GLOBIST FRAUD mafias until I come along and bust their secrets open.  The German Princes from Hanover come across to lead the MASONS and the WINDSOR, Cameron & Johnson families both of which have links to the EU World Bank, HSBC, Panmure Holdings & CAIRN frauds on the Court of the Bank of England with only virtual oil coupons to sell.  ADEL is the name for the Archduke/Emperor Aristo lineages in ARRIAN Austria ,the edelweiss ADELLE jokes.....over 20,000 of those fascist families are still landowners all over the GLOBE with the Hammer for Thor and the sickle for socialism on the National flag/anthem.  So we start with clan Ker &  Peter, Antonella parents of Michael Ancram Marquess of Lothian.  Their kids are married into Danish & Alpine Von Westenholz, Clan cameron, Dukes of Buccleugh, and that is Michael Ancram Sec of state for IRELAND chinook massacres. ANCRAM's kids, brothers and sisters who link to the German UK monarchy mafias , radio four Montagu, and estates all over Scotland and MUCH OF EUROPE.  The westenholz and many of the banned ARISTOS since WW1 ended in 1919 are now Playboys and Courtesans like they were in 1914. I profile Cameron's Murdoch links to Rebekah brooks nee Wade and all the scams and killings she arranges with Cameron's aides Coulson, PWC, snowy Cameron, Clegg's wife the assassin in Bruges and Murdoch's world owning family. BORIS actually taught at Geelong school which Murdoch, Prince Charles and many Arab leaders attended.  Peter kerr Ancrams dad chaired the POOF inquest which was on the news last night. Mary Kerr married Count Charles of westenholz who SKI, are now PLAYBOYS and loose women contenders for Prince Harry's troth....and all the gossip is on the Pi Pi PISO Pi Interest webpages.  Most of the Westenholz's are now from DENMARK not the Alps.  So the Kerr's have LOADSA babies and marry them all into the mafia arranged by their GERRY Austrian master race masonic lodge leaders who plan the monarchy bloodline based on SALIC laws that mean in Germany women cannot be Queen.  Ancram is married to the Marshalls of the horse the HOWARDS of Arundel where the "christian" cathedral issues for PROFIT shares.  Antonella kerr with the eye patch makes speeches suggesting that ANCRAMs vote is a vote for GOD.  Ancram was on official secrets act panels and Sec of State for Ireland when the Chinook was brought down with 29 Commanders IC's on board. 
So we find Clan ker's compulsion to Marry into ARUNDEL and antonella was married to Von Nieperg line like Napoleons bigamous wife when he was in exile.  Astor, Duff, Black appear on the Lothian Burkes Peerage page and the Kerrsonbrock Kerr links are AMAZINGLY on the family tree for the current exiled Karl Von Habsburg of Lothringen: the Lothlorien Lord of the rings obfuscation. That is Habsburg of LEGEND money lending to purchase Latin America family who work in the backroom now since the House of Rothschild hit men out of Frankfurt became world owners.  The Brock is the Badger for the Thurn & Taxi lineage that becomes YELLOW TAXIS and coach & Horse Mail founded in Scotland in HARTHILL nr Airdre.  So both Cameron and Boris are BASTARD ROYAL lineages which is why Cameron's dad Ian, had to have multiple leg operations and his son Ivan died at 10: acts of god which have forced him into resignation.  Cameron descends from King william the 4th of "Britain" AKA Hanover from 1830, the 3rd son of mad George III: the 2nd launched the masons out of IRE into Scotland. The last king of Britains house of Hanover soon replaced by Qu Vics secret lovers from there MASTER MASONS too. William 4th's mistress was DOROTHEA JORDAN ,that is the Yellow brick GOLD road & the JORDAN Katy Price Joe Jordan cover ups with plastic tits and crimes against females who cannot be QUEENS in Germany under SALIC laws.  The Kennedy family of AILSA Craig are the Cassels of HESS CASSEL and that is TRUMP of German roots' Turnberry.   Dorothea's ten Cameron bastards were all named Fitz-Clarence.   Boris earned way over £550K, has had several bastard kids, Edits spectator & the Telegraph, owned by MURDOCH.  £5000 per column in 20 mins.  Dorothea died 1916, an anglo -Irish actress courtesan that becomes the Levita,  Cooper, Duff, Fennimore Injun cull and my sectioning by Cooper & NHS Hamilton, Hess hub. Gen James Duff Banff is Alex salmond's Aberdeen Is a Cameron relative with 202 slaves.  John Wood's city centre building plans were loosed on aberdeen in last nights news and Cameron's DUGDALE relatives are now head of LABOUR SCOTLAND. Keiza Dugdale in Holyrood's labour and Queens equiry for QE2 is the same Cameron bloodline.  So Cameron is Queen's 5th cousin once removed by bastardy....but that doesnt include the ROTHSCHILD rape issues for Queen VIC......Cameron is on the WARGS site and SMYTHE in the Mirren  rape of Bravehearts wife & that is Cameron's bloodline.  The John wood Hambro linkages are explained and all the Hambro SOE Special Ops Executive.  So the ANCRAM relative that is the 10th Duke of Buccleugh married Mary Ancrams daughter and the gene pool explodes into Macneil's Maynards, Scotts', Douglas'  Mortons and the 9th Duke of Buccleuch is an amputee like the Biggars of Colditz but the elder Buccleuch lost his legs after falling off a PISO horse.  The COLDITZ prisoner with BATMAN list is getting shorter as the war criminals realise the danger of these acts of god against the warmongers led by churchill stalin FDR the Flemings and the stammering GRAND MASTER freemasonic King George VIth.  Alistair Brooks was in Colditz but is not an amputee and he has proclaimed to me he is in the VERSAILLE Bourbon dynasty.  Mike Biggar's dad was colditz inmate and legless like his rugby playing son.  Morton runs Dalmahoy which I visited on the weekend on the GOGARBURN valley like Goodwins RBS fraud.  The legless 9th duke is Chancellor of the THISTLE another Mirren Braveheart joke, Duke of Queensferry too.  Dukes of atholl, Innes -Kerr, Douglas Home PMs, St Ogilvie of balmoral Pharma frauds, Duke of Dalkeith, Scott-Montagu all on CLAN Douglas website  and massive aristocratic interlocks all over UK and then Europe are profiled later. Jane scott nee Macneil helps profile the Scottish treason & the CELTIC players covering the World owning bloodlines from Simpson in goal to Lennox. Morton (Clan Douglas) in their Dalmahoy old mansion have the earliest version of the PISO BIBLE in Scotland. That is the Monkston melrose Abbey links that become the FREEMASONS like Pope Benedict and the AIRDRIE MASTER masons sons of George IIIrd. Jimmy Johnson of Celtic died of motorneuron disease and the MAYNARDS are the hand grenade of ANTIOCH jokes for the PYTHONS.  Even in west Lothian LOCAL builders are screwed by profiteering MSPS councillors and MPs who insist on cash bungs before you can build anything on land you have purchased, Kenny Matheson Dalgleish of Celtic was on the Telly last night like the currupted JUSTICE SEC Michael Matheson were on telly last night &  both have my revelations to HIDE on TRIDENT and the Links of Kenny the celtic star to HAUGHEY and the IRISH terror and their Interlocks in business when ANCRAM was Irish sec of State.   SO Austrian nobility was OUTLAWED in 1919 but they are the ADEL.  The Kinsky & Schneider families are Austrian Aristos with Palaces and the HERZOGs are duccal ARISTOS too, the Hoffburgs , Ludwig Von Mises, Aldringen, De Ficklemont, Claremont of esher,  Count Serraglio , the Mozart movie BROTHEL in Istanbul, & I watched it first witth NADINE SCHNEIDER my austrian , then already, US girlfriend. Esterhauzy De Gallanta were the Royal Claimants with GODS all seeing osterrwich hats. Von Auresperg, Countess Schornborn, Silva Torouca, Count Alex Kolowrat, Alphonse Von Rothschildm, Gabrielle clam-Gallas, Prince ADOLPH VON Auerspergm, Arch Duke Carl of Austria and Austro Hungaria, Lothringen, & finally the Godfather lookalike Karel 12th Prince Zu Scharzenberg.  All these characters are now on Pi Interest web pages sating Prince Harry et Al.  Courtesans and Playboys like the the westenholz' s of ANCRAM& the Alpine Ski slopes.  As you know there are 20,000of these poor aristo families with the highlights here but not with my commentary on some highlights Helen Hirsch, , Schumaker, Bremer, Balog von Manko Buck  Selebi of INTERPOL, Von Wellesly wood Duke of Wellington, Von Rumpler, Rumpoy, Von Pellendorf, Cardinal Muller of WW2, VON MERKEL German chancellor, Jacob Rothschild, Marleine Deitrich, Dietrichstein MORAVIAN protestants from Corinthia with familial links to NIKOLS  Eisenhower and Schindler. Habsburg family tree  (KERRSONBURG) of Hungary, Lithluania Lothlorien,  SOURCE .  BORIS is a ROYAL connection to George 2nd of "BRITAIN" . His dad Stanley is Columbia Uni World Bank and EU Brussels ironically & Boris, born manharttan.  Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, 19 June 1964 (age 52)
New York City, United States. GEORG 2nd was king of gt Britain and Ireland  & all over Austro Hungaria.  The Butcher of Cumbria was George II's  YOUNGEST SON & he butchered the Stewart pretenders in 1745 at Culloden on behalf of BORIS, Cameron of Locheil and on it goes.  Boris gets mileage from the cross religious joke and his ancestry, his dad was a specialist om population control.   Charlotte his mum moved in to her flat in NOTTING HILL the No NOTHING Joke for Lord Hollick the thief with lnks to the Isle of Man Havens,  Boris taught at Murdochs; GEELONG SCHOOL which Prince Charles attended.  BORIS went to Oxford Bullingdon boy with Cameron & Osborne and that is BALLIOL COLLEGE for the treasonous picks by LONGSHANKS of the John Balliol king of Scots FROM YORKSHIRE.  The ADEL AUSTRIAN  aristos  are the Eidelweiss joke and ADELE the POP singer.  So Boris and TRUMP also from Germany as Christ-Trumps & the Freunds of psychiatry may be the cause of human extinction and the Holy Roman Emperor in VIENNA was the employer of MOZART  & JACOB ROTHSCHILD BECAME EMPEROR of Austria in 1992 and they have jesus's holy relics in Hannah Rothschild now Brooktield divorcee's WADDESDEN manor in HERTS BEDS & BUCKS IMMUNE FROM BOMBING IN WW2.  all Wars all sides now WORLD LEADERS of the Global Mafia. 

Whilst not members of the Royal Family, we have included the following seize quartiers as being of particular interest:

These three tables were the result of research the Editor carried out for The Times newspaper.


When Mr Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010 The Times asked me if he was the most aristocratic Prime Minister in recent years. Certainly with his illegitimate descent from King William IV, which makes him a fifth cousin twice removed to HM The Queen through their common ancestor King George III (and also a fifteenth cousin once removed through their common ancestor King Henry VII), and his other connections through the Dukes of Somerset, he is certainly the most well-connected Prime Minister since Sir Alec Douglas-Home (formerly Earl of Home).


Research into the ancestry of his wife, the former Samantha Sheffield, showed three illegitimate lines of descent from King Charles II, one through her father and two through her mother. The research showed that Samantha was related to her husband in 109 different ways, ranging from 10th cousins once removed through their common ancestor the 4th Earl of Southampton to 21st cousins once removed through their common ancestor King Edward III. Mrs Cameron is also an eleventh cousin of HM The Queen. English Royal descents notwithstanding, one of the really interesting aspects of Mrs Cameron's ancestry is her descent through her Dutch great-grandmother from the Counts of Limburg, giving her connections with many of the leading families of the former Holy Roman Empire.


The research into Boris Johnson's ancestry was carried out about a year before the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are had Mr Johnson as one of their "subjects". His descent from King George II through an illegitimate daughter of the Royal House of Wurttemberg is certainly unusual. This descent makes the Mayor of London and the Prime Minister eighth cousins, which is probably too distant to have any particular influence on their sometime tetchy political relationship!