ELVIS, Murray outlaws, Bush, Mrs Valerie Jane Lees, Ker of Roxburghe, Moravian Earls of Sutherland, David Steel, Pietist WEEd away war dead, PISO pisstakes

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Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE ELVIS BUSH Hepburn Mrs Robinson Walter Scott Kerr Ker Outlaw Murray Mayflower Selkirk  JOBS Cull ODEN Floden Flowers of Forest war dead WEEd away.JPG
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Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling
Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling
Valerie Jane Lees Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks Murrays Elvis of the Mayflower Ker Kerr Bloodlines "I do" Section him twice NO GROUNDS NHS scams Mrs Robinson George Bush Steve Jobs Kimble Fugitive Prof George Lees.jpg

Hancocks Chipping Norton Set MI6 stealing my home to SILENCE my Political Religious Economic Exposures. THE ELVIS false religions for profit CABAL into Kerrs of Roxburghe Otago Kinlochard & Brexit & the Outlaw MURRAYS of Bush and FDR ancestry.

Elvis Presley is a relative of George W Bush, and 7 Mayflower passengers & the Kers of Roxburghe and the Ancram's of ferniehurst ALSO Kerrs.  But first my treasonous wife Mrs Valerie Jane Lees Ney Hancocks and her brother Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks OBE out of Chipping Norton, Hemel and the disgraced PM Cameron's constituency.   All of them including CAmeron complicit with her solicitor and 500 other recipients of all, our country frauds for 5 years. During which she twice tried to have me sectioned....SHE SAID I do in 1991 to marry me as my Pennyless lodger in the home I totally owned when we met & SHE TOOK ME TO the Rollright stones in Chipping NORTON to declare secretely her INFIDELITY to me and her life in treason for the corrupted GOVT,   She said it again in 2011 within days of me paying off my mortgage for but this time it was that she WANTED ME SECTIONED by doctors who had revealed that they earn 40% of their salary by prescribing too many drugs by volume. That is Dr Fingland formerly PC Fingland and Sandy Morris who told me about the frauds all over Britain and were published immediately online but shielding the doctors ID until they turned on me.  In 2015 they actually had me sectioned and only because I made videos on all my political & war crimes exposures & my political reps who in breach of the constitution refused to meet me in minuted interviews. That is John Lamont, Paul Wheelhouse, Local councillors and I have signed receipts from justice secs both sides of the border to ROTHSCHILD Lothian Road, Iraq, for profit deals involving Chilcot Rifkind and all the criminals that crashed the banks in 2008 and on a minute by minute scale daily ever since. I have all the Rothschild Royal, Kissinger and Hancocks Sater family director IDs and I sent some to HERTS and Valerie "ORCA" Ido gave me my pension back. Within two weeks they threaten me with homelessness and they falsified the separation date by over a year to have ANY GROUNDS at all.  I have not had sex since 2011 when we cashed in my endowments and that was incredibly her 1st  separation date cos it meant she could claim what had already been spent IT IS TOTALLY LAWLESS (that is Miss Patricia Thom her solicitor from canada & the SBC who sectioned me for my insight)but I never relent..  Anyway ELVIS is a Bush and Pilgrim Father relative. We show his bloodline from the REFS that are in the comments field & the URLS to my web site & their MUG shots share scams.  The Hoods are close relatives as the WARGS web site shows and 600 kings or ARISTOS are associated with the false pilgrims christian diaspora to rob and massacre all the INdigenous people and the slaves to follow. All around the world the Kers or Kerrs have been my wifes' bosses even at PLEXUS Right up to 2014 she ran the dental assett stripping money laundering ops she ranall around the GLOBE with sickly INTEL people all around her.  So FDR was a pilgrim too  Philip Delanoy NEW DEAL Delany's donkey JOKES.  The bloodlines are of course corrupted by ROTHSCHILD Clinton Churchill et al as described by me and Greg Hallett. The Vache worked for EGER in Hexham (which is the dieter Bock murder and she forgot to put EGER the Piso worktops joke).  I explain that VJL was planted by INTEL and all her life is a lie. Her father TED and br o Stephen are ROTARY PROBUS capitalist profiteers Stephen makes £274K from a share release of £100K.  They ran the scams from my SEXLESS house for more than a year after leaving PLEXUS all expenses out of my savings & joint account . The expenses data were encrypted by the RSA company and none returned to the joint account.  So America get corrupted by the elite European False Christians like Guy Innes  Inneous JESUS Ker &Ancram the Marquess of Lothian.  Hopkins with PISO in it  comes later but we show the Ker Relatives of ELVIS & the Pilgrims from Cessford and Ancrams multiple homes includin Ferniehurst as VESTEYs neighbours.  They have links in the aristocracy to Somerset.  Ancram is married to a Marshall/Howard of Norfolk MASTERS of the horse. Because Ancram was sec of state for Ireland his photos are rare on the internet.  That is the killing of 29 security experts on the Chinook. My sectioning happened within a couple of weeks of my THIRD LETTER to the illegitimate queen OPENLY PUBLISHED STILL on my web page with the director IDs for war crimes. and financial services scams, Next LORD KERR of KINLOCHORD where we had a holiday in Granton on Spey  same week as the MT+R BEAN London Olympics ANZAC WAR DEAD joke.  Lord Kerr of Kinlochard is with Nlair the puppet masters in charge of the BREXIT diversion as Blair sidesteps the ROTHSCHILD related Roths Trust Auckland  Lothian road links that Lamony & Wheelhouse are COMPLICIT IN.  Craig White diverts the EU fraud using the RANGERS crimes that he & Murray  committed in league with Julian Calum Lamont who may not be the MSP who has refused to meet me in his constituency.  The Bof E  man for 20 years Mervyn Kings junior is a Chris SALMON. That is Mays BofE too and King interlocks every which way up with Rothschild & trained all the central bankers in BASEL & Petty France near my in laws in Watford. That is Petty France where enid Blytons FAMOUS FIVE ARROWS for Rothchild museum is.  Howard is Thomas Moores friend till the King turns on him and lops Thomas Moore's head off ......the SCHOFIELDS are on Elvis & FDRs  Pilgrim bloodlines.  The KIMBLES are in the Wargs Elvis family tree too and that is the Fugitive serials and movies since the 1960s when I was stunned by Mrs Robinsons suspenders and stockings.   ANNE BANCROFT is on Elvis' family tree too.  Terry Wogan and several of my SKYPE & Facebook have bailed out. Valerie the Vache understands all the Arsenal Arsenoe Bloodlines that take us back to the pharoes of EGYPT and almost to the PISO & HEROD who wtote the boible in Rome & Naples which ALLOWS vesuvius to show the power of GOD written out of the PISO bible with a virgin for their mum.   So we move into the MORAVIAN polish Murrays OUTLAWS of Selkirk Philiphaugh and FALA (FDR's dofs name throughout WW2).  John of Moravia moved out of Poland the Baltic sime time back a they with Jobst are actually from Fuckin Sutherland where the Duchess Lives that sent the colonists away & she has estates on the Tweed too.  That is the Weeing on the T the cross for jesus like the Flowers of the War at Flodden are all WEEd away that is the PISO PISS TAKE against all war dead all sides and religious martyrs or indigineous peoples too.  The Bandits of Selkirk include John Murray, David Steel of Aikwood, the Buccleughs of Bowhill, FDR of Pearl Harbour & Oyster Bay.  The Moravians now number 500K in the USA all pietists out of the Germanic Arrian homeland & THE HAMBRO bank all disappeared.  The Fletchers were on the MAYFLOWER and the only one to return from FLODDEN of 800 combatants.  800 in PISO bible code means OMEGA the end and nobody can know the truth beyond the masons jokes.  OMEGA is also the horseshoe for luck in the Greek alphabet the END "alpha to Omega"  on the EASTER CANDLE every yr for JESUS (600 code) who never lived but ran off the Piso pen. Michael Moore was like Lamont my disgraced MP and Sec of state for Scotland.  Brown gets a big bad profile as the tennis players of Scotland Selkirk Residents and vistors to us in NZ & my best man who got struck by lightning twice.  The Murrays of tullybardane are right into the treason and out of Moravia and a pivotal part in the transition from Queen Mary to Wee James the new bible translations.  I help as a beater at the shoot near FALA and they are all still clan affiliated and the Jokers at Thors expense have horrible car accidents and get brain surgery.   Jobs was on the rich list but died young cos of GODs greatest servant joke.  Williams are my rugby mates in Rothschild Aylesbury and 2nd wives of Ker Duke of Roxburghe and the SUTHERLAND link to Vesty et al links them into those 600 elite families on the North coast of scotland where the Williams of Wales bros fish.   The Begs are in the PISO Windsor Bloodline and were my colleaugues in the professoriat in NZ Dunedin.  So the footpath by the Ettrick Yarrow rivers.  Catherine Hepburn is also in the ELVIS KIMBLE BUSH bloodline.   So we show you the flag bearing HORSEY common riding jokes of the rich versus poor.  Hepburn plays queen mary beheaded by all these murderous ploys and the BUCCLEUGHS are Sarah Montague at Radio Four Today.   So the MURRAY BALLADS were written by Walter Scott the evil masons who have died out as an evil bloodline....author of IVANHOE and the link to David Cameron's dead son IVAN disabled at birth.  So more on the BUSH ancestors Prescott Walker Sheldon Hannah Ruck the De Bohuns,   Edward Longshanks is related to Sally Jamaican Slave and USA Foreign Sec Colin Powell b 1937.  Elvis lived 35 -77 and there is no earthly way of knowing whats in their world leading hearts when it stopped going So these are ancestors of ELVIS and GOVERNOR HOWARD DEAN's bloodline....7 family members on the mayflower.   Garry Boyd Roberts is the geneologist behind all of this fascinating story.  The evidence that the elite families all over Europe can be found on the WARGS pages and search for Ker Kerr Murray Roosevelt and Bancroft if you dont believe my commentary.  KIMBLE did not kill his wife and mines ORCA lives entirely for profit from crime and deceit. WISH ME LUCK WITH THE HOMELESSNESS ISSUE but do not pray to "Jesus"!

The GENEOLOGICAL WORK ON THE WARGS sites is fabulous but takes time to work through. THESE ARE THE BUSH Colin Powell Emily Sande links  The Bush/Churchill/Roosevelt Bloodline Connection

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... more to come!



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