ENERGY FRAUD & the "big six" scams: Swift to Mossad

Elsewhere we have covered Iberdrola, British Gas and touched upon Centrica.  This page will show you how to allow foreign superpowers to enter your markets, strip out your assets and sell everything that your country created over 5-6 peaceful National initiatives.  It reveals the treason in national parliament buildings of the politicians, civil servants and their globalised business advisors and how the MOST FRAUDULENT CORPORATE SHELLS are run by our own tyrannical MI6 (where International terror stems from), the CIA/FBI and in this "localised example" the assassination bureau at Israel's MOSSAD.  Mossad's motto reveals all about the power of national secrets and intelligence agencies: "For by wise guidance you can wage your war".

So lets illustrate it in pictures we moved from "British" Gas to Centrica where the boss is FRENCH.....and he earns only £1.2 million a year.  His name is Vincent de Rivaz but I cant pin anything solid on him because he is a European trader....and British/Scottish Gas are "simply" subsiduaries of CENTRICA.........but before I show you the complexity that shields the crimes let me take you straight to THE CONSEQUENCES.  For people who just work in this system or are told what to do in the forces of our "GREAT" Country.  Lets PROFILE SWIFT, who I have noticed were used as company secretaries by thousands of UK companies (including British Gas) leading up to the financial shenanegans in 2007/2008.  I asked my best informed financial experts & patriots to profile them for me and this is what Gordon Bowden revealed. 
Swift IncorporationsLtd used by thousands of companies is run by mossad and MI6.
SWIFT ( and Russia today) IS a money laundering front OWNED BY MOSSAD and MI6
The consequences are horrendous for open informed society....they include massive deceit by the propagandist media, huge financial crimes and assassinations of whistleblowers (even secret services personnel).

They try and cover their tracksoperation Yew tree is an investigation into the Jimmy Saville (lauded knight of the realm until after death) "scandal (see Jordan & Manchester United sex diversions).
But they are greedy and lethal for innocent investors and even intelligence personnel who work for MI6 or MOSSAD very much at their own risk.


But the plot to undermine the worlds governance and cull its citizens must be grasped and confronted.....we are just days away from grieving over the New World Order's GREATEST TRIUMPH and you must be aware that global wars are engineered by elite profiteers and money lenders.....who want you executed in uniform so they can have the beautiful world to themselves.