BIG "SIX" ENERGY COMPANIES: the globalised web of deceit & fraud

British Gas UK COMPANY CHECK                              British Gas Malaysia (office in Cayman Islands)
I was stunned to learn that Scottish Power (with all the plant and machinery that warmed my Scottish home in the 1960s) is now a globalised subsiduary of Iberdrola (Spanish owned...CEO gets >9million Euros a year). I was NOT surprised to learn that the BIG SIX ENERGY COMPANIES are selling exactly the same product (the only variant being the letterhead on the bills) but you get the opportunity to select from a list of six "BRITISH GIANTS" for the most competitive pricing system.
Scottish Power: Funding the Spanish Elites, 9 million Euros salary, 800Bn Global theft

This bit is plagiarised directly from you can see how "legitimate" it is at first glance.

"The Big Six Energy Suppliers are Britain's largest energy companies, supplying gas and electricity to over 50 million homes and businesses in the UK, with over 90% share of domestic customers.

The Big Six tend to be the oldest energy companies, having been created with the privatisation of the energy sector in 1990, they continue to dominate energy market in the United Kingdom, they control 96% of the energy market

The Big Six are Centricia-owned British Gas, French company EDF EnergyE.ON UK, Germany-owned npowerScottish Power andSSE.

According to SERIS, The ‘Big Six’ generators control around three-quarters of our generating capacity and control 96% of all residential electricity supply. Only three out of the ‘Big Ten’ generators in the UK are owned by British companies and where seven are owned and controlled by foreign shareholders. On the generating side only 25% of UK energy is generated by British owned corporates. Whilst foreign companies generate 2/3rds of the UK’s onshore wind farms, 2/3rds of UK generating capacity is owned by European countries other than the UK and 51% of our offshore wind farms and 70% of our nuclear sectors are foreign owned.[1]

There are many smaller energy companies like EcotricityOVO Energy and Good Energy."  

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BRITISH GAS.   Search for this in the UK business directory and you get 35 registered corporate hits, 2 directors (both appear to be pipelaying companies),and one European Company (unlike Iberdrola it trades out of Berlin but we are not allowed to know the owners/directors or CEO). As with Scottish Power we see that many of the subsiduaries are currently not trading (have no detectable assets or employees) .  We see that many of the dissolved, suspended or trading companies use company secretaries like SWIFT with thousands of clients and hundreds of overlapping directors....with the capacity to plan insider share price swaps, ponzi re-selling and asset stripping when your big four auditors (who like the German Subsiduary OR PARENT (we are not allowed to know who the owners are or what the corporate hierarchy/shareholdings are across continental/state boundaries.  On the PPT file that these images were extracted from I have a reminder of precedents for these templates in history....the evil saga of FARBEN AG (gas suppliers for the Holocaust and the ladder to power for profiteering leaders (on all sides who wanted WW2 to keep the numbers of poor customers down)Hitlers Gas Supplier: FARBEN.  This week BAYER's share price rose by 45% in one day and the German company that supplied the nerve gases to Sadam Hussein for the Kurdish genocide have almost disappeared from the internet transcript....with one very important exceptionKarl Kobe (German munitions firm) sell nerve gases to Sadam Hussein in late 1970s....not allowed to be discovered in run up to 2nd Iraqi genocide by Bush Jr & Blair.  

So just looking at 2-3 companies on the list of 35 ring alarm bells re fraud see images below.

British gas overlapping directors and secretaries (SWIFT INC LTD).  So it is complex as the next few slides illustrate...thirty five companies within britain alone....hundreds or thousands of overlapping directors and secretaries (and no insight into or regulatory instruments to police European/Global trading partners.  It is easy to cheat with no risk of detection or LIABILITY in law.   Lets take a closer look at a dormant company like British Gas International and how SWIFT might raise it from the ashes as a new investment opportunity.

First though lets look at Centrica Directors that are listed as the directors of British Gas Ltd (right at the top of that list of 35 UK companies).  the directors are not people (identifiable individuals) who can work hard or be prosecuted for financial crimes...they are corporate entities/shells  Some are allegedly from distant lands or countries in the UK.  

But when you begin to explore the CENTRICA trading Empire you find identical company names (with different company registration numbers and registered addresses this story needs a new page but just follow the stench from here

Director results for "centrica"

Showing 1 to 10 of 125 Director results  YES THIS IS THE FIRST OF 12 PAGES but I will try and illustrate how much it costs the customers & the investors on the next page.