Kwok Li China Billionaires, Bank of England interlocks to M&S, Anthony Habgood Dave Prentis UNISON, RBC Mark Carney,David Cameron's CAIRN CAPITAL frauds, Kaaching on the FORBES lists

The image below was (up to 21/10/2017 when I reposted it) deleted by google/the powers that be.All the central BANKS GLOBALLY are now in private hands starting with WATERLOO & the bank of England steal by Rothschild.JPG

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Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks Stephen Hancocks Bank of England Carney Cameron's Cairn Capital FROST Dr Kwok EON  Powergen Forbes Basil Fawlty BIS Haden guest WANDA Shelfco Di Harding Prentis Unison.JPG

The Bosses at the totally Privatised "Bank of England" & their links to FORBES rich list director currently in JAIL

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Members of Court of BANK OF ENGLAND 2016,  MUG SHOTS.

Anthony Habgood

Anthony Habgood Chair of Court
Date of first appointment: 1 July 2014
Expiry date of appointment: 30 June 2018

If you want to find what his wife does BROWSE Around here   FORBES RICH LISTED INTERLOCKING Director KWOK is on the E.ON and POWERGEN BOARDS  currently in JAIL  Dr Kwok Po David Li

Mark Carney
Mark Carney - Governor
Date of first appointment: 1 July 2013
Expiry date of appointment: 30 June 2021

Mr Carney has indicated that he would serve to 30 June 2018.
Ben Broadbent
Ben Broadbent - Deputy Governor, Monetary Policy
Date of first appointment: 1 July 2014
Expiry date of appointment: 30 June 2019

Sir Jon Cunliffe
Sir Jon Cunliffe  Deputy Governor, Financial Stability
Date of first appointment: 1 November 2013
Expiry date of appointment: 31 October 2018
Nemat (Minouche) Shafik - Deputy Governor, Markets & Banking
Term of appointment: 1 September 2014 - 31 July 2019
Sam Woods
Sam Woods - Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation & Chief Executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority
Date of appointment​: 1 July 2016
Expiry date of appointment: 30 June 2021

Bradley FriedBradley Fried - Managing Partner of Grovepoint Capital LLP
Date of first appointment: 1 June 2012
Expiry date of appointment: 31 May 2019
Tim FrostTim Frost - Non-Executive Director of Cairn Capital
Date of first appointment: 1 June 2012
Expiry date of appointment: 31 May 2018
Diana 'Dido' Harding - Chief Executive, Talk Talk Telecom Group plc
Date of first appointment: 1 August 2014
Expiry date of appointment: 31 July 2018
Dave PrentisDave Prentis - General Secretary of UNISON
Date of first appointment: 1 June 2012
Expiry date of appointment: 31 May 2019

Don Robert - Chairman, Experian plc
Date of first appointment: 1 August 2014
Expiry date of appointment: 31 July 2018

Dorothy Thompson - Chief Executive, Drax Group plc
Date of first appointment: 1 August 2014
Expiry date of appointment: 31 July 2018
Anthony Habgood has replaced Sir David Lees (the obfuscation for my horrible truths ploy). Incredibly he was on the BOARDS of 2 of the big 6 energy frauds, PRIVATISED theft project.  Sadly David Cameron's CAIRN boss is still on the board even though he has been forced ro resign under my fire.  CAIRN have no products they are bonds/shares scamsters.  So WOCK interlocks to Habgood and I show you that and how the COMPANY CHECK website no longer give number of companies and have replaced it with birth date.  So on the court Habgood, Mark Carney Governor, Sir John Cunliffe Ms Shafik, Sam Woods PRUDENTIAL, Bradley Fried  Grovepoint Capital, Tim Frost CAIRN CAPITAL (the ponzis in Lothian Rd reported to John Lamont MSP, Dianne Dido Harding, TALK TALK telephones (VODAPHONE hacking links to LEVESON & chipping Norton),  Robert Duke Chairman EXPERIAN, Dorothy Thompson (FORBES magnates in the press)  Chief Exec  DRAX.  Dave Prentis of UNISON is still on the board for his 4th term.  So now the KWOK billionaire on FORBES 100 Eon INTERLOCKS to Teysson and Schiporet for KWOK BORN 1939 and Anthony John Habgood  E.ON PLC.  Kaaching is another rich list member covered by Shania Twain and my old science statistician mate Hans Rosling  is cover for 80 yr old FORBES billionaire RAUSING of Sweden.  Carney is the Carneville Austrian master-race and I now play the prisin sentence for Thomas Kwok in the top 100 richest men BRIBING sector.  Our new chancellor is Philip Hammond because George Osborne is on the Rothschild Boards with Murdoch, Kissinger, Prince Charles and Jacob Natty Rothschild determining future of Russia and controlling the entire geopolitical GLOBE . Habgood has 3 listings all at different addresses so he can use his duplicate companies to avoid tax and fudge the stats for "regulation".  So all of the BofE funds should fund GOVT local & national but NO.  So PHOTOS of the FORBES richest man BILL GATES relative to 5 Presidents including the Pilgrim FDRs, Stephen House of Police Scotland, and to the murdered Princess Di.  Lord Condon who declared Dis killing an accident and runs G4S with Rifkind the war criminal also registered with ROTHSCHILD trust in Lothian Road.  The sun god is the POLIS badge on the lapel GLOBALLY.  Prentis at the BofE has frozen public sector pay rises for 8 yrs as the energy bills rise 20% yr on Yr.  The E.on board has few celebs unlike M&S another former Habgood profit stream.  He used to have 16 Nat Westminster Bank Public Limited, Pegasus Equestrian services,  Powergen Ltd, MHC UK,  Marks & Spencer PLC (all of my evidence on Baker St irregulars in WW2 now deleted), Relix PLC, SVG Capital, TOOTAL PLC,  TOOTAL SHELFCO Ponzi scheme. ONLY 2 companies still live  and only those allow to see who are the colleagues who still get BofE bungs.  Powergen's board WESTWOOD WAY Coventry  KWOK is on that ENERGY scam too with LOADSA German names. M&S funded Habgood 2004-5.  with Lady Louise Patten wife of Hongkong BBC, Oxford Uni & Stella Rimington of MI5 & IRAQ's war crime, Lord Terence Burns,  so I go to page 6 to find the PEERS that lead INTEL and trained my wife in Baker St & Stoke.  TRUSEC Ltd is registered  as Director Sir Stuart Ransome-Rose, Kate Bostock, Miranda Curtis, mr Vitoria Radice, Ashburnen-Swanelle, KEVIN LOMAX (the devil's son in the DEVILS ADVOCATE, Keenan, Justin Mathew King, Luke Van De Veld, Dr David McKIAN,  David Norgrove the head of the RHODES TRUST has been deleted and that was pattons NZ predecessor at OXFORD Sir JOhn Hood has been disappeared from M&S.  So Company check has been screwed for criminal reasons.  So BACK to the Court of the Bank of England. Habgood started as chair in 2014 with previous at REED-Elsevier, PREQUIN, Norwich Res Partners  & Bunzil, Carnegie Melon University, Boston Consulting Gp Boston Munich Tokyo BCG inc the TOOTAL Group.  Nat West Powergen, Norwich UNI who discovered "global warming". Then CARNEY Lumberjack doing OK. Since BREXIT he has releasd 500Bn by quantitive easing and makes his announcements from behind a PISO stable door.  Harvard Economics grad and post grad at Oxford London Tokyo HK, and NY up to 2008 when the global banks were crashed using the methods Bowden & I have profiled. So Tim Frost at CAIRN who pump and dump virtual products in imaginary mining & oil...the only product is the glossy mags and the Indian PM Signh was forced to resign in India when they crashed the shares again and resold them to the INDIAN customers at 1/10th.  Minat Shafik is Carneys deputy Govt & I dont know if she or Carney is a British Citizen but she is an expert in MRKETING the frauds that wreck everybody's pensions and salaries closely linked to BASEL Swizerland BASIL FAWLTY for John Cleese & Fish Called WANDA jokes.  Shafik "served" at the UN Development agency which Helen Clark ran and stole from as she gifted chunks of NZ to Shania Twain the Canadian elite in the windsor GATES Bloodlines.  So Dido Harding is from the SAINSBURY's Lloyds debt pool assett strippers...and has previous at Thomas Cook, the british Land Company PLC she is now a LADY and all of it obfuscates Lady Di and DODI AlFayed who was educated at the ROSEY school in the ALPS with BIN LADEN.  Sam woods is boss at PRUDENTIAL regulation which condones ALL CRIMES AGAINST savers and pensioners and on the FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY and for ten yrs at the TREASSURY MINTS.  McCandless and Clause Moser stats liars for GOVT get a mention.  We finish with David Prentis head of UNISON the biggest public sector UNION. Only 1.3million members now since the PAY FREEZES which he profits from but one can only guess at his net income from Jewish Policy studies board and dozens of others, he is now on his third term NICE "little earner".  Post Grad from Warwick on Industrial relations WHERE ni of WARWICK rules mean that none of the ar criminals for profit get convicted for anything.  Same for expenses for ALL MPS and LORDs now there is no obligation to PUBLISH any of their income sources all OFFICIAL SECRETS now since LEVESON the Red Herring  to remunerate the THIEFS and COPS that run all the Scams.  If you can find a politician here who now delares how much they steal from their corporate boards you are a better researcher than me. 
Parliament INCOME streams & Conflicts of INTEREST NO LONGER registered since LEVESON: