Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot

My mate GORDON BOWDEN went ballistic about historical accuracy on the career of the Rt Hon John Anthony Chilcott (case number 620 07/10/2010 which is not readily available in this day and age) and told me that I must read a book by Gerald James (whos brother was killed because of mistaken identity) which I cannot find the ISBN number for but got me this direct hit using the same search terms.  I dare not reveal more  

Bull's EyeThe Assassination and Life of Supergun Inventor Gerald Bull

Front Cover
Times Books, 1992 - Science - 317 pages
In this chilling and cautionary tale, Adams unravels the mystery surrounding Gerald Bull--the brilliant weapons designer who attempted to smuggle a "supergun" into Iraq. Full of never-before-published facts, this true story reveals a treacherous web of spies, arms dealers, and power-mad third world regimes--hungry for mass destruction. Photographs.
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FOUND IT EVENTUALLY:In the Public Interest by Gerald James
Little, Brown, 339 pp, £18.99, December 1995, ISBN 0 316 87719 0  
GORDON BOWDEN tells me that you can get it at your local Library (mine's was funded by Andrie Carnegie).  If you have ordered it and are still waiting please look both ways several times before you cross the road and make sure that your will is up to date.

Ony way, I have not got the patience to be drawn into lengthy academic studies again so I will just blurt it oot as ma conscience tells me to.  In installments, for tension-building reasons like the Jaws movie (did ye see the images of that upturned yacht in the Cape Cod region this morning, it chilled ma spine)!

I prefer the direct approach but Gordon does not think I should reveal snippets of the truth because he has chosen to dedicate his entire life to accuracy which means he will be dead before any of this appears before the long suffering British taxpayer and the countries that we brutalise meticulously. In 1992 PII Gagging Orders were signed by several leading Tory Ministers at the time of the Matrix-Churchill trial..
They needed to prevent the Trial judge being able to call for Dept of Trade & Industry (DTI) papers relating to Astra Holding.
Astra had not only acted as intermediaries for Dr. Gerald Bull of SRC in Belgium when the 'cylinder barrel sections had to be ordered on Sheffield Forgemasters for his Supergun....
But also for the DTI where they had directed the MoD  Contracts Branch at Sloane Sq., London to supply the 'cylinders' from South Africa delivered Oman., and just before the first Gulf War.
Margaret Thatcher signed the UOR for those 3 in no. 'cylinders' just as she was quitting Whitehall for all time on 28th Nov 1990.
Dr. David Kelly was tasked by the MoD to be their overseer for the merchandise from source at Armscor in South Africa to Oman.
Astra sublet the shifting of those three 'cylinders from South Africa to Oman to John Arnold Bredenkamp. WHOOPS I JUST DROPPED THIS IN COS I KNOW that Gordon is too busy to read it but that it will keep Britains false News men in turmoil for the rest of the day.

This morning (24th May 2014) I learned that BBC Scotland is on red alert: they have accused Prince Charles of being "closer to Hitler than Putin" and they have sacrificed their art school (in the auld testament firepan) which is world famous in Glasgow.  I am not allowed to contact academics or students at Glasgow/Strathclyde and Edinburgh University since I started to inform them of the VC & rectors profiteering and on the day of the fire I told this story to a loyal student ("somewhere else" in the academic system which is driven entirely by Peer Pressure).  Putin is hosting an Economic conference with all nations attending, only if they are brutal enough to sacrifice the peace loving nations for cash and are wearing pinstriped insignia.   Prince Charles has not commented since I censured him this way but is believed still to be in his "safe house" in Canada.....surrounded by Mounties who are doin OK like Mark Carney at the BofE.

END OF INSTALLMENT ONE.......I have become diverted with health and safety issues around crossing the road adjacent to 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh.....where 2,674 fake oil and gas companies have crashed oot the windae ontae the pavement.   The incident has tragically impacted on Sir Bill Gammells'/Cairn fraud shells reputational limp and his capacity to account for himself.....but on this page we intend to show you how that Guy Chilcot (who chaired the arms to Iraq "enquiry") is an overlapping director with Britain's "PREVIOUS" Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind at Abraxa which has quickly morphed into an alias of 
http://www.companieslist.co.uk/prev/SC163703-wjb-408-limited    Have a wee boggle around  but please make yer relatives aware that you intend to do it.....and that if they are thinking of investing THAT THERE IS NAE PRODUCT which is why they changed the name.  The fudged inquest into ARMS FOR IRAQ involves domestic murders in Carnarvon, cover ups by a number of police forces who have "lost the case numbers", massive financial fraud by British Intel,  and politicians like Jonathan Aitken and their business contacts like Sir Mark Thatcher.  If you are slow on the uptake or hell bent on investing in Cairn or the Lothian Road frauds then here are some cartoon characters for your amusement.
 We were thinking about having a naked woman on Page three but we are worried that we widnae be able to get it published like MARK THATCHERS INQUEST.
AND Tara Davidson's flight from justice to bury the IRAQI secrets (open image below) in Latin America.

MAY 24, 2014, 8:55 AM.

YESTERDAY UKIP OVERWHELMED the Lib Dems Party, all over the UK.   So I sent my local Lib Dem  MP Michael Mooore (until recently Secretary of State  for scotland on the UK cabinet with Deputy PM  Nick Clegg) a letter of ENCOURAGEMENT (which was not replied to even by their autocue or backroom staff who may soon be unemployed like me).
I sent them the URL for this web page and openly profiled other Political Party's sins.

George Lees    27th May 2014     

11:47 (32 minutes ago)
to AlisonNicknick.clegg.mpmichaelmooremp
Dear Alison/michael,

These issues have become bigger than Michaels career and they are blowing the Lib Dems out of the political water.  
There is only one way to stop it and that is to adopt an honest policy change with local people working with you.  I am dedicating my entire career to making local people safe
and you have an obligation to help me with this whilst you spin down into the political abyss, for fear of what you have done to them already, (and in direct contrast to your manifesto pledges).

Yours Sincerely
George (who is on your side but wears no labels & breaks no promises)

I then sent this to Michael Moore on his WESTMINSTER Parliament address as a local constituent (and with no co-addressees so I might get caught in his spam filter)
 and received NO reply despite the fact that it was not sent to any third party
to michaelmooremp
Dear Michael,
Please make me remove this quickly, as if you cared for your country,
It is at the bottom of this page which could be really useful to you if you find your integrity again.

from: George Lees <profgeorgelees@gmail.com>
to: michaelmooremp@parliament.uk
date: 27 May 2014 12:33
subject: The Constitutional Implications of Your Reluctance to reply
mailed-by: gmail.com

Rt Hon Michael Moore MP

Rt Hon Michael Moore MP


Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk


Liberal Democrat

Address as

Michael Moore

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Parliamentary Office, 11 Island Street, Galashiels, TD1 1NZ
Tel: 01896 663650
Fax: 01896 663655


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 2236
Fax: 020 7219 0263

THIS IS THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WAS USED to confirm my MPs reluctance to comply with the UK constitution.