ARMS TO IRAQ the whole profiteering Genocidal Story and the subsequent cover up

How to brutalize then steal from the world at the head of Government and in the Judiciary/INTEL 

We begin the story with exposure of the Directorships at ABRAXA held by Malcolm Rifkind and Inquest chair Chilcot who was a director all the way up to 2014 when the company changed its named and relocated its trading address from 50 Lothian Road Edinburgh to Morningside. Rifkind/Chilcot/Abraxa: how to cheat your electorate and launder it to/from distant lands like Thailand which is in the News this week

How to brutalize then steal from the world at the head of Government and in the Judiciary/INTEL Video Video

A list of high resolution images to illustrate these crimes can be found here: ARMS TO IRAQ Derby Police Seizures Andrea Davison flight from justice (Click on it: open the RIFKIND LINK in a new window and look at the images in  the SLIDESHOW: down arrow option) as you listen to the video made by GORDON BOWDEN (Gordons MP is Chris Williamson Derby North ) and I.
Andrea Davison with a Kalashnikov in rural UK....she was eventually allowed to escape prosecution and flee to Latin America because she knew the truth about the Arms to Iraq deals and the subsequent conflict/genocide for profit....more evidence from her web site (from Gordon Bowdens archive), Gordon's letters and FOI requests on police seizure is posted on the pages below. 

Lets return to the money stream

THIS WAS THE BRIEF EMAIL message that got my Email to 500 global citizens and the PMs office in Whitney/my MPs Parliamentary Email address shut down. 370 of the addressees had the Email blocked.

Letter to my political representatives including Michael Moore MP (my MP) John Lamont my MSP and Simon Mountford my local councillor at his business adress

UK Cabinet members and MPs: YOUR HORRIBLE TRUTHS ARE LIVE ON YOU TUBE.  Field McConnell (AT ABEL DANGER with 600,000 global contacts)  please feel free to post-these videos so you can win your GLOBAL campaign against national traitors/war criminals in the parliament buildings & the judiciary. Kenneth Clarke, Peter Lilley, Margaret Beckett and Francis Dee Cook are their real names so please do not use your coding system so the whole truth can be outed quickly.
The reluctance of my MP to receive any of my correspondence is aired at the bottom of this page Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot

ARMS FOR IRAQ/Govt Corruption/ Asset Stripping/Money Laundering Billion Dollar fraudsYouTube Video

The Murder and cover up of an innocent woman in Wales: sacrificed to keep war crimes secret. Censored when we tried to send to Michael Moore MP & Chris Williamson MP & Cabinet members involved in the crimes

My MP's refusal to allow me to contact him on crimes against the people is documented at the bottom of this page.Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot