Allegiance to the Royals and the Aristocrats: Dark Forces at Work

In 2008 The Queen was alleged to have warned Paul Burrell, a Royal Aide, that "THERE ARE POWERS AT WORK IN THIS COUNTRY OF WHICH WE HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND"
Friends of mine in the form of Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden believe they have now developed a deep insight into what these forces are and how dark they are for global taxpayers and innocent savers & investors.  The dark forces are right at the top of the monarchy/Aristocratic food chain and I will attempt to profile the damage they are doing to society in the next few pages.  

Lets take you back to the 1940s and introduce you to some of the corporate entities at the top of the monarchy's vast business & and Imperialist trading Empire....Huge tracts of the world are in the hands of dynasties and family bloodlines that are thousands of years old.  You saw this image on the page that profiles how all continents/colonies have been brutalised then carved up into National Parks/Nature reserves where millitia's rebels, religious causes or the SAS, Badder Meinhof, Islamic brotherhood have been trained by G8 countries to ruthlessly kill their own (or neighbouring countrymen) so the dark forces can claim distant lands as their own. So you saw these images, organisational structures hereWWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8

I want you to look down the EXTREME RIGHT at Block 4: where we see RTZ, Shell, Unilever, Lonrho, DeBeers, AAC and ICI.  You will no doubt have heard of ROYAL Dutch Shell and if you look at the WWF fraud and land grabs page you will know it was run/owned like the multi-national airline  by Prince Bernhardt (co-founder of the WWF and Nazi supporter between the world wars).  You will have heard of Lonrho too " the unacceptable face of capitalism" according to Edward Heath PM.  The company De Beers employer of Jacqui O's third executive partner, Mr Teplesman ( pictured below JFKs assassination drive and the lockerbie plane wreckage which was full of De Beers diamonds and carrying one of the inspiring and decent UN diplomates Brent Carlsson) after the Onassis oil magnate passed on his family's the former President's widow.  De Beers has also been denounced as a ruthlessly criminal organisation: see its profile on wikipedia here.  The profiles of the members of the 1001 club will scare you witlessEver so establishment: 1001 elites but lets stay in the city of London where the Queen leaves a lot of the throne's trading to her menfolk.  Lonrho started with a chap called Furhop who was released from a NAZI internment camp on the Isle of Man (yes that is now the tax haven that Alex Salmond wants to use as a model to run Independent Scotland's economic future).  The Furhop's moved to Britain between the wars (young Walter Roland....served his time and was indoctrined by Hitler youth like pope in internment/retirement camp in Italy for reputational reasons)....he was allowed out in 1942 and went straight to South Africa and formed Lonrho under his new Anglicised name of Tiny Rowlands....picture with RITZ London and Paris owner Egyptian trader and father of an accidentally killed son who was dating one of the monarchy's less dark members Princess mines campaigner against dark forces profiteering.  So Lonrho was born and it has harboured since a long list of greedy criminals (as Ted Heath noted) but is now chaired by the Prince of Wales' personal financial advisor Christopher Michael Chambers.  Yes that is Prince Charles (husband of an accidentally killed wife....loved by her nation and those campaigning against HIV all over Sub Saharan Africa where young mothers were denounced by Prince Philip's friends in the WWF/Eugenics community for breeding like rabbits)  Over "5 children each" their menfolk were recruited for millitias and trained on the borders of National Parks by SAS men and private security firms....many of them from the motherland but some from Bader Meinhof who were trained to take their terror back into Europe where the rubble had largely been re-constructed.  Now lets look at some of the former directors at Lonrho who have attempted to cover up their guilt by taking their names off the company director lists.  When its registered office was at the legendary fraudulent offe at 22 Arlington Street (right behind Al Fayed's RITZ) you could find Lord Christopher Patten, VC Oxford/Newcastle and now chair of the BBC Trust and personal friend of Prince Charles in his Hongkong Governors/ BP Board days.    

When I saw Prince Philip's  organisational diagram which is littered with charities and very well funded protest movements, I could not fail to notice that the Ritz is very close to RTZ in an etymological sense so I did a bit of dredging on RTZ ..... it turns out to be the legendary RIO TINTO mining Empire with over 100 hits subsiduaries/shells on a quick search of just the UK business directory.  This is what Larouches IER team had to say back in 1994 on section 4.  The following entities, with major assets particularly in Africa, are politically directed by, and often substantially owned by, the Crown:


  • RTZ Corp. PLC.

    Second-largest mining firm in the world. Established in 1873 by Hugh Matheson of the Jardine Matheson opium-trading firm. RTZ's third chairman, Sir Auckland Geddes, worked with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to reorganize control of raw materials production in Africa in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • Anglo-American Corp. of South Africa, Ltd.

    Largest mining firm in the world; dominates the economy of South Africa. Constitutes, together with the two De Beers companies, the Oppenheimer empire. The Rothschilds and J.P. Morgan and Co. provided Sir Ernest Oppenheimer the financing to cartelize diamond and gold production in South Africa between 1902 and 1929.

  • De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. (South Africa) and De Beers Centenary AG (Switzerland).

    Control world diamond production. Established by Cecil Rhodes in 1880; by 1888, with Rothschild backing, controlled 90% of the world's diamond production. ,.

  • Barclays PLC.

    Major banking power in Africa. Tightly controlled by the Barclay, Freame, Bevan, and Buxton families, the latter of which co-founded the WWF.

  • Shell Trading & Transport PLC and Shell U.K. Ltd.

    World's largest petrochemical producer. ST&f, a British holding company, owns 40% of the Royal Dutch Shell group of over 2,000 companies worldwide (the other 60% i^ owned by Royal Dutch Petroleum Co.); forged by Sir Henri Deterding in 1903 with the French Rothschilds.

  • N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd.

    Founded in 1803 with the assistance of the Thurn und Taxis family, one of the "princely families" of the Hapsburg Empire, originally the Venetian Torre e Tasso family. NMR&S historically financed the expansion of the Venetian-modeled British Empire, as they did by bankrolling Cecil Rhodes's gold and diamonds empire.

  • Imperial Chemical Industries PLC.

    Key part of world chemical cartel. Formed in 1926 by Lord Melchett and others by merging the four largest British chemical firms. The present Lord Melchett, grandson of ICI's founder, is head of Greenpeace, United Kingdom.

  • Unilever.

    Owns vast plantations in Africa and the continent's largest trading company (United Africa Co.); key part of the world food cartel, particularly in fats and edible oils. Formed by 1930s strategic 

    merger of English Lever Brothers firm, which owned the West African heirs to the Royal Niger Co, with a Dutch company. 

So the emphasis in Africa was always on finance and stripping out the geopolitical assetts and the ecological issues that greenpeace "champion" or piratically disrupt for the news camera (or the booty).  Greenpeace were, and still are, fronted by the Chemical industry with a presence in the House of Lords.  Perhaps the most famous of the four companies that merged into ICI was the dynamite business founded by Alfred NobelAxo-Nobel now the primary owner become useful in both the munitions, and the mining sectors.  

Lets leap forward to the noughties and see what the Royals are doing now.  Prince Philip is less active but is still a power-house in these sectors
The land grabs and culling of hungry eaters is out of Africa and into almost all continents as hosts of lawyers evict chinese locals....the maps below are from the Larouche report in 1994 (with some key entrepreuneurial/ political/laundering inovators thrown into the modern day globalised carnage. The human cost (genocidal statistics and human migration this has precipitated is illustrated elsewhere..WWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8
See the Pandoras box series here for a background on the financial services, banking and corporate scams global elites have become embroiled in at their countries cost! The woman in the orange dress is Quentin Bryce Governor General of Australia and above her we have Lady Lynda Chalker who has, as minister for business development, helped carve up sub saharan Africa.  The indigenous peoples and the rare species are both struggling to keep their place in the world but the British, Dutch Royals still have an eye for a business opportunity with the help of traditional allies in Switzerland/Israel  and new financial advisors at the head of Lonrho.  Lonrho have shifted uneasily out of 22 Arlington Street where some of  these household names were implicated in Shell company fraud, insider trading and fraud in virtual products (about 95% of gold and diamonds traded are now just coupons in a tax haven and if a company defaults they just close a real mine to reduce the labor costs and pay the creditors).....Or if you are Lonmin (British owned) you just shoot the labour force in the pay emphasise that you still have the power.

Prince Charles is next in line for the English throne and he has led a turbulent life like all Royals do....with perpetual press attention and some bizarre family rituals.  Charles has an acute sense of humour and can laugh at religion, handle the press and politicians astutely (this week he was hitting on the Insurance funds for bad financial decision making) with immunity from publication of his letters/dialogue for over 100 years.    His financial advisor is Christopher M Chambers, also a decent cove but now Chairman of Lonrho.
The Royal sense of humor is evident in its interests in Jelmoli Holdings a Swiss German Company now in the hands of Israeli group Delek.  Daleks were time travellers and a real threat to the human race in the Dr Who series....invented by the Jewish head of light entertainment at the BBC Frank maswich (alias Holt Marvel)) and freakishly they look like the buildings at Credit Suisse and the Bank of international settlements in Switzerland. Delek are giants on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and prince Prince Charles clearly sees this joke and all the other belly laughs, particularly the one on austerity for his mums' subjects.  One hopes that the oil and gas that delek are seeking in the Tamar field and elsewhere is not a virtual product scam like so many that have run in the elite business groupings profiled in Peter Eyre/ Gordon Bowden's Pandoras box articles.
Together with the elite Christianity joke I have explained they think stealing from and culling the poor, freezing their salaries and charging for all those public sector assetts like the NHS and tertiary education is hilarious but the Gods will catch up with them soon.
They may be rich and famous but it is not much of a life if Greg Hallett is to be believed.  He was trained by the NWO to be PM of New Zealand but instead tries to portray World history from an objective stance
What he has to say about the Royal Bloodlines and elite behaviours is bizarre and perverse but it makes huge profits for very insecure people who are living a lie and trying to get global population down to 500 million.  This is what Hallett has to say about the monarchy in peacetime
His profile of how politicians/kings queens/emperors and proganda ministers conduct themselves in wartime and in preparation for it is shocking but the more you look at the tyranical profiteering leadership the world has today it becomes more and more credible.  I hope people are more insightful and intelligent now.  I received this from hallett this must make up your own mind but must never let it happen again.

Hitler was a British Agent

exposes for the first time Operation WINNIE THE POOH - Ian Fleming's removal of Adolf Hitler out of Berlin 2 May 1945. 
The search for Hitler became an excuse for worldwide surveillance and the precursor to the Cold War.
Hitler's missing year in Britain is uncovered, as is his psychological deconstruction to perform as an agent for the British war machine. 
It confirms his sex with men and his bizarre sexual habits with women, including hands-on murders made to look like suicides.
This book covers Hess and his body doubles' simultaneous flight to Britain, the Duke of Kent's faked death, Anthony Blunt's conception by a royal, Wallis Simpson's sexual practices with King Edward VIII, and how Wallis leaked the King's British military secrets to Hitler.
Hitler was a British Agent exposes the training of top level double agents, the repeated faking of their deaths and their very real escapes ... making this something of an illusion-buster.
Everything that happens now, happens because of 1945.
Former MI-6 Chief: "This book was written by a genius".
James Bond III: "A brilliant analysis of the deception of war".
Two Intelligence agencies have regularly stolen this book and “It has been read at the highest levels” during the final phases of writing.
As quickly as it was written, it was stolen, and in August 2005 word got back that they would let it out.
This came with further inside information, Hitler’s British passport marked ‘Jew’, and at least one historical act.



1.   Living Libraries

2.   Adolf Hitler – The Incestuous Catholic Jew

3.   Adolf Hitler in Britain

4.   Hitler’s Sexuality

5.   Hitler’s Psychiatric Condition

6.   Hitler’s Deconstruction

7.   Body Doubles

8.   Hess and Hess Fly to Britain

9.   Crashing the Duke of Kent

10.   Dunkirk

11.   James Bond

12.   Pearl Harbor

13.   Dieppe

14.   Anthony Blunt

15.   Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

16.   Operation JAMES BOND

17.   Operation WINNIE THE POOH

18.   Lost Leaders

19.   Churchill, Hitler and Stalin Work Together



Please distribute, thanks.  
This was Greg Hallett's request....he is having difficulty finding a publisher with the courage to let this heretical news out but now that I see how the coercion works it becomes more  horrific but believable....only the human condition could wreck the world this way. The facts at the top of the page are facts and the way things are WW3 is an easy template to hide their financial and economic crimes.  It is ever so tense!