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ECN 211 & ECN 212

            FALL 2016                       SPRING 2017                    SUMMER 2017          
ECN 211 - 30457, 30458,& 30585
Macroeconomic Principles
ECN 211 - 22891, 22900, 22962,
& 22992
Macroeconomic Principles
ECN 211 - TBD
Macroeconomic Principles
    Class Start: Mon, Aug 22, 2016         Class Start: Tues, Jan 17, 2017        Class Start: Tues, May 30, 2017   
ECN 212 - 30465 & 30548
Microeconomic Principles 
ECN 212 - 22850 & 22966
Microeconomic Principles
ECN 212 - TBD
Microeconomic Principles 

Courses are structured in weeks (Fall & Spring:16 weeks/Summer:5 or 8 weeks). Each week there will be an announcement of the week's assignments and activities.  Weeks follow an outlined Semester Schedule that is provided at the start of the course.  Week begins on Monday at 8AM and ends on Sunday at 11PM. Structure is similar for both courses, while content are different. 

Coursework consists of quizzes, weekly discussions and capstone project. Discussion topics and reviews for all quizzes are provided. Capstone project will demonstrate knowledge of economic concepts on a website using multiple types of media (ex. photos, images, video, audio, etc.) of your choice.  All coursework is submitted online, no on-campus visits are required. 

There are no prerequisites for this course. There is no particular sequence in which to take these courses, ECN 211 Macroeconomics and ECN 212 Microeconomics. Both courses are independent of each other.  Each course begins with the same content (usually the first four chapters) then follows to the respective content. 

No on-campus orientation is required. No campus visits will be required for testing.  Testing and coursework is done completely online.

*** Please note there are a limited number of seats for each section.
Overrides will not be available, should you be dropped from the course.***

Course is administered through Canvas, student will need Username (MEID) and Password to access course content. Course link in Canvas will be accessible on the first day of class. 

For access to Canvas, click on the following link: Canvas Login

If you do not have or forgot your Canvas ID, please use the following links to obtain your username and password: 

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GoogleApps@Maricopa email address is <MEID>@Maricopa.edu.  Access to GoogleApps@Maricopa account is the same used to login to Canvas, User ID (MEID) and password.  To access your account, https://google.maricopa.edu/.

Your GoogleApps@Maricopa email is a permanent address and therefore cannot be changed.  If you will not be using this account on a regular basis, adjust settings to forward email to your preferred email address.  Instructions to forward email.

We will NOT use MyEconLab for this course. So you do NOT need to purchase a textbook that includes the access code or the stand alone access code.  

If you would like to use the course materials in MyEconLab, below is the information needed along with your access code. 

 ECN 211 
Course Name: ECN211 Macroeconomics Online
Course ID: zehr25644
   ECN 212 
Course Name: ECN212 Microeconomics Online

Course ID: zehr28276


(Publisher link)

Foundations of Macroeconomics, 6/E
AUTHORS: Robin Bade & Michael Parkin
PUBLISHER: Prentice Hall 
COPYRIGHT YEAR, EDITION: 2012, 6th Edition***







Note: Publication year and ISBNs may vary, but needs to be 6th Edition


(Publisher link)
Foundations of Microeconomics, 6/E 
AUTHORS: Robin Bade & Michael Parkin 
PUBLISHER: Prentice Hall 
COPYRIGHT YEAR, EDITION: 2012, 6th Edition***



Note: Publication year and ISBNs may vary, but needs to be 6th Edition.


CGC Bookstore
CGC Bookstore has several options that include new/used books with/without MyEconLab access and rentals.

ECN 211        
Used and Rental Online Sites
Cheapest Textbooks aggregates information from various online sellers (ex Amazon, Half, Chegg, etc) about current availability and pricing. Information on rentals is also provided.


Copies of both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics texts are available for two hour checkout at the CGC Library - Pecos Campus.

For more information:
Prof Linda Zehr
2626 East Pecos Road, IRN 272
Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 857-5530