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I am currently working in Madison, Wisconsin working as an Assistant Faculty Associate for UW-Madison. I was born in Gibraltar, that piece of disputed rock on the south coast of Spain, in 1972 while my father was stationed there with the Royal Navy. After about 18 months I was moved to Portsmouth in England. Upon reaching the age of 11, I was able to attend the Royal Hospital School in Ipswich, which is a school set up for children of servicemen and women. After graduation I hotfooted it to New Zealand for a 'gap' year, where I had a fantastic year of growing up.

Not knowing Portsmouth as an adult, I decided to take Business Studies at Portsmouth University and graduated with a 2:1. After four years of study I hopped on the back of a good friend's motorbike and had a whistlestop tour of Europe - which is where I met my wonderful wife. Click here to read more about that.

On returning to the UK, I decided to get a job and was lucky enough to land at Computacenter as a project manager. They were a good company and I spent three very fun years learning a great deal about human nature. During my stint there I moved to Edinburgh, in Scotland and got married to Kristin, whom I had briefly met in Prague the previous year. However, on the downside, my father, who had been struggling with lung cancer for over two years, died.

Although it was a good company, we decided there was more to be had from life than lots of money, a good apartment and a fancy car. So we gave it all up and went to work in a chalet in Val d'Isere, cooking and cleaning for guests six days a week. Of course we learnt how to ski too. The company, Finlayski, was very good to us.

After that we still needed to work so we looked into teaching English. Kris had taken a course in Edinburgh before we left and so we ended up in Seoul, South Korea. We enjoyed the country but the school we worked at was not for us at that point in our lives. So we left and went back to the place where we had met - Prague - for a year, teaching at The Caledonian School. It was here that I finaly got a CELTA qualification - at Akcent International House - and started to take teaching English a little more seriously.

We also took the Czech lifestyle seriously and decided we had better leave before we ended up there forever. We still had travelling to do! The next stop was New Zealand and Auckland, where we stayed for a year before heading even further south to Christchurch where we found a wonderful school - The Christchurch College of English, where we stayed for eighteen months. It was during our time there that our first son, Aiden, was born and my oldest brother, Steve, died - also of lung cancer. 

Unfortunately, the EFL market took a huge downturn in early 2005 and I needed to find a permanent job as our second son, Julien, was due in June. I was lucky enough to find a head teacher position which was enough to see us through financially. Spiritually though the job was crushing with the market as it was and I decided to leave after only fifteen months. One good move I did make was to start a Master's degree in English Language Teaching with Reading University in the UK, which I completed with distinction in 2008. This allowed me to apply for a position at Jeonju University - which I enjoyed immensely as it allowed me to develop as a teacher and have time with my family. After four and a half years there, I took up a position as assistant professor at Korea University, one of Korea's most prestigious universities. I love teaching, but I love my family more and so after two years at this great job, we decided to take advantage of the low house prices in the USA and move to Monroe, Wisconsin to be closer to Kristin's parents, and to provide a more rounded education for the boys.

So that's me in a nutshell. Please feel free to say 'Hello'.

These pages are intended for people who know me or Kris and not for general viewing. However, if you did happen to wander onto this site by accident and you want to get in touch, please feel free to email either one of us. Click here to email me and here to email Kristin.

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