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Some excellent folks over at the plant endomembrane research group at Oxford Brooks University recently used my song Sweet Home Apparatus in a video presentation at the Society for Experimental Biology's annual meetup. They tell me that it went well, and have sent me a link to the video they put together. Thanks, guys! Check out the video by clicking here.



Is anyone going to the Society for Experimental Biology's Annual Main Meeting in Marseille this year? I am not, but if you go, you just might hear one of my songs in a presentation on plant golgi bodies. I am super excited to have been offered the chance to have my music featured in something so awesome, and I hope that all of those scientists enjoy it.

For those of you who thought that Professor Science was dead (you know who you are), I am glad to say that you were mistaken. I was busier than ever this last year, and writing new songs unfortunately fell to a low spot on my priority list. However, I now have a great deal of time on my hands, and I can all but promise that I will be working toward that album I've been talking about forever.

Thanks for listening, someday you shall be rewarded.



Oh my goodness! The comedy/science website Null Hypothesis has asked me to contribute to their first annual Geek Pop '08 digital "concert"! It will be available February 29th, and though the song I have contributed (Sweet Home Apparatus) will be nothing new to most frequenters of this website, you should still check it out. I am told there will be some other groovy bands involved. You should all check out Null Hypothesis here. I am pretty excited about this, guys.



Thanks to everyone who came to last night's show. It was pretty fun. Definitely the biggest crowd I have played for. Jason Webley was great, and after the show we collaborated on a song about mittens. You can watch it here. That is all.


I am finally playing another show! It will be on December 1. While this would normally be enough to get me excited, my excitement is magnified by the fact that I will be opening for none other than Jason Webley, who is a super hella awesome folk/gypsy/punk accordion wizard / storyteller guy. You can check out some of his stuff at his official site. I am incredibly honored to be opening for him, and hope that you can make it. More info on the "shows" page.
The show on 6.30 was a success! Also, there is a new web address and I am trying to make the site more useful. In addition to being able to download songs, you can now find out when and where I will be performing, see pictures and video, and a few more things. Use the navigation bar to the left of this paragraph to begin your adventure. Email me with any suggestions you have. Also, if anyone would like to design me a more professional website please let me know.