Most of these sites don't have anything to do with my music or its style, but I like these things and maybe you will, too.

I should warn you that some of these sites contain material that is more appropriate for adults than other types of people.

My Friends:

Edison's Talking Machine (Music)
Rocky Heron (Music)
Facedown in the Dirt (Photos)
(Homemade TV show - Not recommended for those under 18)
Failed Comics (Comics - Not recommended fo those under 18)

Music I Like:

Bon Iver
Bright Eyes

Explosions in the Sky

Gillian Welch
Jonathan Coulton

Max Richter
the Mountain Goats
Okkervil River
Two Gallants
'Weird Al' Yankovic

Other Awesome Things: 

Dinosaur Comics
Kate Beaton (Comics)
(Comic - Not recommended for those under 18)
Daytrotter (Legal, free, exclusive music!)
David's Wisdom Nook: An Advice Column

Good Reasons to Freeze to Death (My occasionally updated blog)
Some Videos I Made